Building AK47 (AKM) with Definitive Arms

Building AK47 (AKM) with Definitive Arms  – this is unique look behind close doors of maker of excellent DAKM 4150N rifle. See what it really takes to make Definitive Arms AK.

YouTube video

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7 responses to “Building AK47 (AKM) with Definitive Arms”

  1. Tom Avatar

    Tried to buy a DA AK. After weeks and weeks and weeks of no emails or phone calls being returned, I was about to give up. Finally got a hold of them and they ended up agreeing to build a rifle no then changed their mind without telling me. I will never give my money to DA. Maybe great rifles, but terrible to try and work with.

  2. KSB Avatar

    Great video. Makes me want to get another AK!

  3. Pud Avatar

    Amazing video! Thanks for doing it!

  4. Jimmy Avatar

    Excellent video — really great to see genuine artisans at work. Fine craftsmanship for sure.
    Thanks for posting

  5. Derek Avatar

    I see Atlantic sells these when they get them but does Definitive Arms make semi custom orders for people who live in communist states like MA? I need to have my muzzle device permanently attached and it must be a brake and not a flash hider. I also need my bayonet lugs taken off because we all know how dangerous they can be haha.

  6. Hector Ramirez Avatar
    Hector Ramirez

    Hello Rob, if i order a break how long does it take to ship out. I ordered one from another company and they fucked up the address, they gave me the run around

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We always ship next business day…:-)

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