RAS 47 500rds Down – First Blood!

RAS 47 500rds Down – First Blood!

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2 responses to “RAS 47 500rds Down – First Blood!”

  1. JEF. Avatar

    Thanks for the vid on the RAS! Man, first impressions of 500rnds thing looks beat up!!

  2. Black Russian Avatar
    Black Russian

    Rob, another great video. I took a break from shopping in the store to drop by. As always everything is looking excellent in the way you guys (and Ula!) are handling everything. It has been a tough 4-8 weeks for AK lovers and it is good to see you guys keeping up the flame.

    Of all the various AK fails over the past few months I think the one that bothers me most (and this is saying a lot as the Krebs/Zhukov cold weather fail on MAC was f-in painful to watch) is that dam super glue desert mud slop test that In Range TV did.

    For those that didn’t see it an older (parts kit WASR.) AK choked when it was covered in mud created from desert soil and water I believe. This bothers me immensely, because, unlike say the sand tornado test (I don’t experience blowing sand) I expect to use my AKs if serious needs ever arise in an environment where harsh winters are followed by a thaw with a lot of rural farm and logging dirt roads that become so muddy as to be all but impassable even by 4×4 (like the access road to the “Farm”).

    Thick mud has to be accounted for. HOWEVER, after having thought about it (obsessed) a lot, I recently started to calm down some after closely watching a lot of footage of the Ukranian conflict (Donbass, Donetsk, Sebaltevo encirclement etc.). These guys, like millions of other AK users have dealt with deep shitty mud for years.

    I have not operated an AK in muddy combat conditions, but it strikes me that generally an AK, if it falls into deep mud, will sort of “float a bit” or at least not sink if the mud is as firm as what In Range caked on the outside of the bolt carrier charging handle.

    IMHO the “volume” or weight i.e. Density of the mud that actually STICKS to the charging handle side of the bolt carrier is what slows down the action and (1) interferes with an AK’s inherent ability to shoot itself free of that kind of obstruction, and more importantly perhaps (2) allows a non-trivial amount of mud (for AK anyway) to slide in under gap between dust cover and bolt carrier compounding any problems caused by the sluggish action.

    Solutions. I would be interested to know how former soviet and com bloc training dealt amd deals w this issue. My recommendations of best practices would be 1) hang on to rifle, 2) if it is going to drop in deep mud try and drop it on the other side, 3) if you can’t direct the drop then try and cover the bolt carrier charging handle area with your hand on way down, 4) WIPE OFF OR OTHERWISE REMOVE HEAVY GLOPS OF MUD FROM OUTSIDE BOLT CARRIER w your hand before you run charging handle.

    Even a quick slashing motion would help I would think. If time allows rinse the rifle in a puddle. Obviously if you can properly clean it, great, but it should not be necessary as the AK, unlike many ARs, will still work with finer grain shit INSIDE THE ACTION. In Range TV did test a high end AR in same test, but an AR could be expected to do well in this test even with it’s dustcover open. The tight, tight tolerance of the BCG and upper receiver is a natural protectant from THICK DENSE MUD especially if BCG has NiBx or other lubricity coatings along w being run w lots of lube. The game changes of course once shit actually gets inside th action like sand, or access to good lube becomes an issue. However, I was impressed by AKOU test of BCM(?) AR in sand tornado test. I have more respect for AR now than I did a year ago.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Glad to see you have a donation button as the AKOU sells out of a lot of awesome stuff fast. No stock means no sale! Sucks for all, but we AK users should not let it affect the Union’s important ongoing work.

    I would like to see some dense mud testing with a newer AK with better coatings etc on bolt carrier so it has a chance to shed at least some of the mud like an AR bolt. Yes, yes, Rob I know that you now are burying them in the AK sandpit of doom and once buried are enthusiastically beating them like a red -headed stepchild. That shit aint mud though. Bury it in the access road to the Farm and gently bring it up to the firing line maybe. Or something. Ok gotta go keep kicking ass love the new logo amd shirts.

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