Zastava NPAP 3000 Rounds Later!

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11 responses to “Zastava NPAP 3000 Rounds Later”

  1. KTC8 Avatar

    I wish you guys would run the 5,000 rd test on the O-PAP!! It is supposed to be the more robust of the two.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      They are impossible to find now…it’s a shame that they are not coming into the USA anymore…

  2. Tom Avatar

    Love the review and the Serbian rifles!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!

  3. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Not too bad so far. Hope it makes it. I don’t have NPAP, instead I do have OPAP in my gun safe.And I use it also, not just a safe queen..Very nice good quality rifle although heavy if you are used to regular stamped receiver AKMs. Weight reminds me of my Valmet RK62(military issued) and Sako(civilian version of latest of our military issue AKs) milled receiver AKs. I think I might try NPAP at some point..

  4. Jeff Day Avatar
    Jeff Day

    Hooray, I have one.

  5. Paul Abshire Avatar
    Paul Abshire

    Have you done a test on the pap m92 yet?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski


  6. Paul Abshire Avatar
    Paul Abshire

    Any suggestions on receiver sights? Hk drum?

  7. Shawn Krohn Avatar
    Shawn Krohn

    Rob how are you liking those KNS Precision anti-rotation pins? My regular retainer plate still doesn’t stop the hammer pin from slopping around…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      They are ok, they keep npap trigger group in one piece, lol. But honestly, retention plate only would do the job too.

      1. Shawn Krohn Avatar
        Shawn Krohn

        Thanks Rob. I installed the KNS last night and it seems much more solid.

        I think the power customs retainer I had in it was “lifting” due to it’s tight tolerances fitting on the safety lever. As long as they stay put I’m happy.

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