Don’t look! Current AK prices in…Switzerland

Member from Switzerland just messaged me current catalog prices on AKs. Swiss Frank is almost equal to USD, so it is almost 1:1ย exchange rate…
Look at all those nice rifles and prices…Look at those Norincos…jaw dropped.



























3 responses to “Don’t look! Current AK prices in…Switzerland”

  1. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    ” I looked at the trap Ray”

    Romanian AK starting 850? Cheaper in U.S., while supplies last. Arsenal AK74 seemed decent price.

    I’m not sure what is this thing with Norincos, from my personal experience they are one of the crappiest AKs I have ever tried. Granted, it has been a while I last had my hands on one of those Norincos. I and one person I knew owned Norinco AKs back in early 90s, quality on those things was almost non-existent. I mean man, they were rough…Rough trigger, rough action, rough quality. Wood furniture started falling off at early stage etc, There was a big amount of those imported to my homeland in Europe early 90s. Some were somewhat decent in accuracy, others you couldn’t have hit the barn even if you were inside it firing the damn rifle.

    For various reasons at that time I bought one(long story with gun permits, possible oncoming ban etc etc).After less than a year I managed to trade it to a Cadillac of AKs, quality brand(known in U.S also, for its high quality hunting rifles)with milled receiver.

    Maybe you guys in U.S. have seen different Norincos and better quality than we did back in the day, or maybe nowadays Norinco actually is of decent quality. Actually heard from one gun shop in U.S. that Norinco 1911s are quite nice.Still, even today, I would think more than twice buying a Norinco.

  2. Dave Avatar

    The Chinese AKs I’ve handled had the best triggers and very smooth actions. The receivers and riveting always looked very well done. I will say this, I never liked the wood the Chinese used and still don’t. I have always considered Chinese AKs some the best ever made.

  3. William E Peterson Avatar
    William E Peterson

    Oh my! I wish we could get someone to buy bulk polytechs from there and import them here! Polytech AKs are some really good Kalashnikovs, good quality. Go on GunBroker and look at price, $1600-$2200. So yes I’ll pay WASR-10 price for one anyday!!

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