AK47 / 74 in USA – State of the Union April 2018

AK47 / 74 in USA – State of the Union April 2018

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6 responses to “AK47 / 74 in USA – State of the Union April 2018”

  1. TimN Avatar

    Hi Rob, thanks for the update! I stopped shooting my Vepr last September, I don’t want to wear it out if I can’t replace it. I only have 1,175 rounds through it. My Slr107 only has 210 through it, I’ve been saving it but I might as well start shooting it and save the Vepr. I got an e-mail from SG Ammo the other day and they mentioned sanctions might make ammo from Russia unavailable. I know they’re trying to sell ammo but it makes me wonder.
    I might have to move to keep what I have. I live in Portland (born and raised here) but it’s not what it used to be, in the 60-70’s there were rifle racks in pickups w/rifles in them. No one tried to steal them. I grew up on N.Portsmouth st. and walked carrying my 22 to Delta park to hunt rabbits in the se corner past the end of the drag strip. Today I would be surrounded within a block from home.
    Our mayor is trying to make separate gun laws from the state, kind of like Chicago. Our gov. is trying to do away with firearms or at least anything automatic. And we have some petitions that would make ownership of anything with AR or AK in its name or anything with a capacity of more than ten rounds illegal to own. If some of these pass you will have 90 days to get rid of them, register them or move. I’m moving.
    Kids are being taught to be afraid of guns instead of gun safety. If things don’t get turned around soon I worry about our 2nd, Try to educate young people about gun safety and the challenge of target shooting, let them know it can be a fun thing not something to be afraid of
    I think I’ve said enough, Take care.

  2. Jon Lee Avatar
    Jon Lee

    Hi Rob, What have your heard on the Hungarian AMD-63 sold by Classic Firearms for $499 and where does that place in the market? Thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have never used that one man…some people are happy with them, some not so much…that’s all i heard.

  3. Thom Avatar

    Ok…SAM7 SF…Done…

  4. Hector Avatar

    That’s just the U.S lowering rifle standards, so that, U.S made rifles go along the same lines, as the cheaper ones. Diminishing differences. ‘Nothing new. Thank the president’s ghetto recession for that. Turning, everything to mess, like always. That’s why, he had to go to Germany for his M4’s.

    The president is just mad that, he lost Crimea, Iraq, Syrian War and nuclear weapons proliferation to North Korea – unable to claim victory in any war. That’s all it is, unable to sell more expensive M4’s, without actually winning an infantry war first. Egotistic, ego trip, which is a societal need. That’s actually ‘kinda funny because now, the president has lower stateside quality than he did before the Russian ban and Arabian wars. He was/is unable to bring in better products. So, who’s actually getting the short end of the stick now? Is it the rest of the world’s stronger AK’s or the U.S junk ones?

  5. E.T. Avatar

    Looks like we are getting into the lean season. I am adding some parts kits to my stockpile and looking at building later on down the road. The factory rifle offerings are so few and far between aside from the secondary market and those prices are creeping upwards quickly.

    Gloomy as it is, thanks for the update Rob.

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