WASR 10 – Under The Hood

WASR 10 – Under the Hood. This is our first take on mighty WASR!

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4 responses to “WASR 10 – Under The Hood”

  1. Bill Avatar

    So the only things I saw that you were critical of were marks on muzzle from TIG weld, no hole in butt stock for cleaning kit, pistol grip construction & paper clip? Were trunions forged or cast?

    Really interested to see how your test of this will compare to PSA. Hopefully you will get the PSA also.

  2. Dion B Avatar
    Dion B

    I picked up one from Atlantic about a month ago and was shocked at how nice it was compared to passed samples. Mine was also zeroed bang on at 50 yards was shocked again lol.

    Hey quick question if you don’t want to answer I completely understand. Where in Illinois are you? I am in the Naperville ,Oswego area. Shoot at aurora sportsmanship club. And have a place up in Mi. Also

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Close to Bolingbrook…;-)

  3. Dion B Avatar
    Dion B

    Not far from my AO cool. Loving your vids that’s what made me get off my butt and get an ak.

    Been an AR guy for long time finally,decided to take plunge. Thanks for the good work!

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