This is episode for those who are looking for bolt upgrade for their C39V2 rifle.

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51 responses to “C39V2 – BOLT UPGRADE!”

  1. Nate Avatar

    Will swapping the bolt fix the “cracking” issue found on this rifle?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Nope…that’s another issue which is hard to deal with to be honest with you…

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, it’s too late for that on my rifle. Damage was done…

    3. Scott Anderson Avatar
      Scott Anderson

      Nate, I am sure I watched the same you tune video as you. I do not understand why he answered no to this question because in the video they mentioned the bolt was machined wrong and therefore irregular wear was occured. So it stands to reason that with a new bolt, if you do not already have cracks on the right side, that this would hopefully prevent them from occurring. I have a newer c 39 v2 with no issues yet and I have obviously considered getting a new bolt for this reason alone.

      1. Montero Avatar

        Been in search of wbp polish milled 1960 bolt carrier and assembly almost impossible to find its been a year and still looking.

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Try to talk to Arms of America

          1. Brandon Avatar

            Hi, I just purchased a c39v2 pistol at a gun show. Came across your videos on youtube! Thanks so much for all of the information and VALUABLE R&D! Youre the man! This gun Has def been fired and doesn’t show any unusual wear on bolt, carrier or lugs. Any chance some of these came out in good working order? Will the polish bolt/carrier swap work on a pistol ? If the swap is done are these worth keeping ? Thanks

          2. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            Hi, contact Arms of America, they used to import bolt carrier which was made to work in C39…i’m not sure if they still have it…

        2. Eddiehaskell Avatar

          Arms Of America has the WBP Polish bolt and WBP 1960 Polish carrier for milled receiver in stock right now they don’t have the telescoping 1960 recoil spring in stock but I have seen them else where.

  2. Fatdog Avatar

    Rob, I own a original C39 rifle and C39 v2 pistol. Do you think these are even worth the trouble of messing with or a lost cause¿ The rifle has roughly 1500rnds through it and pistol has very few nearly new. Debating on either selling or just running till dead. Brutal honesty appreciated. Love what you guys do, thanks.

  3. Hector Avatar

    I have a question. At 100 yards, with a 27 mph full crosswind, I use wind value for a 25 mph wind, which is roughly 5. A 1,000 yard shooter told me to go ahead & round up and use a 30 mph wind value, which is 6, for any unread wind. So, is a 27 mph crosswind 5 or 6 value?

    I think, it should be 4.5-5.4 inches (5 inches) – 5 wind value overall. Any input?

  4. Chris King Avatar
    Chris King

    Rob, are the FIME MOLOT VEPR bcg’s forged and mil spec? I’m considering purchasing a 6.5 Grendel, any input would be helpful.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Well, 6.5 G is not in their military service, but i bet they have the same manufacturing process as for the rest…

  5. Mako Avatar

    Tried the bolt upgrade via the link to arms of America , it didn’t even fit my c39v2
    It jams in the carrier at the front part and in testing it can’t even fit in the receiver to barrel area

    I’m very curious why this would be the case ?

    I’ve had my Ak for over a year and shot a few hundred rounds here n there without any over wear
    I purchased this bolt as a backup and received it Friday , kinda disappointed I can’t utilise it

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Mako, because this is brand new bolt and it has to be fitted to your rifle. Sometimes it works as drop in, but often on AK you have to fit your brand new bolt in. To do this, you have to file material to match locking shoulders…that’s why you need Go / No Go gauges. File just enough so it closes on Go, but it shouldn’t close on No Go.

  6. Andy Gonzalez Avatar
    Andy Gonzalez

    Rob, do you have a link to purchase this Polish bolt? I couldn’t find it. Also, are you using the original Century C39V2 bolt carrier group, piston and recoil assembly with the new bolt?

    Thank you!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It was this bolt: https://armsofamerica.com/v-projectakbolt.aspx
      Just remember: Anytime you install a new bolt into a firearm it is always a good idea to check headspace before operating or allow a qualified gunsmith to check it. It is possible this bolt will require minor fitting to one of the lugs before it will lock into battery depending on the rifle. When these rifles are built the bolt lug is typically hand fitted to each rifle at the factory and WBP has removed a small amount from the necessary bolt lug so it will work with most rifles without adjustment. But it is still possible you will need to do some additional fitment

  7. Eric Avatar

    I saw Wolfpack Armory is selling barrelled receivers for around 350.00 but they do not come with a bolt carrier. The barrelled receiver does come with a bolt however. My questions are: this is a Romanian parts kit and would you suggest buying it or just get an actual rifle ? Would any AKM bolt carrier work ? Is head spacing an issue ? Would a PSA build kit for their barrelled receivers with the fire control kit, safety lever and furniture fit? I have one and thought I could put together a rifle at a good price. PSA never has their barrelled receivers in stock. Any info would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I got nothing on Wolfpack Armory man. Nothing. Never heard about them and have no input from the other members…

  8. Jorge Martinez Avatar
    Jorge Martinez

    Where can I get parts for my c39v2 that fit without problems? Thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Arms of America. But make sure it will head space correctly…

      1. Hunter Avatar

        How does the C39v2 compare to the “Polish 1960” in regards to quality and issues?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          1960 Polish AKs were awesome. There is no contest here.

    2. lawrence smith Avatar
      lawrence smith

      Jorge read my blog below

  9. lawrence smith Avatar
    lawrence smith

    Hello Rob,This is Lawrence who had the n-pap that cracked at the rivets and actually broke in half.I sent you photo.Well Update; I sent it back to century and [believe it or not] they got right on it and agreed that it was nfg .They asked what I wanted and I picked a c39v2 [after seeing your video] They promptly sent me one to my FFL and I really was pleased for 2500 rds [wolf military classic] .Then I went to test it and found the go nogo would allow complete closure.i did not have field guage at that time.So I ordered a polish bolt and carrier from APEX GUN PARTS OUT OF COLORADO SPRINGS,CO for about 100.00 . Got them and used polish bolt in original carrier.Fixed Go guage goes in and nogo won’t. Fired 200 rds no problem.Sorry to take up so much space but wanted others to know where to look.Thanks for all your worthwhile testing Rob…..

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Man, good thing you tested that C39V2 with gauges. That’s exactly what i’m talking about it. You have to monitor those rifles. Good job man on fixing it!

    2. Cory Winkelman Avatar
      Cory Winkelman

      Did you buy the Polish 1960 milled carrier or the Polish forged carrier they offer? Just wondering if the Polish forged carrier would work in my C39V2 since the 1960 milled is out of stock.

      Any info is appreciated.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        Arms of America offered special carriers for C39V2. I think those were based on milled receiver carriers.

  10. mike Avatar

    which one i should buy,,, c39 v2 or was 10 …these 2 guns are just right my budget,,, so which one is one any one or Rob

  11. chael Avatar

    i should buy c39 v2 for my 2019 or buy was 10 …pls give idea

    1. Michael Emanuele Avatar
      Michael Emanuele

      Get the wasr 10 c39 v2 is a good gun if you want to change the Bolt and bolt carrier but for the money, I would go with the wasr 10 I have both by the way

  12. John S Avatar
    John S

    Are there any updates on the C39V2 with the new bolt? I have a C39 (original) and if swapping out the bold will cure the headspace issue, I will start shooting it again.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, i posted some things on facebook. I changed bolt and bolt carrier and it seems to not have any negative impact now on locking shoulders.

      1. Derrick Schnelle Avatar
        Derrick Schnelle

        Hi Rob I was just wondering if you found a suitable replacement bolt for the C39 pistol you had in one of your you tube vids. I have the same one. Thanks

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Nope, sorry man, i didn’t browse this angle of pistol at all.

          1. Devin Avatar

            Hello Rob Ski will a new ARSENAL AK bolt fit in the C39V2

          2. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            No, go to Arms of America, they used to have bolt and bolt carriers for C39V2.

  13. FeedtheWorld Avatar

    Looking to purchase my 1st ak!…due to your vids, dang you. Love the feel of the c39 v2. I love the price range and would like to have somethimg a little better than just a ak platform. Is the c39v2, with a new bolt good to go, or should the money go else where? thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I don’t have warm and fuzzy feeling about those rifles man. I would shop somewhere else…

  14. DHarris Avatar

    So, I just got one. Because my FFLs aren’t the greatest in the world I can’t just “get a WASR”; it’s either a C39V2 or a VSKA or no AK at all. Since I already have it, and I’d consider it immoral to sell a weapon with known flaws to someone, I consider myself stuck with it.
    With that hopefully out of the way; I’d like to know a few things.
    If I replace the bolt carrier group and recoil spring, does it have to be the Polish parts, or are there other types that are usable? Could ANY milled BCG be used, so long as it was fitted to the weapon first?
    And yes, I understand that the headspace must be checked before it is fired and that some fitting by a gunsmith may be required.

    Can I replace the gas block to add a bayonet lug, and if so, what type could be used?

    What are my options for furniture changes?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Arms of America had bolt carriers and bolt upgrades for C39V2 – they were specifically labeled as for C39 series. Check them out.
      If you have new C39V2 – I would just start using it as it is. Watch it and if excessive wear is noted, then look for replacements.

  15. Nico Piatigorski Avatar
    Nico Piatigorski

    I bought a 1960 polish barrel from green mountain to replace my c39v2 barrel, a Bulgarian milled type 3 bolt , a barrel swap is possible on this rifle right?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, I have seen people swapping barrels on C39V2.

    2. John Avatar

      Didn’t some of the V2’s come with Green Mountain barrels? My V2 pistol did. Nice barrel. Fully nitrided. Btw, so long as the receiver bolt locking flats are in good shape, I wouldn’t hesitate to replace the stock BCG and recoil spring assembly (use telescoping unit for milled receivers) with better forged parts. No sense in creating a problem that can be avoided.

  16. John Frazer Avatar
    John Frazer

    I have a c39 and a c39V2. I know, too much invested in Century arms US made AKs. I think fit and finish are very good. I bought the C39 for a furniture swap with laminated Russian wood. I bought the C39V2 just because I got a deal I couldn’t pass on. Both were new in box, unfired. I replaced the bolt and carrier on both rifles with Yugo M70 milled parts from leesmags.com. Very high quality parts and headspace is perfect on both rifles after the bolt swaps. I checked with go gauge, no go gauge, and a patch of painters tape on the go gauge (wouldn’t close). I will watch headspace using the gauges over time, but I don’t shoot much, I’m just a collector and occasional range shooter.
    My 7.62×39 stable includes vz52, polytech SKS, Tula SKS, Romanian intrac AK, Arsenal SA93, Mak90 underfolder, Zastava Zpap M70, C39 , C39v2.

  17. Gary Avatar

    Can I take the extractor, firing pin, springs and retaining pins out of the bolt from a c39v2 and swap them into a new polish bolt? I found the bolt and milled polish bolt carrier on gunbroker but the bolt doesn’t seem to be complete.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check Arms of America – they had C39V2 bolts specials.

  18. Gary Avatar

    Everything seems to be out of stock. I can’t find polish milled bolts or carriers anywhere. I have found milled Yugoslavian m70 bolts and carriers though. Do you know if they would work? I’ve never really heard of anyone doing it. Here is a link:


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea – impossible to tell without trying out man.

    2. zack Avatar

      Gary, a commenter above said they used carrier for m70 milled in their c39 without issue or fitting. I have this exact carrier linked above in transit now and will let you know. I intend to fit an m70 bolt with it as well but will report back on the carrier itself. If an upgrade to bolt and carrier is the worst thing about this c39 example I have it is not bad, the c39 I am working with is a beautiful example in my opinion.

    3. zack Avatar

      Gary, yes the yugo m70 carrier for milled fits in c39v2, the exact one you linked at apex does fit in my experience however it can require a new recoil spring assembly to cycle properly with the m70 or any other carrier including the polish wbp for 1960 milled.

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