Riley Defense AK47 – Follow Up…

This is followup about Riley Defense rifle – you had some extra questions, hopefully this answers them all.
I started warranty claim with Riley already.

YouTube video

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28 responses to “Riley Defense AK47 – Follow Up…”

  1. roger Avatar

    Rob- that is too bad about the Riley. Keep us updated.

    Question – if you were to buy an AK47 now. What would you get that’s obtainable now?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Honestly, from factory made, probably milled Asrenal, but prices are insane.

      1. roger Avatar

        Thanks- and second best? Any thoughts on the Atlantic Firearms Romanians?

        1. Hector Avatar

          He’s right, no way at that price.

          The ever popular Romanian WASR is great but it might come, with a misaligned rear sight, canted front or just messed up. In contrast, the less popular & rarer Hungarian AK63’s ‘should’ have higher tensile strengths & ‘should’ incorporate 1.5 mm RPK receivers. Builders can’t mess up because kits are limited. They are way stronger than even the NPAP RPK’s and WASR RPK’s. That’s how, in Rob’s AK63 film, it was able to pass ‘his’ perfect. Taken from the AK/SKS gun digest, Romanian WASRS’s are cheap builds, while Hungarian AK63’s are high end quality builds.

          “Cannon is what a group markets, like the media, towards public. They tell you, what you want to hear for reasons of best interest. It is geographical. That’s why Kalashnikov Concern was incorporated because it is a concern; that of U.S makers giving the AK a bad reputation.

          Riley’s AK is just unacceptable though. I can’t believe they did that to buyers. How can mags have such bad fitments? It only takes a few minutes to test one dozen mags and make a new cut “template.”

          Sweeney, P. (2008). The Gun Digest: Book of the AK & SKS. Wisconsin. Krause Publications, fw Media, Inc. Print.

          1. The Gun Digest: Book of the AK & SKS costs $27.99.

  2. Popeye Avatar

    A couple years ago I was really wanting an AK but the funds were not available. Now that I can afford to spend a few bucks on a rifle I’m not sure I want to drop that much on one. I don’t do any of that running and gunning stuff nor would I try to do that “operator” stuff. I would probably only put about 750 rounds through it the first year and then I would be lucky to run 200 rounds per year after that. I think a WASR would probably be in my budget and probably be gun enough for my wants.

  3. Charles Avatar

    The gun store I run is right outside of where Riley’s manufacturing takes place. Ironically, last year someone from there came into my store and said we could contact them if we were ever interested in carrying their rifles.

    On the one hand, I am glad we didn’t now, for obvious reasons, but on the other, I am saddened to find that yet again, another American company just can’t seem to make a working, reliable AK. I can’t help but think that it has something to do with trying to make everything have such tight tolerances, like an AR. Who knows. Hopefully this was a one off and they will send a working replacement.

    I have also noticed that there seems to be a very high correlation between Tapco G2 hammers and bolt carrier deformation. Maybe it is worth it on a replacement gun to try a foreign trigger group or an ALG in them before testing and see if you get the same results. Thanks again Rob and everyone involved for all you do.

  4. Mike Avatar

    Thanks for all your reviews, it’s been very helpful for someone new to AKs.

  5. Ramo Avatar

    Hello Rob, I always watch your show on you tube I bought my Riley Defense RAK47 at Atlantic Firearms.The first time I shot it jams right away using the magpul pmag talk to them about this problem and want me to send it for repair. I told them about your back from the dead episode that works with no jams after their repair. Did you pay for the return. Ups and Fedex will not ship firearms to riley and I have to go to my local FFL to ship it and cost $50.00 for this service, Did Riley sent you a prepaid label or you ship it with whom. Thanks

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ramo, I think they emailed me label, i honestly don’t remember because we mail tons of packages daily anyway…sorry to hear about your problems. Let me know how it ends man.

  6. Thom Avatar

    Riley emailed me a return shipping label. I tucked in the front tab on their box so the only information on the shipping box was their name. Then took the package to an independent shipper…no problem.

  7. Jason Phillips Avatar
    Jason Phillips

    Hello Rob. I bought my Riley from Atlantic as well. I put 1000 rounds through it so far without one issue. (Only FMJ, and only with the TAPCO magazine that it came with)

    Only problem is what is looking like abnormal wear, it’s my first AK so I’m obviously not expirenced enough to tell, I’d love to send you some pictures and get your opinion, as well as give you some insight as to what this rifle will look like after 1000 rounds.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Could you please email me pics to ?

  8. Alan Miller Avatar
    Alan Miller

    Riley AK purchased new in March of 2019.Nothing but jamming problems.They need to get on top of this.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Sorry to hear this man. Did you contact RD about it? Please let me know.

  9. Matthew Sandal Avatar
    Matthew Sandal

    Hey Rob. I bought a Riley Ak about a week ago and I wanted to know if Zentico is compatible with Riely’s Ak?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi Matthew, yes, it will fit, some fitting maybe required but that’s for all zenit accessories man.

  10. Josh Pike Avatar
    Josh Pike

    I have been watching your videos on the Arsenal, Zastava and the Riley. I’m in the market for an Ak. I would love to get an Arsenal or Zastava but can’t find any in stock of course. I can get the Riley RAK103MP for under $700. In your opinion, would it be wise to pick up the RD or wait till the current situation is over and get the arsenal or Zastava.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I think that’s a good beater price for Riley. But also check new Zastava M70 (with chrome lined barrel and buldged trunnion!)

  11. victoria Avatar

    Just bought my Ak this week. Very disappointed with Riley Defense. Jamed afrer the first 3 rounds while trying to zero the rifle and after i cleaned it as well.
    Used brand new wolf metal jackets. It will not discharge the empty casing properly with jamming up reloading the new ammo. Really Disgracefull to have to send it back with allof this going on in the world today. My first America AK. Herad so much Good before i Purchased. Man was i disappointed.

    1. victoria Avatar

      OK got my Riley Back A week ago. Customer service was pretty quick and awesome. They told me it was the steel mags. The don’t like steel mags. So he sent video of firing off 13 rds and polished the extractor claw and sent it back. Got a 40rd Mag Pro and emptied the whole mag 3 times no malfunctions. Did one more at very rapid fire, worked Perfect! With Wolf ammo and Tulammo… Thanks Riley im Rooting for Ya.

  12. Chris lambert Avatar
    Chris lambert

    I just bought a riley rak 47 with the poly furniture…i had looked at getting another wasr10 but it was gone when i had the money to buy so i got the stepbrother had one not that long ago and i fired about 40 rounds through it without any issues but thats not to say that there wont be with mine and im from statesville right up the road from charlotte so if its crap ill drive down there to the front door and let them know hahaa im kidding…kind of…my ex ole lady is from charlotte and after how that turned out i probably should have been more wary of getting anything from charlotte… I still had a few old steel 30 rounders from my old sar1 and they fit in this riley and they dont even rattle around like my old wasr10 so there is that atleast…what are your thoughts on the Palmetto state armory AK?? Is it worth the money?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      PSA AKE is their best AK. It did really well in 5k and it is still shooting and holding up great.

  13. Dennis Avatar

    New RD AK owner here. Bought a RD AK classic and had problems right out of the gate with misfeeds and failures to go into battery. Pulled the extractor and it looked like something one of my kids made in shop class. Called Riley (They answered the phone) and they sent me another extractor. So far the new one is working fine and I haven’t had any other issues.
    My problem with Riley is that they sent a Rifle out with a substandard part and knew it was substandard when they sent it out. Why did they do that? Maybe they hoped I wouldn’t shoot the rifle… I don’t know. I want RD to do well but they need to sort out their quality control or they will always have these little issues. Their Customer Service was good and responsive so that’s a plus.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Dennis, I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s exactly what i’m telling them…

  14. Kellen Avatar

    So I bought a RD classical about 3 months ago without knowing much about them. I got scared after reading reviews on them but after putting a few hundred rounds through it with no jams, is there something available and better for around 700?Trying to find a good side mount for it, any suggestions?

  15. Ed B Avatar
    Ed B

    Has Riley Defense improved their AK since your video dated 18/02/24

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ed, I have not seen their newest AKs but from what I’m seeing in online comments on the AK Files, it looks promising.

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