Another RAS47 Bites the Dust!


WARNING: Another RAS47 Bites the Dust!

Owner of this RAS47 got hit in the head with dust cover when his rifle went BOOM!
As you can see from bolt pictures (Pic #3), this could be easily prevented. As it was on my RAS47, his bolt was deforming as well, which lead to loosing head spacing and detonation of the round outside the chamber.
Stay safe, keep monitoring your internal parts and head spacing on those rifles! This isn’t joking matter!
This time not just trunnion got damaged, but also piece of the receiver was broken off (Pic #2) as well.
What happened here is exactly what we were warning you about with Mel.
Here is link to his video explaining on tape why we had to give up with rebuild efforts on my RAS47.
I can’t stress this out guys, STAY SAFE!
I know that there is group of people out there which is working hard to discredit us at any cost, because we dare to post facts.
That’s fine, i’m not asking you to believe me, but for your own safety, please keep checking your rifle internal “guts” and head spacing, when using RAS47 rifles…

8 responses to “Another RAS47 Bites the Dust!”

  1. Connor Avatar

    These RAS47s are giving American made AKs a bad name. I steer people clear of these for this reason right here. A rifle that is unsafe to put rounds through doesn’t belong on the market when there are so many better options. Maybe they should use DDI forged parts, but then again it has to go through your realistic testing to be good to go.

  2. Zdr Avatar

    Rule: Don’t buy an ak if it does not pass ak op Union test. Perhaps an ar to…

    Solid testing. Good information for the public.

  3. Jawatech Avatar

    I finally got a set of gauges and what do you know, bolt easily closes on the no-go gauge. I don’t have a field gauge yet but I feel like that will just tell me WHEN the grenade will go off. I think I would rather just sell it and build a new one. My RAS47 has less than 400 rounds through it…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi, could you please email me pics of your bolt and bolt carrier? My email is:

  4. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    How can anyone excuse this lack of quality?
    These things need to be addressed before someone gets maimed or killed!
    What has Century said about this?

  5. Diego Avatar

    i recently bought my brand new California Compliant RAS 47 in December 2016 , two range trips and 120 rounds later my bolt is chewed up and i have to now wait possibly months for CAI compliance department to approve repair. SN 60xxx . Made in the USA BS QC.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Could you please email me pictures of your bolt? Thank you!

  6. Ian Bardoorian Avatar
    Ian Bardoorian

    When I recently made my first AK purchase I had to decide between a C39V2 Zhukov and the Arsenal SAM7SF. There was a difference of about $350(~$925 vs ~$1286). I just felt like buying American made was not a chance I wanted to take. And if the worst issue I have with my Arsenal is the paint job, I’ll take it! I don’t but a lot of guns so I can’t afford to T&E for companies.

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