AK Marksmanship Fundamentals – Prone Position

Marks1Rob goes ballistic and talks about need for AK Marksmanship Fundamentals training – all this when debunking stupid myths about AK magazines on the ground. You can see in details, how Rob is positioning himself in prone, how he holds AK rifle and how he controls his trigger and etc.
This is first video from the series. More to come soon.
– Dima

YouTube video

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2 responses to “AK Marksmanship Fundamentals – Prone Position”

  1. AlphaKilo47 Avatar

    Robski, you Rock! I really enjoy your attitude and knowledge of the AK platform. Your blog is first rate and I am so happy to see someone extolling the virtues of the AK while eliminating all the bullshit that floats around the Internet from “so called” AK operators. I own a lowly Romanian WASR 10-63 GP that I purchased back in 2007 that actually seems to be put together with matching parts. It runs flawlessly and doesn’t care what I feed it or how I handle it and it puts rounds where I point it. I have a line on an Arsenal SGL-21 and I hope that I will be able to add it to my AK inventory. Thanks again for the great blog and keep up the good fight Comrade!

  2. Hector Franceschini Avatar
    Hector Franceschini

    Bravo, that’s the method I use, magazine on ground, no fails. It looks perfect, good video.

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