5000 Rounds Test – Next “Victim” Selection Vote (2nd Edition)

5000 rounds stress tests, set the new standard for rifles testing. These tests are simply “golden mine” of unbiased information about rifles performance and wear of those rifles internal components. We want to continue to go this path, to give AKOU members the best feedback possible on tested rifles. So, it is time to give Power To The People again – 5000 Rounds Test – Next “Victim” Selection Vote (2nd Edition) starts now!
Voting poll will be open until end of Sunday, June 19th.
We want to start this process early, so it will give us a time to collect money to purchase rifle and ammunition for it. Unfortunately, we are not millionaires…
If rifle will survive testing and it will be still operational, we will do giveaway on it!
Choices are as follow (in alphabetical order – pictures and prices below were shamelessly taken from Atlantic Firearms and Lee Armory website):
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We can do this only because of your support for AK Operators Union Store and your donations (to donate just click “Donate” button- it is serviced by secure server).

Money from donations: $590.4 (as of 6/19/16)

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41 responses to “5000 Rounds Test – Next “Victim” Selection Vote (2nd Edition)”

  1. Ethan Avatar

    Hey Rob,

    Lot of folks are claiming that DDI “gets a pass” because of their awesome customer service. They seem to forget the DDI was King of the Hill until the DAKM dethroned it. Any interest in running one of theirs through the 5000 challenge? I have an unfired one sitting in the safe that I would loan you in the interest of science!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I was thinking about putting DDI, but i want to do 5k test on their all new US made AK, which is coming out this summer…their old models are going away – no point to run it for something what will be gone soon…

      1. Caseman Avatar


        I got an 2013 NPAP I’d lend out to test……low miles. I’d just want what is left of it back.

        1. Caseman Avatar

          Approx. 300 rounds downrange. GT getting conservatively 2 MOA squeezing off bags consistent w/magnified optics if you let the barrel cool at 3rd shot…..100Y…. 5 shot groups. No malfunctions w/in 300. Feel free to do a 5K plus test….or maybe a double rifle test(?). You might want to hand load and see what you can squeeze out though, I’ve not lapped the barrel. Plastic stocks, so modified the rear for better cheek weld w/out scope….I cut it cut like an FAL.

          1. Caseman Avatar

            So 630 would buy any extra what…2-3K rounds or so?

          2. Caseman Avatar

            Also, I e-mailed Zastava asking them to cover the cost of the ammo….w/links to here and ak files.

        2. AKHutch Avatar

          That’s awesome of you, Rob should take you up on that and go with the IO and test both side by side.

      2. Nathan Avatar

        You think Atlantic will do some discounts on the models to be discontinued?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          I have no idea man…

      3. Darth_Onion Avatar

        I just picked up a DDI polish stamped AK. It’s at a gunsmith now and I haven’t even put a round through it yet. Trying to cycle a 30 rd mag, I had failure to feed on half of them. Two of them, I had to mortar them to extract. Remind you, these are unfired rounds. I am a lemon magnet.

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Please keep me posted on these rifles.

  2. James Avatar

    I voted I.O. last time, and I’m not changing the vote now.

    Which American made AK truly is the shittiest AK ever built? THE RAS 47 or the I.O. inc m247c!

    1. Skoll Avatar

      I’m also curious how quick the I.O. will shit out. Some may think of it as a waste of money on a rifle everyone knows to be shit, but I don’t think anyone’s ever done a truly objective a full test of these rifles. All you mostly see is heresy that “they’re not as bad as the internet says”.

  3. Christopher Avatar

    I think the IO is a waste of time, money and resources. The poor quality of this rifle is WELL documented and has been for years over many different media mediums. I’m not interested in seeing just how bad a rifle can get.
    Three of the rifles we know very little about as a whole. In the case of the NPAP, reviews are mixed. There are highly reliable sources claiming it is a great rifle and while others say otherwise. I think running the AKOUL 5k would provide some definitive answers here.

  4. Kyle Herrley Avatar
    Kyle Herrley

    Lee Armory is so Awesome Bammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Matt Avatar

    After seeing a lee rifle in person, i don’t believe it would finish 5,000 rounds. Wear safety gear please.

  6. Lucas Tuberville Avatar
    Lucas Tuberville

    I personally would almost be more interested in seeing how a Vepr performs. I know that they’re built on RPK recievers and seem to be built pretty well. I’ve heard they very accurate, but I wonder if that accuracy would come at the cost of AK-reliability

  7. Matt Hames Avatar
    Matt Hames

    I will donate my M70ab2 right now. No miles, just sits around. Just agree to gove her back when your done raping her. lol

  8. Mario Avatar

    I agree, DDI should be in be included in the test. We should be able to see what they’re all about.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Current DDI production is coming to the end. Their new, all US made rifle will be released this summer and will take over – this is what we are going to put to the test for sure.

    2. Me Avatar

      I’d like to see a real ddi 12 test. Between the two I had I only got through 18 shots. I want to see one get up to 20. I’d be impressed. Lol. I agree with the US made ddi, even though I don’t think I can support them, I really want to see a quality US made AK at a reasonable price. I’m voting for one randomly I think.

  9. Rick Avatar

    Petronov because well, I don’t know anything about them

  10. Brian Avatar

    If the parts kits are drying up then I dont see any point in testing them. If the future is these cast parts rifles then we need more testing to get an idea of where we sit. Im so upset at what has happened to the ak world. This is such bullcrap we have to pay 1k for a parts kit gun and wasr is going away. Now I really feel like these companies are jamming these cast parts guns down our throat. Now, even if they are great when made correctly I still wont feel all warm and fuzzy about one. Luckily I have some good rifles. I feel bad for the guy that doesnt. I vote I.O. they deserve a day in court. Thanks for what you are doing Rob.

  11. Tom Avatar

    I voted IO…only cuz I want to see Rob do a 5k round test in a bomb suit! lol

  12. Rev06 Avatar

    Awesome offer Caseman! Rob this would be a great way to extend The Unions limited resources. Just carefully document starting condition as you always do, maybe show bore up close etc. and let her rip.

    I also agree that IO is a waste of time AND Union money and that we should wait on DDI to get its final All U.S. product out.

    I voted for NPap because I believe last test was heavily influenced by soft ground under rifle when it was driven over. Soft ground basically increases flex and maybe “dwell time” on receiver, which is a big deal. Anyway this test would settle it once and for all hopefully.

    I will be putting my money where my vote is same as Arsenal test, which has been extremely useful.

  13. Sarge Avatar

    DDI was already tested by Rob…. “King Of the Hill” no need to waste time or $$$ and test it again…. I have two and they are SOLID.
    I would like to see the I.O tested….. much people hate em, lets see if it is for a good cause.

  14. Fredrik Avatar

    I would like to see you test the NPAP to see how she would hold up and if it is built with quality or not. Looking forward to see a Vepr, my personal favorite going through the test. Keep up your great work, am a devoted viewer! You guys are the best!

  15. GoMopar440 Avatar

    I think that the people voting for the NPAP are wanting to see how good it is, and the people voting for the IO are wanting to see how BAD it is.

  16. GoMopar440 Avatar

    Kinda like going to a Nascar race just to see who’s going to put it into the wall that day.

  17. Aaron Avatar

    Just wait and raise enough cash to test NPAP and IO side by side!

  18. dandolion Avatar

    npap redemption coming in 5….4….3….2….

  19. Kelby Avatar

    Super excited to see either how WELL the N-PAP does or how TERRIBLE the I.O. will do. Either way, I’m popping some popcorn. Thanks for doing this Rob Ski.

  20. Seth Garrett Avatar
    Seth Garrett

    Yes, please, raise hell on a DDI and lets see how it holds up. My brother and I bought 2 identical $1,000 AK’s from Copper Customs, they were a “special cerakote edition”…… My brothers was solid and mine was fucked up at least 3 different places, I literally walked into DDI’s factory (I live in Knoxville) and had some ignorant ass mf’er tell me that “there’s nothin wrong with these sights” and that they had to be twisted sideways front AND rear to be able to sight it in. I woulda gave anything to got him on tape. Anyway, DDI is the worst embarrassment to customer service I’ve ever seen, I’ll never own another unless I can look at it first before I buy it.

  21. Rob Perkins Avatar
    Rob Perkins

    Rob ,
    i like your no BS reviews !
    I recently purchased a set of Zenit top covers and lower hand guards from you to help support what you do for us AK fans . I would like to also contribute to the torture tests as i think that they are a great idea to weed out the crap some of these company’s want to foist upon unsuspecting people all while ruining the AK’s reputation at the same time..
    How do i donate for ammo or test “gun of the month” 🙂 ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Please email me: ak74ski@comcast.net

  22. Rev06 Avatar

    What a tie? Voter fraud! Voter fraud! Just like Brexit!!

    Go NPAP!

  23. Lance White Avatar
    Lance White

    Rob I need your help. I’m sure you get this a lot, but I’m driving myself crazy trying to pick an AK47. I already have a WASR and I’ve had for six years. So it’s not my first, but the few I really want you can’t really find anymore and I live in ca. So I’ve trying to decide for about six months. I would love a definitive arms, but that seems about impossible. Would’ve went with an Arsenal, but having doubts after your review. So, if you don’t mind telling what would you get right now that’s out there, or any help at all would be really appreciated.

      1. Lance White Avatar
        Lance White

        Well like I said before I saw what you had even wrote I had an email from them and saw that and was really excited, but they said they are not doing them for California. I was so bummed out to hear that. I know this place sucks and I hope it won’t be to long before I’m out of here, but it’s kinda hand to just take off with a wife and two kids, but anyways any other ideas? I really appreciate it.

      2. Lance White Avatar
        Lance White

        Do you know anything about these guys? I just stumbled across them. http://www.awsfirearms.com/we-build-better-1/

  24. Lance White Avatar
    Lance White

    That’s funny I just checked my email and saw this and was thinking it looked good, but they don’t send to ca. So I’m going to talk to my ffl and see, if there’s away he can get it. Thank you and, if you think of anything else please let me know.

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