AK Side Rail “Drama”

Does AK side rail holds zero or not? That is the question on the “internet” lately…

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3 responses to “AK Side Rail “Drama””

  1. Carrel Avatar

    Great video! Really good shooting.

  2. Micah Avatar

    Well, I’d say ‘Great video, Rob’ but you’re probably getting tired of hearing it, considering that they always are. Did enjoy it. Just wondering about when you said that the WASR was running ‘on one leg’. Are you noticing some issues developing with it? Asking because my only AK right now (& probably for the foreseeable future) is a 10/63. Hope you & the bunch had a good Thanksgiving.

  3. OneTwoBang Avatar

    As you said Rob, the AK platform is multi MOA and surplus ammo is inherently inaccurate. My RS Regulate mount holds zero in relation to the platform. My Bergara LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor with handloads is under 0.5 MOA and highly repeatable but it isn’t an AK47 either. Wonder if the people complaining have properly tightened their mounts to get the play out

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