STRIKE ONE from YouTube…

STRIKE ONE from YouTube…
Our “Romanian Paratrooper, 1080 Rounds Later” video was taken down by YouTube and they issued STRIKE ONE against AKOU channel for violating “community guidance”…2 more “strikes” and we will be gone from YouTube. They revoked my live streaming privileges as well.
Please subscribe to our channel on Full30. That’s all i can say…
There was nothing in that video which would violate YT community guidance…nothing…Link to “removed” video on Full30:

5 responses to “STRIKE ONE from YouTube…”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    Honestly not surprised Rob, it will probably be the same thing the next time you post a video of you shooting. Full 30 will most likely become the go-to platform for conservative and pro IIA guys. Hey Rob are you a member of the Illinois State Rife Association?

  2. Thom Parker Avatar

    Subscribed Full30.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Strike One against YouTube for failing to prove they’re not the Gestapo.

  4. Dave Avatar

    The problem is that there’s a contingent of abusive viewers; we call them “socialists”, who are trolling youtube for videos to “report”. Youtube is friendly to this demographic and works with them.

    Our side needs to do the same thing and start “reporting” offensive content from would be prohibitionists.

    1. Mike Avatar

      Said videos would proceed to be reviewed by said “socialists” and then labeled as acceptable content. Taking such an approach is an effort in futility.

      2A content is being targeted in direct response to national “gun violence” (as opposed to “car violence”, “power tool violence”, “arson violence” (let’s ban fire!), etc.). With words spun like webs and news media thats trying to be like a 90’s disaster movie trailer, people are being swept up into hysteria and ill-footed logic.

      Unfortunately, too many people are willing to trade their fundamental liberties for a false sense of security. And further, they’re willing to impose it on others. Tyranny of the majority always comes at the direct expense of the minority.

      The problem is: real change will not happen on the internet. It may begin there, but it can’t end there. It requires people to become more civically engaged in their communities.

      We all need to be more vocal, more educated, better informed, and above all else, more calm and reasoned. Individuals need to get up and walk outside of the comforts of their homes and offices, and they need to directly participate in the national conversation about the fundamental tenants of real freedom and true liberty.

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