Shootout test – Krebs AK103K-S


Krebs AK103K-S is setting up benchmark! Can Krebs Custom Guns AK103K-S deliver or is it disappointment?!!!
Shootout test is based on 3 stages: 100yds, 200yds and 300yds. 2 shooters are using the same rifle at each stage. At 100yds, points are multiplied by 1 and shooters can score maximum of 6 points each (6 hits = 6 points). At 200yds, points are multiplied by 2 and shooters can score maximum of 10 points each (5 hits x 2 = 10 points). Finally, at 300yds, points are multiplied by 3 and  shooters can score maximum of 15 points each (5 hits x 3 = 15 points). Time is recorded at each stage. At the end, all points and times are calculated into the “stage average”.
Krebs AK103K-S was donated by Copper Custom Armament!

Krebs AK103K-S Scores (average per stage):
Time: 11:35s
Points: 11 on 12 (91%)
Time: 12:18s
Points: 18 on 20 (90%)
Time: 20:03s
Points: 24 on 30 (80%)
Final Score (totals): 
Time: 14:52
Points: 53 on 62 (88%)

YouTube video

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