AK47 Ammo Test Part 2: Norinco, Tula, Wolf & Winchester!

AK47 Ammo Test Part 2: Norinco, Tula, Wolf & Winchester!

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4 responses to “AK47 Ammo Test Part 2: Norinco, Tula, Wolf & Winchester!”

  1. FrozenTundra Avatar

    I really appreciate these ammo tests, and all the various testing you guys do! I can’t help but wonder though, if you are shooting 20 round strings, could you be getting chamber heat soak transferred into the cartridge that is affecting the readings? Temperature differences greatly affects the burn rate of most powders, and in turn the muzzle velocity. If you are using a single rifle to do these tests over the course of a few hours, it is probably getting pretty warm. If you change the firing cadence at all, and a round is allowed to sit in a hot chamber for a little bit longer, then I would expect to see quite a bit higher muzzle velocity for that round. This would be even more exacerbated if it was cool outside and some cooler rounds were cycled quickly through a cooler chamber, then a round was allowed to linger in the chamber toward the end of a string.

    I would humbly suggest that a control experiment be done, whereby you take a specific ammo, say Golden Tiger for instance, and shoot 5 or 10 rounds on your radar, but allow the gun to cool completely to ambient temperature between each and every shot. I would be curious to know if the results diverge from, or support your methodology from the video.

    Powder temperature sensitivity(or more precisely it’s temp insensitivity) is why certain powders like H4350 are so sought after by long range precision competitors. I wonder how much that particular variable is at play in the Imported 7.62×39 you are testing, and if the manner in which one employs the rifle changes the results.

    Thanks again for all that you do, I’m a big fan!

  2. Heath Napier Avatar
    Heath Napier

    I really thought the winchester was going to do better than that. How disapointing

  3. Uziel Avatar

    Aaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooo! That was wolf howl for “knew it!”

  4. Wes Howe Avatar
    Wes Howe


    Well Done! How about a series on AK-74 ammo specs?


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