Polish AKM – AK47 clone by Beeville Armory

Polish AKM with Zenit Rail
Polish AKM with Zenit Rail

We have new working tool to our disposition, this time we have scored Polish AKM 47, build from parts kit from 1967 by our good friends at Beeville Armory. This AK47 clone, will enable us to test even more AK related equipment in the future. We have asked guys from Beeville to make this rifle as AK accessories friendly as possible.L3 copy They even installed for us side rail so we can keep checking different side rail mounts for you within AKM family. Beeville crew did an outstanding job and quality of their work is second to none. As a matter of fact, this Polish AKM looks so good, that I almost had no heart to designate this rifle as Union “work rifle” and i was tempted to keep it as my personal rifle. Unfortunately, I was quickly reminded by Mrs Ski, why we bought this rifle and what his designation should be. Life is brutal, but I’m honestly impressed with quality of work done by Beeville Armory and I have no doubt, that this AKM will serve us well and long!

– Rob Ski

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  1. Courtney Budimlija Avatar
    Courtney Budimlija

    Waiting to get my Beeville akm I’ll have more to say about it later

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