Breaking Magpul AK Furniture

Breaking Magpul AK Furniture – what you Can and Cannot do with new AK furniture from Magpul!

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  1. muzzle brake Avatar
    muzzle brake

    What muzzle break is mounted on the rifle? It seems to tame the rise really nicely. I’d love to know, thanks. Looks beefy. Please email me the reply. Love ya Ski.

  2. winandlegend Avatar

    Rob, what kind of weight are seeing on your most commonly used 5.45 configurations. Im seeing 10.7lbs fully loaded with optica, light, 3rd polymer mag for my 5.45 ak and was wondering if thats a bit heavy. I saw some people reporting in the high 8 to low 9lb range for similarly configured m4s and in the 10lb range for similarly configured m16s. Theres only one 5.45 ar left on the market, huldra mk iv 5.45 and i was contemplating switching becuase its very low weight.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      AK in the setup like in this video is 6lbs and 11oz. Now, if you will add optic to it it will add weight for sure…

      1. WinAndLegend Avatar

        That’s pretty light, about as light as any AR. The stock 74 weighs 7lb and 8oz, I wonder what’s making the extra 12oz weight difference between a factory 74 (my arsenal is also 7lb 8oz as it came from factory) and your setup…

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