AK 47 Milled Receiver version from DDI Review

DDI_2When we have received AK 47 Milled Receiver version from DDI (Destructive Devices Industries), we were shocked by initial quality of this rifle. DDI acquired Waffen Werks and fear was, based on previous rather poor experiences with WW, that they may not live up to expectations. So when the box with rifle was open, it was nice to see high quality finish and very nicely assembled AK. However, we all know that looks could be very deceiving…the only way to see if this DDI AK candidate has what it takes to be an AK, was to take it to the “farm” for testing…here is our review of DDI Milled Receiver AK47 with fixed stock and side rail.
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62 responses to “AK 47 Milled Receiver version from DDI Review”

  1. Mel Hoover Avatar
    Mel Hoover

    I am currently looking for a new Ak to replace my Norinco Ak I had to sell some time ago.
    What Ak can you recommend that would be under $1000.00. Do you feel the DDI rifles are up worth the money? or should I take my money else where.

      1. Joseph Paulk Avatar
        Joseph Paulk

        I have been searching and comparing AKs trying to find one to buyand this rifle is what I have narrowed my search to. Any others you’d recommend close to this price range?

    1. Terry Pinion Avatar
      Terry Pinion

      If you are looking for a rifle that you will only shoot 1-2 times a year then a DDI rifle may not be for you.If your looking for a rifle that you can bet your life on it working and holding up to the hard use of a combat tour then a DDI or krebs custom is the top of the line but you will pay $2200 for it I.O.Inc makes a decent product for your price range but the arsenal guns I believe are made better….

      1. MorningStar133 Avatar

        Do not get a I.O.Inc AK-47..I got the I.O.Inc M214 AK-47 and i put about 200-250 rounds through it, then i was shooting it one day and the firing pin shoots out the back of the bolt and gets stuck in the trigger..the bolt is completely destroyed ,the pin holding the firing pin in the bolt is stuck/bent and wont come out and the same with the extractor pin…

  2. Shawn vang Avatar
    Shawn vang

    I just recently bought DDI ak47u from Atlantic firearms. The rifle have 4 manufacturing defects. Upper handguard too loose, front sight not align to rear sight, piece of metal mount to chamber barrel is loose and bolts was installed little bit too high failed to push the round to chamber “feedings issue “

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Shawn, i would immediately contact DDI customer support. These defects are unacceptable.

  3. Jason Avatar

    My wife got me an ak47u from DDi and out of the box looked great but had same problem. Front sight was way off after adjustment the front sight just wobbled fit was too loose in some areas and too tight in others. Sent gun back took a month to get it back contacted DDi two weeks in and they hadn’t even started just put it on the back burner when I got it back. There was nothing from DDi explaining what they did to the gun it was just here you go have not shot it yet but the furniture was chiped and the receiver had a ding in it all I can say is DDi is just an over priced wasr-10 and customer service is seriously lacking.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi Jason, sorry to hear that. Sucks man. It is disappointing, because i thought that their customer service was really good…

      1. Jason Avatar

        I may have just been the unlucky one others may have better luck than me. This is my second ak I plan on getting more but never from DDi again. Hopefully after a few years DDi will step up their game but it may just be WW all over again.

  4. Adam Avatar

    Well all that feedback about DDI really does suck, especially since I just ordered the DDI stamped ak from Atlanticfirearms based on all the great things I’ve heard. Hopefully these are isolated incidents…

  5. Jesse Avatar

    Does that Milled AK from DDI take standard AK furniture, I am thinking about this for my Milled AK in my collection, got a stamped already. I just wish they made them with the wood furniture. if it take standard AK furniture I will just get my own blank wood furniture kit and stain it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, it is not taking regular AK furniture.

  6. Paul M Avatar
    Paul M

    Hey Rob, I’m thinking of buying the DDI AK47U with the bakelite furniture. In your opinion is it worth the extra $100 over the stamped rifle? Also I would like to put a Primary Arms red dot on it, what are my mounting options with the underfolder stock. Thanks.

    1. DS Avatar

      Just picked up Milled DDI underfolder. Upper handguard super loose . Brand new and you can see where rear of barrel was knurled to achieve tighter fit in receiver. I call BS on that 🙁 While finish on gun LOOKS really nice, common gun cleaners take finish right off…..sucks.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        You shouldn’t accept this. I would return this rifle back to DDi immediately.

  7. Tom Avatar

    Hi rob. Love the website dude. Which rifle is easier to upgrade/accessorize: DDI stamped or C39v2? I want to put an Ace side folder on and a damage industry rail. Any input is much appreciated.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Neither of them is friendly. DDI is made on Hungarian parts – you are going to have problem with that rail. C39V2 has milled receiver – it maybe a problem with that rail as well.

  8. Matt Avatar

    I’m also looking at the DDI under folder milled or the C39v2…. I know the milled receiver isn’t a huge difference. Its just that I’m a machinist so I’m a sucker for milled anything.
    Any input would be great .. looking to spend around $800

  9. Charlie Avatar

    I was just thinking about getting a DDI with the Zhukov furniture. After reading this I think I will get me a plain jane WASR 10 and mount the Magpul furniture myself.

  10. Shane Avatar

    Wow, I’m surprised at the negative feedback on DDI rifles! Are they really just junk? I was thinking I would call these guys to set up a dealership with DDI. Rob` – what’s your opinion? Would you sell DDI rifles? Thanks!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We don’t sell any rifles.
      @DDI – they are learning and listening. That’s why i respect them.

  11. Brandon Avatar

    I just received my DDI milled AK u. I took it to the range today. I was hitting the 10 in. Plate at 100m using the site picture techniques that Rob recommended with standard ak iron sites. However my upper hand gaurd is not loose the hammer and trigger pins do move in and out slightly when I pull the trigger. The rivit that holds the bullet guide to the receiver is not welded over and ground smooth . the parts kit it was built from is not matching numbers except for bolt and carrier. The dust cover upper and lower hand guard are from different parts kits. I can live with that . in all the you tube videos I was led to believe the quality would be better than WW. I’m just worried that these pins could be a big issue later on. The action is very tight as is the mag fit .

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi Brandon, you should contact DDI with your concerns. I hope that they can deliver on promise of keeping their QC in check…

  12. Kristopher A. Avatar
    Kristopher A.

    I picked up my DDI milled AK from my FFL this past week. Frankly, I was expecting better. (1) the bolt carrier binds/stops when cycled all the way to the rear. I have to tap the top cover to get it to go forward. Looks like the cut outs for the milled receiver are way too big for the bolt carrier. Ordered a telescoping recoil spring to fix that. I don’t know why they built a milled AK off of a stamped AK parts kit. (2) bolt carrier rubs up against the interior of the gas tube/sight block. Sand paper and grease will fix that. (3) bolt carrier heavily pitted toward the gas piston. They just applied their finish over that. Hopefully, they properly blasted out the rust before finishing it. and (4) butt stock installation left gaps and very slight cant. Beyond screwing it in, there was no evidence of any effort to properly fit the butt stock. The top tang not flush with the stock either. Feeling like I paid $1,000 for a milled WASR. Won’t be buying any more DDI products. Hopefully, it will redeem itself at the range.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I would totally return that back to DDI…

  13. Jesse Sandoval Avatar
    Jesse Sandoval

    Hello Rob. I am very sad to see all the bad comments on the ddi rifles. I have a ddi stamped ak and absolutely love this thing. Fit and finish is great and I haven’t had a single issue. You know how it is if something works right you never hear about it. If something has a problem thats when people will complain. Anyway anyone reading this post my ddi rifle is great with no issues so far. How areyour ddi rifles holding up Rob?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      DDI is learning. Hopefully they listen and take it to the heart.

  14. Brian Avatar

    This sucks. I’m looking into getting my first AK and originally had been eyeing the Yugo M70 AB2s that century has been putting together and then I started looking into DDI due to the mostly glowing reviews I’ve seen online. I mean two reviews I saw mentioned them in the same sentence as Arsenal and I immediately became suspect. The comments here are really the only place where I’ve heard real, negative feedback. Has me thinking about the yugo again.

    Their shop is about 5 miles from house and I was thinking, hey buy local!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      At this point, based on the feedback i have from fans, i would check OPAP…

      1. Brian Avatar

        Appreciate it. I’ll check them out. Was primarily looking for an under folder with black furniture. I liked the idea of the Hogue on the DDI. I’m not dead set on milled or stamped, most likely stamped as my budget would be $800 max.

        Happy New Year to you Rob!

  15. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Hi Rob, just wanted to stop by and say hi. I’m a big fan of AK:s for certain reasons..I’m a Finnish guy and while doing my duty in military service way back in 90s in Finland I understood the concept of AK-rifles and their advantages as a battlerifle. At the moment I have back home in Finland my trusty Sako M92S (civilian version of our latest military issue assault rifle, Rk 95), while in military I was issued the older RK62, already with milled receiver etc. To me, the best AK-variants are those made in Finland. Really hard to find and very expensive though. At the moment I’m fortunate enough to have a vacation house in USA and to my surprise I was also able to buy guns there although I’m not a citizen. So needless to say, I have two AK47s (among other toys..) in my gun safe. One of them is an Opap which is a great rifle, I’m extremely happy with that one. And not to start any war with possible AR-fans, I do have to say that I also bought entry-level but quality brand gunmaker an AR15, my first AR. Not impressed at all. To me, no brainer which one I would choose if SHTF…And no, it is not the one with 5,56NATO ammo..”It’s a varmint round. Who the hell wants to go to a battle with a varmint rifle”, quote from one marine from a book I read a while back, from the time when M16 started to replace M14 in Vietnam. ..

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I really do enjoy watching your videos, great stuff. Even learned couple of things, somethings that I never was teached during my service. I just stumbled on this site because I was thinking of adding a DDI Ak to my collection but seeing all the stuff here maybe I should wait for a while..Or buy WASR…You never have enough AK:s in your gun safe.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Finnish AKs are awesome. You can buy Valmet here, but they are rare and expensive. If you will have a moment, please email me some pictures of your M92S…my email is: ak74ski@comcast.net

      1. Kurwa mac Avatar
        Kurwa mac

        Yes I have seen couple of Valmets for sale in USA (M76, which really never was available for us in Finland,quite rare to find one there, I think it was more for import. Also usually in USA it seems to be 223 caliber which I’m not a big fan..). Very expensive, over 2K, but I really would like to own one some day…My military issue RK62 was actually made by Valmet. One curiosity as an AK-platform made in Finland was Valmet Petra (I think it was called Valmet Hunter in USA?), that was probably back in the 80s, I recall it being 308 but not sure.And of course you do know as an AK-fan that first Israeli Galils were Finnish design(we sold the design to Israelis) and first versions for them were also made in Finland…

        Unfortunately I do not have that many pics of my M92S, but I might have a few, try to find those and I will shoot you an email for sure.

        1. Kurwa mac Avatar
          Kurwa mac

          Rob, just send you a pic of my M92S I managed to find from my laptop.

  16. Jack Silverstein Avatar
    Jack Silverstein

    I am trying to decide between the DDI milled AK47 with the fixed wood stock and the Petronov stamped receiver with the Polish parts kit and fixed wood stock. From the comments it appears that there is a pattern to the problems with the DDI milled AK. It is now March, 2016, do you know if DDI has addressed these issues? Any comments on Petronov. I know he had a rocky start because of a past affiliation. I haven’t heard any negative comments on his Polish builds. By the way, I used to be an FFL dealer and specialized in AK’s especially Arsenal. That was many years ago before Arsenal, Inc. in Las Vegas. I recently bought an Arsenal 5.45 and it was a total piece of garbage. The fit and finish was terrible and their customer service was even worse. You can only use Breakfree CLP to clean the rifle, anything else will remove the finish. As I said, they are definitely not what they used to be. Let me know about the DDI vs. Petronov.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ddi addressed some of the problems, but they are new company and they are going through the growing pains…they also have to watch their quality control.

  17. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    It’s may 26th 2016, and I just got a DDI hammer forged milled gun from Atlantic Firearms, and I have to say this is the nicest AK I’ve ever had may hands on. Iron sights are printing just under 2 inches at 100 yds. This thing is smooth, and accurate. I will put a alg trigger in this gun when the ak operators union gets them back in stock. I don’t see any videos much on utube on DDIs 2016 guns. I’ve got a CIA c39v2, and it’s a good gun, but the DDI hammer forged milled gun is a good step upward from the c39v2. DDI is still a new company give them a chance. We have got to support the USA AK manufacturer. I’m waiting to see Rob and Paul tear the S–T out of the kalashnikov USA AKs.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Man, could you please keep me posted on it? I haven’t seen that one yet…

  18. Noah Higgins Avatar
    Noah Higgins

    I’m looking into getting AK, and I can’t decide between the DDI stamped AK with Hogue furniture, or a plain old WASR 10. Which one is more reliable and will hold up better? Which one is easier to customize? Any feed back wold be appreciated

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get WASR10 first

    2. Chuck Avatar

      I personally don’t recommend wasr but preference is always up to the individual 🙂

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        WASR10 is a starter rifle. That’s all it is…

  19. Chuck Avatar

    C39v2 or ddi, feeling the ddi but I do see the problems on here. Want Zhukov furniture

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Can you get WASR10?

  20. Zack Avatar

    Would you recommend a WASR10 over a used Romi SAR-1?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, SAR1 will be very collectible soon. They don’t bring those anymore. WASR10 is still coming.

  21. Dennis Math Avatar
    Dennis Math

    What stock length does the milled DDI AK47 come with? The WARSAW length stocks are ridiculously short for me at six foot five inches, does it have at least an intermediate stock length or hopefully a NATO length stock? Please advise if you happen to know. Also have the early problems with the milled DDK AK47’s as I have viewed them been corrected by DDI? Are they producing a better product now or should I stick with Arsenal SAM7 variants and eat the extra cost? I am, like a lot of people pinching pennies but still would like a great milled AK at a lower price than Arsenal demands via their distributors

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Nato length if i remember this correctly.

  22. Dennis Math Avatar
    Dennis Math

    Oh, and what are your overall impressions of the slight upgrade from the WASR, the RH10 from Century? I have a Williams Peep sight to replace that dreadful rear sight and will probably go with an aftermarket buttstock from Tapco or Promag……..someone that can supply me with a stock that will fit my height. Those WARSAW length stocks are WAYYYYY too short for me.
    Other than the grip connection what other upgrades other than furniture does the RH10 have over the WASR?

  23. Rob J Avatar
    Rob J

    Trying to decide between Arsenal AK & DDI, Arsenal is a couple hundred more I’m not concerned w the price but is it worth the difference?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get Vepr FM…$999.99

    2. CHRIS URSINY Avatar

      hey bro i tested and owned all three. ddi is on the bottom and arsenal and vepr ak on the top just my opinion


  24. Chad Hambrick Avatar
    Chad Hambrick

    I own a DDI and it had nothing but problems with it. I cannot put more than six or eight rounds through it before having feed issues. I’ve tried multiple different kinds of magazines and nothing works. A friend of mine took it to look it over just out of curiosity and he couldnt get magazines to seat into the rifle. They are garbage. I had extremely high expectations after watching a video of a torture test they did on their equipment. I always heard about torture tests but I had never seen one and felt like if they were willing to publish it that it must be a good product. I was terribly wrong. Buy anything other than a DDI. Learn from my mistake.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Did you had milled DDI or other model? Their milled rifles based on surplus parts were rather successful series. Of course all this went down in flames when DDI released their own, 100% US made rifles…Company ceased to exist at the end of 2016…

  25. David Boutilier Avatar
    David Boutilier

    I just purchased a DDI stamped American AK. I was definitely excited to pick it up from my FFL and get to the range. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the rear sight has a lot of side to side movement. It basically just flops around on the rifle. Needless to say, I’m not too impressed with DDI at the moment!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      DDI ceased to exist at the end of the last year..

  26. Paul N. Avatar
    Paul N.

    Hey Rob i have a century C39V2 i seen your video were it made it to 5000 rounds.. I have put a little over a 1000 rounds threw it and every thing inside looking new still .. But i would like to get ahead of the game and change out recoil spring pur recoil buffer in and put a forged bolt and bolt carrier inn. Who do you think from what rifles or companies i should get parta from to make this a great rifle to last 50000 rounds??

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check Arms of America, they had some spare parts for C39V2. Make sure new bolt actually headspaces correctly…

  27. Gary Walter Avatar
    Gary Walter

    Rob I think you got a lot to learn about aks Polish workmanship is top notch and people don’t buy site unseen look your weapon over you’ll know then what is quality and spend the money don’t buy junk three turds don’t stand up to one diamond 🤔

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