AK47 Accurizing Vodka Video deleted by Instagram!

Whoever reported our AK47 accurizing Vodka video to instagram – Go and F@ck yourself you liberal pussy mfkr ! You people are fkn cancer eating this great country!
That being said, i love you all!






Here is link to Video on Vimeo

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5 responses to “AK47 Accurizing Vodka Video deleted by Instagram!”

  1. stephen s hablinski Avatar
    stephen s hablinski

    Based on a true story!

  2. Hector Avatar

    I agree, awesome video. I have a question though, does the accurizer go in the barrel or is it for the wood? How many times can I use it per day & will it work, with other arms?

  3. Dave Avatar

    Nyet. Rifle is fine.


  4. J sharp Avatar
    J sharp

    I used whiskey and chewing tobacco on my AR-15 with similar results

  5. Alex Avatar

    No Vodka was harmed in making this video.

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