Vepr AK47 – 500 yards shooting

500 Yards, 5 Hits, 1.34 MOA – all recorded shots, you can see bullet traces, hear the wind and etc!
No Mickey Mouse bullshit “magic picture” groups! Real shooting!
Rifle: Vepr FM AK47-11
Scope: PA 3x with ACSS reticle (click here for scope / mount combo)
Ammo: 7.62×39 FMJ 123gr Wolf (lol, i know, i know)

PLEASE NOTE: i’m not claiming that this is “almost” 1 MOA rifle – far from it. But i just want to show you guys, that you can have some fun with your AK if you want to and you don’t have to pay for it arm and leg…If you watch our videos you see that we are constantly pushing those rifles at extended ranges for fun, even “budget” WASRs, with rather good results…ha!

YouTube video

5 responses to “Vepr AK47 – 500 yards shooting”

  1. Connor Avatar

    Awesome Rob. I keep thinking that I need another rifle to shoot at those ranges but why not just push myself and my mighty WASR a little father every time. This helped my confidence that I can do this if I really work at it, so thank you Rob for really pushing rifle and showing us what AK can really do!

  2. Michael Hill Avatar
    Michael Hill

    Rob, if you had to choose between the VEPR and Arsenals 107 that you spoke about at shot show…which would you go with and why?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Let me shoot that Arsenal first…;-) lol

  3. T N Avatar
    T N

    Vepr make you stronger!

  4. Tominator Avatar

    Rob, That is good shooing! I never get tired of these videos. Tom

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