5000 RDS Stress Test – Vote for New “Victim”! (3rd edition)

5000 rounds stress tests, set the new standard for rifles testing. These tests are simply “golden mine” of unbiased information about rifles performance and wear of those rifles internal components.
We want to continue to go this path, to give AKOU members the best feedback possible on tested rifles.
So, it is time to give Power To The People again – 5000 Rounds Test – Next “Victim” Selection Vote (3rd Edition) starts now!
We want to start this process early, so it will give us a time to collect money to purchase rifle and ammunition for it. Unfortunately, we are not millionaires…
*If rifle will survive testing and it will be still operational and safe to use!
Choices are as follow (in random order – pictures and prices below were shamelessly taken from Atlantic Firearms and Palmetto State Armory websites):

[democracy id=”3″]
We can do this only because of your support for AK Operators Union Store and your donations (to donate just click “Donate” button- it is serviced by secure server).

Money from donations: $1100 (as of 8/8/16)

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39 responses to “5000 RDS Stress Test – Vote for New “Victim”! (3rd edition)”

  1. James Avatar

    I voted PSA because now that we got our laughs from the I.O., it’s time to see whether or not PSA’S long awaited AK can live up to the standards set by the other rifles tested.

    I hope it does well; I’m tired of seeing American made AKS being sub par.

  2. Gordon Avatar

    I voted PSAK 47. Lets see American manufacturers do it right.

  3. Ryan K. Avatar
    Ryan K.

    Voted and Donated. Keep up the good work

  4. Mark Avatar

    Ruger Mini 30! lol

  5. Steve Avatar


  6. Steve Avatar

    Always is so close it didnt get a fair run last time car right over center receiver after that was downhill

  7. Shane Hitzel Avatar
    Shane Hitzel

    I am really looking forward to seeing how well the PSA AK holds up! I really want mine myself. Between PSA and DDI for my next AK.

    1. Robert saunders Avatar
      Robert saunders

      I love my DDI!!

  8. Scott Avatar

    I vote for Npap since I just ordered one yesterday.

  9. Caleb S. Avatar
    Caleb S.

    Vz2008 next!

  10. Jonah Rose Avatar
    Jonah Rose

    I voted PSAK 47 I am interested in getting another ak and would like to see if it can endure the test,, Thanks Greatly to the local 47-74

  11. John Avatar

    PSA is a great company. I really want them to have the best U.S.-made AK.

  12. Jeff Avatar

    Just do the NPAP already! its come a close second both times now

  13. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    PSAK, ’cause both Arsenal and Npap had their chance already. Also PSAK is new to the scene, lets see what happens.

  14. Jereme Kroh Avatar
    Jereme Kroh

    I also voted PSA. Let’s see if it has what it takes. And I know you did the ras47. But I say the c39v2 deserves a chance.

  15. Ryan H. Avatar
    Ryan H.

    It’s time for some 5.45 action

  16. Jacob Avatar

    Did people not see the npap fail miserably already? Npap and Aresnal had their chance, I say PSA!

  17. Sam Cupp Avatar
    Sam Cupp

    I think the NPAP would be the most informative. Imo. That’s my vote.

  18. Matt Gallagher Avatar
    Matt Gallagher

    I voted for the N-Pap. I like the rifle and would like to see AKOU put one of my favorite rifles to the test.

  19. Ethan Avatar

    PSAK. I love my DDI rifle and want to see if Palm State’s offering will hold a candle to it.

  20. Ben Avatar

    pls do a WASR

  21. Eduardo Avatar

    PSA their comming for u

  22. Hamm Avatar

    I bought a NPAP a few months ago, but have only fired about 100 rounds through it. No issues so far, but I’d like to know what I might be in for..

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It should work. Failures i have seen with NPAP were related to poor metal treatment.

  23. vorkosigan Avatar

    I vote PSA , I have a Gen ! assembled from their kit, the only concern is the cast trunnion. hope that PSA can do better than I. O,. At least I have an WASR 10 if the PSA fails. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the AK owning community

  24. Bill Avatar

    NPAP! Import market is dominant with these it would be good to see what issues if any may be coming. I have an Opap with about 250 through it, I dont have the time or cash flow to run it like AKOU does. Thanks Rob Ski and Paul-inator for doing this stuff. The AK market standards are elevating because of this. IO get your shit together!

  25. Jeff smallmon Avatar
    Jeff smallmon

    Lets go arsenal!!! Lets put the best to the test!

  26. Evan Haywire Avatar
    Evan Haywire

    Let’s see a Draco test!

  27. mellis Avatar

    PSA, we are only one or two more bans away from no more imports. I want to see if the “American” AK’s can compete. I was bummed about I.O junk. Atlantic Fire Arms talked them up saying the wasr was surplus “old parts” and I.O would be better (shame, shame) I’d also like to see century do a V2 with scope mount go through the 5k Gauntlet.

  28. Matt Avatar

    My PSA AR has yet to fail and lost track of rounds down the pipe. Go Palmetto State!

  29. Troy Avatar

    Voted PSA. BTW Rob, you need some more horny whore stickers. Real slutty ones too. piss my wife off real good. lol

  30. Matt B. Avatar
    Matt B.

    Voted and donated, let’s see what that PSA can do!

  31. scottyb Avatar

    PSA, would like to see Serb rifle get anuthr chance tho.

  32. Amado Tanguma Avatar
    Amado Tanguma

    Out of the eligible Aks for testing this time I’d like the PSA. It’s good to know at that price point and USA made ak will be a contender or a flop like RAS47. But in the future I wouldn’t mine seeing Petronov arms AK which are selling for close to $1000. Noone seems to heard of them but at that price point it’s on with Arsenal. I also wouldnt mind seeing either the Draco or M92 pap pistol with “arm brace” due to people using them as a “truck gun”

  33. John Avatar

    I voted for the NPAP. I bought one last year ( before Rob Ski’s test) and so far it’s been a good rifle. I really hope that the bad heat treatment on the receiver was an isolated incident. Rob Ski keep up the hard work testing these rifles. You’re doing things us ordinary people can’t afford to do.

  34. Ana M Gonzaga Avatar
    Ana M Gonzaga

    I’d like to see the Zaztava npap Rob!!!! Keep that good work u guys are doing!!

  35. Diaz Avatar

    PSA Gen2. We need to see if the American AK maunfacturers are taking the results of the piss-poor IO and RAS to heart and learning from their failures. Manufacturers should be trembling in fear when AKOU decides to test their product.

  36. Joe McCallister Avatar

    Hey Rob, love the testing of different rifles. Voted for PSAK47 but will be just as satisfied to see NPAP get second chance. Also donated to the cause.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thank you! It looks like Palmetto is the winner!

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