AKOU Bootcamp Class – Jackson TN

And another AKOU Bootcamp class is done!
Few malfunction pics for you.
That one with shifted trigger group it was courtesy of “paper clip” snap…
We had a great time at Tennessee sport foundation in Jackson!
Big thanks to all who attended and big thanks to Recoil Tactical Training for hosting us here!


3 responses to “AKOU Bootcamp Class – Jackson TN”

  1. Hosehead Avatar

    Hey Rob,

    I love your site, and am looking to make my first, and living in CA, probably only AK purchase. I’m not looking for a sub MOA shooter, but something that I can throw in the truck, and beat up. I can purchase an NPAP for $700, including X-fer fees, or a WASR for $800 including fees. I know, these are steep prices, but the additional $600 for an Arsenal is a bridge too far (and I have to go with what retailers have in stock, so no DAKM for me). Of the two, given the prices, which would you recommend? Thanks for a great site, and I love your sense of humor.

    1. Hosehead Avatar

      Belay that request. I broke down and bought an Arsenal. If I can only get one…

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Man, those are steep prices. I would take WASR10, but this is getting crazy on the price side.

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