Riley Defense AK47 – Broken Hope…

I didn’t want to test Riley Defense when they started making them, simply to give them time to iron out pains associated with initial release of their rifles.
At this point of time, I hoped that their production matured. When i purchased their “latest and greatest” model from Classic Firearms last week, I wasn’t expecting to encounter problems like this at all…this is extremely disappointing to me.
On that note, please watch whole video, it is only little more than 9 minutes long. Listen to what i said and what is the plan to move forward with it…

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23 responses to “Riley Defense AK47 – Broken Hope…”

  1. Tim N Avatar
    Tim N

    I don’t think I want to buy anymore AK type rifles. Selling my Saiga-12 to start things off, not sure what I’ll keep at this point.

    1. Hector Avatar

      Sir, please don’t give up on the AK’s, they really are more reliable. You just have to find a good foreign model. The new 12’s & 15’s are not available in the U.S either but consider their origins. I was in the Navy, 1st place boot, BUD/S Warning Order, Phase IV (14 mi, 5 mi swim, 2 hr tread), ect – Master Diver…the point is that, we can’t quit just because, we don’t like this rifle or are burnt out, with the sport. It is a life long commitment, like what Mr. Rob is showing. Your Saiga is better than any Mossberg or Remington. Those cheapo’s are just selling points. Anyway, soldiers need to carry an AK, during the apocalypse.

      Then again, if you aren’t going to use your AK’s, maybe you should get rid of them because I even have soldiers, who punk out on me & quit. They turn to the church, their wives, civil living, ect.

      1. Tim N Avatar
        Tim N

        I like the way you brag on yourself. The Saiga-12 just isn’t practical for me and the rifles i got from century arms were all crap. I only mentioned the n-pap because it was the worst. I’m keeping my Vepr but might get rid of my Arsenals. I am not going to buy anymore, I’ve been looking at the upper end AR’s lately and like what I see.
        Who besides you ever said one particular rifle had to be a life long commitment? If something out there is better than what I have I will up-grade when I can.
        I get a disability check each month from the VA, I got out of the Army in 75 (no longer a soldier) and I’ve never implied or told anyone I was a Hero, nothing to brag about here. I hope that clears things up for you.
        Have a great day Squid!

        1. Hector Frank Franceschini Avatar

          Everyone has their likes of styles. Tim, it is that your original post is an indecisive one. Uncertainty leads to confusion. You have head problems – that’s why you are disabled. Going from an AK12 to a Mossberg or Remington is a downgrade. The AR’s internal heat is an impossible technological engineering proposition. It can not sustain long term, like in the future. “It can not self sustain.” Even if the AR turns into an AK style rifle, in 100 years, it still uses an aluminum receiver & will have ultimately changed. That means, bad direction.

          Backtrack a bit, the U.S Army’s M16 lost to Vietnam, North Vietnam, China, NVA & Charlie; so, the AK’s beat the M16 in war. That has been proven already. It even lost to the bolt action Mosin-Nagant’s soldiers. That’s what is pitiful about soldiers carrying an M16, balls – do not have the lifestyle. The Army’s new H&K, Germany lost twice to Russia already. That is another mistake & back at ‘ya. U.S made AK’s aren’t beating anyone in the world, that’s for sure. There is a direct correlation to ethnic lifestyles. The AK has one but the M16 was unable to attain or earn an intrinsic one.

          Currently, the U.S, M16 & M4 lost the Syrian War, against Syria & Russia’s AK74. You can count count a -1 to +1 Russia. That’s in super-modernity, right now. The M16 can only beat Iraq, who the U.S pays, which is why, the U.S gives them away for free. Since you said that, you are a Vietnam Vet & disabled, you likely get disability pay from the VA; so, you think about switching, through partying. You are paid to possibly switch, by origin & check-writer. The AR already left you disabled, when you were a soldier & you are contemplating a return to it.

          In society, there are populations. The world census is 99.99% to -1% (0.05% U.S), in favor of the AK style. When someone gives an incorrect answer, a teacher has to show why. I can interpret a quitter, just as easy, as I can read one. “Heroes don’t quit or loose wars, winners do.” Have a nice day Vietnam Vet loser; I mean, Vietnam quitter.

          – 4.0 GPA, 3rd Class Parachutist, Master SCUBA Diver & Master 4th Dan Black Belt, ect.

          1. Tim N Avatar
            Tim N

            Hector I’m not sure what your issues are but you certainly have a few. I never claimed to be a Vietnam vet (Vietnam era vet) although well trained I never saw combat. My VA check is for hearing loss. I don’t own a Mossberg or Remington,where did you get that idea? I do have a Browning A-5 that I’m very happy with.
            I think that if you were half of what you claimed to be you wouldn’t feel the need to brag on yourself the way you do.
            Is there something lacking in your life? A few friends maybe?
            Toot your horn all you want! Communicating with you is a waste of my time.

          2. Anon Avatar

            All above mentioned wars and conflicts were lost due to environmental advantage or tactical supremacy. The fact that you think that battles are won with weapons alone shows how little you actually know about combat. I’ve been in three tours of combat and I’ve never bragged about weapon superiority. Whatever you are lacking in life, you are not going to find it holding a gun.

  2. Nick S Avatar
    Nick S

    Appreciate everything you do to keep the Union going and putting these vids out. My M74 Sporter used to jam up after a single mag, so I know how disappointing a continually malfunctioning rifle can be on a trip to the range. Keep your head up, the community needs to know this stuff and you are providing a valuable service.

  3. vorkosigan Avatar

    Thank you foe all you do for the community and for suffering through rifles like this and the I.O. crap. Pity, I had considered Riley built AKs when I saw they claimed forged trunnions, but held off because I could find no online testing, and they were new. Glad I did now. Where are we to turn, when even the Poles are using cast trunnions and bolt carriers, Who’d a thunk it. thought an Eastern bloc country would know how to build reliable AK. After all Polish parts kit bulds were some of the better builds, esp when they came with barrels. Ah well, just glad I snagged my WASR when they still were a bargain. Now to pick up some more items from the shop to support the Union.
    Thanks again for all you do for the love of the Avtomat platform Illegitimati non Carborundum

  4. Thom Parker Avatar

    I too purchased a RAK 47-P (ser #B 01357) after much thought and research and having high hopes for a ‘domestic’ AK. My rifle will only take the supplied Topco magazines. (Range magazine?) I test fitted both domestic and imported magazines; nothing fit. Sent an email to Riley on Super Bowl Sunday, received a call with in a half hour from them. On Monday I received a video on how to file away a portion of the safety stop to allow the magazine(s) to fit. Gave it a try. I used circle 10, Gibbs and Magpul Gen M3, to name some that I used…nothing. Riley advised they would “adjust” the mag well, however, the magazines would fit sloppy after the work? And now we have Rob’s test! (Where did all the 7.62×39 head space gauges go?)
    Disappointed too. 35 years in law enforcement-16 years U.S. Army-Viet Nam 65-66. I know they work well, I just do not need my RAK 47-P taking off any body parts. (my last store order will be here today for my Zastava N-PAP DF).

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I had the same problem with magazines. Nothing was working with exception of Tapco mag which i received with rifle. I was literally forcing mags in and you can see how they were taking metal off. I file it on the mag release catch little – it finally helped.

      1. Thom Parker Avatar

        My next task. All work in my Zastava N-PAP DF.

        1. Thom Parker Avatar

          Target…Cease Fire…

          1. Thom Parker Avatar

            Riley received my RAK 47-P on 2/28/18.

    2. Vince Avatar

      Regarding the magwell: I just opened up my single-stack N-PAP (recent model) to take double-stack mags. I did most of it on a mill, then fine-tuned it by hand.

      Short story: Pmags and Tapco were dimensionaly different to the point where if I sized the cutout to fit one snugly, the other would not work. At the top the Tapco mag was wider at the rear but narrower at the front than the Pmags, which were perfectly uniform.

      What i would up with was a cutout that allows about 1/4″ of play with 10-round Tapco mags, and 1/16″ for the Pmag. Both work flawlessly, but obviously the Pmags have tighter tolerances.

      1. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
        Lawrence Otwell

        My WASR has always taken all the metal surplus mags I’ve fed it with no problem and minimal wobble but Pmags won’t go in unless I do a little file work on the upper rear. They are all a little long but width is perfect. After fitting they are the best fitting, most positive-to-insert mags I’ve found. Much better than US Palm. I’ve concluded that the hand fitting is worth the effort.

  5. Hector Avatar

    The planet Earth will never run out of iron (metals), for as long as humans consciously exist – just a thought.

  6. vorkosigan Avatar

    Rob, for someone looking for a reasonably priced Ak,(even the Wasrs are now about $700) what do you think of the Romanian barreled receivers assembled an offered by Atlantic for $470 or so? Sure, it’s an American receiver and a nitrided barrel, but the guts are Cugir, and I’ve got furniture to complete so only extra cost would be compliance fire control, for about 500- 550 I could have a mostly Romanian AK, if Atlantic does better work than the Century folks( I know, I know, it’s about what a WASR should cost) What do you say, good budget idea or risky gamble?

    1. Brian Avatar

      Hey man, I own most ak type rifles that have been sold in the us and have read extensively about the ones I didnt buy. The big theme of my experiance is that kit built guns are the biggest crap shoot in the gun world. Huge chance you end up with garbage. The wasr is the work horse. It is a factory built rifle from cugir arsenal. They have been building these things since the beggining. The arsenals I have baught have a higher occurance of problems than the wasr rifles I have baught. Just my 2 cents

      1. Patrick Avatar

        Agree with Brian. I was fortunate enough to get two veprs just before the sanctions hit. A thumbhole in 5.45 and one of the standard AK styles in 7.62×39. I got one of the Classic Firearms DDI 5.45’s built on a Bulgarian kit. It was very rough out of the box but smoothed itself out and it shoots ok. My Vepr thumbhole was slick as glass new and puts some AR15 rifles to shame on paper. I recently was torn between a nice looking kit build Romanian and a WASR-10. I thought about it for a day and went with the WASR and haven’t looked back. It shoots better than the DDI also. Buy a WASR while you still can. The most notorious AK in the USA is probably next on the list.

  7. YorubaMovieGist Avatar

    Thanks Tim N says:, I got 5/6. I’m gaining more confidence. Do enjoy your holiday,God bless.

    1. Tim N Avatar
      Tim N

      Good to hear, keep at it!

  8. Vince Avatar

    Thanks for this. I have an N-PAP (converted to double-stack), and was seriously considering selling it for a RAK-47, since it the RAK is dimensionaly a standard AK throughout.

    Ya kinda talked me out of it. I know the N-PAP’s are not the top dog, but it seems like it’s at least a workable and reliable rifle…

  9. chris Avatar

    Well , I to just obtained one and same issue with magpul magazine bought some steel Bulgarian magazines maybe they will work

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