TDi Arms X47 – new alternative for C39 AK clone owners

Great news for C39 AK clone owners, TDi Arms X47 rail system works with C39 AKs. Lower portion of the rail fits like a glove. Also, rear optic mounting rail fits on it as well (see pictures). The only problem is with upper rail portion, because Century International Arms is using proprietary gas tube which is slightly shorter than regular ones. Please note too that rear neck on that gas tube is too thick to fit upper portion of X47 (without any mods). But fear not, with rear optic mount you can have optic mounted there and you can use your regular C39 upper hand guard. However, if the rail over the gas tube is a “must have” for you, then i have found another solution. You can use on C39 Troy Industries railed gas tube! Pictures below. Let me know if you have any questions about these setups.
– Rob Ski

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29 responses to “TDi Arms X47 – new alternative for C39 AK clone owners”

  1. Brandon Avatar

    Hey I see that it looks as if the Troy gas tube will fit from the pics but on the review on your website you say it won’t. Was there any dremmel work needed? Which Troy rail is the one that fits the c39? Thanks

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, it fits, but i had to take it off…it was coming lose…

  2. assem ahmed Avatar
    assem ahmed

    Rob i have the troy gas tube on my c39 it fits fine. Troy has done away with the castle nut so easier to tighten properly. Looked up TDI arms x47 on their website it is $380. They sell the whole unit together. You cannot buy the upper and lower halves separately. Do you have any other source where i can buy the x47 lower only? Or do you know of any other lower hand guard that will fit the c39 without customization. Also i have the DDI AK47 with the K-var Arsenal type furniture on it. Any recommendations on what would be a direct fit on that rifle in the way of hand guards and butt stock? Your videos are amazing. Please keep producing more quickly. Pleasure to watch.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You can get TDi polymer handguard (below $50) or Mission First Tactical handguard – both will fit.

  3. Evan Avatar

    Good to know there are some quality stock replacement options available. I am curious however to know if Chaos US quad forend will mount to c39?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, but some machining must be done, because there is not enough clearance to fit legs from that dust cover over the rear sight post block.

      1. Evan Avatar

        OK Rob. Thanks for your expertise! You guys are awesome, keep up the good work!

  4. Joshua Avatar

    Hey Rob, I was curious what muzzle brake you have mounted to this gun? Great review by the way!!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      This is Venom Antidote. Check this out:

  5. Pedro Avatar

    Hi Rob I have a C39v2. Was wondering if it has the same problem with the upper rail not fitting. If so what would I need to mod in order to make it fit?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I don’t have C39V2 anymore, but i don’t recall having any problems on it with that rail…

      1. Pedro Avatar

        Ok cool it’s been a toss up between a chaos us titan rail system or the x47 rail system heard good things about both. Thank you for your time I know your busy man, nice to see that you have time for your fans.

        1. David Avatar

          I know this is a late post but I recently got off a phone call with a tdi employee and I asked him the same question. After I called him he said he’d try and give me a call back. He said that it fit without any issues. So it seems the x47 fits better on the c39v2 than its predecessor. Hope this helps anyone in the future!

  6. Edward Avatar

    Hi Rob, I have the Century Arms AK63D Underfolder. Since the AK63D is using Hungarian gas tube assembly, will the x47 upper rail present the same problems as the C39V1?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I had it on AK63D without any problems. Perfect fit

  7. Henry Avatar

    Will the TDI X47 fit my DDI AK47F milled receiver?

    1. RJ Avatar

      Most definitely, however, you’ll notice the folder doesn’t lock-up against the railed lower as well as it does the standard furniture. The folded stock will still lock – mine just had some play and didn’t mate well against the rail. I have the milled DDI Bulgarian UF build and optic mount choices are limited. I just tried to mount the MI red dot mount but realized it doesn’t seem to work on any of the Bulgarian models (also tried Arsenal SLR 107 and 106). A sure bet for the DDI is a railed solution up front (e.g. Troy, Midwest Industries, etc.) and will easily allow co-witness with the iron sights. While I’ve never cared for the optic that far forward, it works well – just a little funky looking.

  8. Kyle Avatar

    Rob would this be a better system than the chaos rail system for my DAKM? My rifle will be here in a week and it it’s going to need some better furniture than the ugly black plastic. Thanks

  9. James McMillan Avatar
    James McMillan

    Will the top gas rail fit C39 AK47 pistol?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski


    2. RJ Avatar

      I should qualify – the TDI upper fits on the C39 pistol. I think the Troy should as well but don’t have one to know for sure. The TDI adds a little bulk – think of it like an exoskeleton in a way. Lock-up is great and so is the ability to have optics over the receiver. Mako also makes a system like this but haven’t tried it.

  10. Steve Avatar

    Hey rob. I really love the Tdi c47 lower rails. Is the lower rails available for individual purchase?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I think they had them sold separately.

  11. Mike D. Avatar
    Mike D.

    Hi Rob, I have a RAS 47 and I’m wondering if the X47 upper rail would fit on there with out modifications?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes it will fit.

  12. Carlos Avatar

    Hey rob! Will this fit Chinese ak47?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It should, but just in case, check with tdi arms

  13. Raul Avatar

    Will this fit the c39 pistol. Been having trouble finding a rail system for the pistol version any suggestions?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check with TDI Arms to be safe…

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