Radical Firearms AR, 1000rds LATER – Traitor?!

Radical Firearms AR, 1000rds LATER – Traitor?! RA AR15 enters 5000 rds test.

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6 responses to “Radical Firearms AR, 1000rds LATER – Traitor?!”

  1. E. Train Avatar
    E. Train

    Glad you are venturing into the AR-15 realm again. It will be interesting to see if Radical Firearms has the chops to really muscle in on Palmetto State’s turf as a “budget-friendly” firearm company.

  2. Derek Avatar

    Come on Rob, it’s AK operators union not AR operators union. Only half kidding, I love your site.

  3. Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.

    I own sever Radical Firearms rifles, so I am very interested in this test. We all know Rob & the rest of the Union Operators don’t pull any punches. This will be a great test for Radical Firearms.. Has to be good; seeing how Radical is from Texas! My home state lol

  4. John Avatar

    The thing that bothers me about Radical Firearms and a lot of other AR makers is that the rifles do not come with sights. So, upfront before you even pull the trigger you have to add another $150+ or so to the cost of the rifle.

    Strikes me as kind of like selling a car and telling the customer that the wheels are extra.

    So in reality, the RF AR15 is not comparable in cost to a RAS47 or WASR10.

    1. Skoll Avatar

      Ordering it with the Magpul MBUS set still makes it cheaper than what a WASR10 goes for nowadays.

  5. Jimmy Avatar

    The gas key appears not to be properly staked.

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