Keymod vs M-lok. Keymod is dead?

I think NAVSEA just killed keymod for good…
Naval Sea Systems Command (The focus of NSWC Crane is Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighters) conducted series of tests Keymod vs MLOK…
Drop tests, repeatability, endurance and etc.
• Repeatability
– M-LOK™ achieved a 73% improvement in average POA shift over KeyMod™.
• Endurance
– KeyMod™ and M-LOK™ system performance exceeded cyclic load test conditions.
• Rough Handling
– KeyMod™ and M-LOK™ system performance exceeded cyclic load test conditions.
• Drop test
– 100% of M-LOK™ accessories remained attached.
• 1/3 M-LOK™ accessories remained in-place.
• 2/3 M-LOK™ accessories slid rearwards but remained secure.
– 33% of KeyMod™ accessories remained attached.
• 1/3 KeyMod™ accessories remained attached, but severely damaged handguard.
• 2/3 KeyMod™ accessories completely detached.
• Failure Load
– Average M-LOK™ test failure load over 3 times greater than average KeyMod™ system
failure load.
– All KeyMod™ failures occurred at the interface between the handguard and accessory rail.
– All M-LOK™ system tests failed at weapon light mount or mount to accessory rail interface.
Full Report: Crane-M-LOK-vs-KeyMod

2 responses to “Keymod vs M-lok. Keymod is dead?”

  1. Uziel Avatar

    I always thought that mlok was the simpler system. It is good to see empirical evidence that supports the notion that simplicity is a cornerstone of durability.

  2. Connor Avatar

    Wow, the Midwest industries rail failed hard! This doesn’t seem like a lot of abuse I’m kinda surprised how fragile these rails are. And disappointed.

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