AK Operators Union Facebook page was shut down!

Our AK Operators Union Facebook page was shut down (again). Here we go, Facebook closed our page without any warning  today afternoon.
Generic message from Facebook says:
“Your page has been unpublished
Your Page is currently not visible on Facebook. It looks like content posted on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards, so your Page was unpublished. These Terms and Standards help ensure Facebook remains a welcoming, respectful environment.
We don’t allow the unauthorized sale of firearms or explosives.”
As you know, we don’t sell any firearms on Facebook at all…hands down.

17 responses to “AK Operators Union Facebook page was shut down!”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Fuck FB

    1. Joe Q Avatar
      Joe Q

      What a load of shit.

    2. H. Dietz Avatar
      H. Dietz

      I agree.. Face Book is pissing me off big time. I am sure that I.O Inc had something to do with it after that JMac Customs video showing the barrel pin loose in the I.O piece of shit.

      Rob needs to get this page up and running better with chat rooms and more.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        I would love to do that, but the truth is, that people love using facebook, because they have it right under the tips of their fingers…blog like this, requires web surfing and etc…

  2. Matt S Avatar

    This pisses me off. I was just going to post pics of the hat and stickers you sent Rob. Oh well, I will post them up when the page is back up and running.

  3. Aaron Phillips Avatar
    Aaron Phillips

    Fuck FB.

  4. Aaron Phillips Avatar
    Aaron Phillips

    Fuck FB. Worthless and dying media.

  5. Dan Avatar

    But yet they have pages dedicated to the Crips and Bloods.

  6. Steve R Avatar
    Steve R

    Fuckers!!! Bunch of libs exerting so-called power over “evil assault weapons.”

    Venting complete!

    BTW-love your site. You guys are doing great work and are straight shooters. We need more people like that in our world. You have also caused me to get into AK’s and spend a lot of money. THANKS!!!

  7. Kochman Avatar

    Rob, That is why you need to get your own server and post the IP Address so we can starve these assholes of content and our business.
    This censorship will only get worse.

  8. Walt Cornell Avatar
    Walt Cornell

    Screw FB, its worth the trip over here Rob.

  9. Otter T Avatar
    Otter T

    FB Bullshit!!!

  10. OneTwoBang Avatar

    Facebook has an agenda and AKOU and those of us who are interested in rifles are in their “sights”. Facebook killed all of the groups where we listed trades. As a social site it is becoming irrelevant. It is yesterday’s news. I bookmark the AKOU website and come directly here. People who are interested in AKs and your reviews use YouTube or this site. Just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks.

  11. Roy Morrell Avatar
    Roy Morrell

    Class action suit against FB for violating our 1st and 2 nd amendment. For deniging a lawful right!

  12. Ron Avatar

    Move to MeWe

  13. KJB Avatar

    I stopped using Facebook 5 or 6 years ago. Most my friends have too. If not for this blog I wouldn’t even know about AKOU. It may take more time and effort but any improvements to this blog will pay huge dividends down the road.

  14. Mike Avatar

    Hi Rob,
    I deleted my facebook account 3 years ago, after being on Fb for 2 months. It was a worthless program then and now. I found you guys this summer when I searched YouTube and from there found this site. Anyone who’s serious about their AK’s will find you without fb.

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