C39V2 5000 Rounds Later – THE END!

C39V2 5000 Rounds Later – Final Chapter!

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14 responses to “C39V2 5000 Rounds Later – THE END!”

  1. engineer2001 Avatar

    I am seriously surprised it made it to 5000 rounds with the way it was eating itself up in previous videos. Was that headspace gauge a field gauge or no-go? I thought it had already failed a no-go?

    1. Hector Avatar

      More, 15,000, with upkeep.

  2. vorkosigan Avatar

    are there photographs of the barrel erosion? I would like to see the damage. Isn’t this supposed to be a 4150 nitrided barrel? the next best thing to cold hammer forged/chrome lined? If accurate barrel life is only 6-7 thousand rounds, might as well get a n-pap even without chrome lining.

    1. Hector Avatar

      Yeah, same here. Yeah, they are 4150 nitride but that Century combo shoots more accurate than the NPAP’s CHF chrome lined. 4150N just isn’t meant for auto fire/bump fire. From another ‘V2 video, 20+ bump fire mag dumps is way more than 3, on auto. So, that answers that. Even with the dumps, the wood didn’t catch on fire, which is amazing. The dumps alone reduces barrel life. Any damage came from repeat fire, through the un-chrome lined barrel.

      Woo? If your modern NPAP doesn’t have lining, check because some do.

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      They were in the video – left upper corner – my digital bore scope has only 320×240 resolution…

  3. Hector Avatar

    The RAS47 & C39V2’s are way-way more accurate than the NPAP’s & WASR’s, in my experience. Mind boggling, on the budget barrel; cleaning & slow fire extends life. We now why though. The RAK-1 trigger group is way better than the jagged Tapco G2. It kept that carrier tail in check nicely. Anyway, my understanding is that, the ‘V2 passed AKOU’s minimum specs and passes, with the field gauge but the bolt developed a bad burr. First, I would literally file those spots or second, replace the bolt, with another specific Century because it still works. All I care about is the field gauge. Outstanding video, thank you.

  4. vorkosigan Avatar

    “way-way more accurate”?Hardly. Rob’s test WASR turned in a 2.25 MOA group (100 yrd, slow fire, 4x scope) and has since gone on for about 10,000 rnds without developing the burrs and deformations seen in the C39V2. And the bolt burrs aren’t the only problem– not only this test rifle, but another C39V2,, owned by Military Arms Channel exhibited similar damage to the bolt and receiver locking lugs, which, upon inspection, seems to be because the bolt/receiver lugs are out of spec so that all the stress is transferred to one receiver lug, causing the gouging and even chipping of the affected lug.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJB9x2IPx8QMilitary arms channel video.
    Given the amount of damage to the bolt/receiver interface, it’s only a matter of time(fairly short) before failure.
    The C39V2 is a better rifle than the execrable RAS47, with it’s cast trunnion, but it’s hardly the quality,American made AK we’ve all been hoping for. “All I care about is the field gauge…” Good luck with that, hope a catastrophic failure isn’t the event that changes your mind.
    Oh, and the RAK-1 does seem to be a pretty good trigger group, at least in my WASR ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hector Avatar


      Read this & tell me what you think. I agree, with you, for the metal parts but not accuracy. You said, WARS’s are more accurate. I don’t agree. Lucky, if they don’t come, with crooked posts. Group the NPAP in there & even if you don’t, the straight ‘V2 ripped the likely canted WASR, with a 1 MOA. So, now, the WASR has to shoot 1 MOA. There is a big difference, between 1, 2, 3 & 4 inches. Both of Century’s U.S made AK’s ripped apart the NPAP and I mean tore ’em up big time. Rob said that, the WASR scored -3 MOA, in the WASR’s 10,000 round video, but there was no target, in that video. You said, 2.25 in; well, I’ll take that but I beat that open sights, for best group and Century’s 12,000 round test at 50 yd/m. I didn’t watch any other WASR videos. Based on AKOU:

      C39V2: 1.5
      RAS47: -3/2.x (I scored 2.0 open sights, Tula)
      WASR: -3/2.x (You said, 2.25)
      NPAP: 4.2

      “That ‘is’ way more accurate. I’m debating accuray. The comparison is 1 and 2, compared to, 2 and 4.”

      I watched the military arms channel and “they are not in the military.” They do not represent or speak for the military. Their channel is misleading, by title & they never go back overseas. Mel is another, who can’t shoot for lick. If he was a pro, he would be pumping out 100 AK’s per day or 100,000 per year. He quit his rebuild because of baby scratches. He didn’t allow time for mixing, parts fitting in. All Mel had to do was change the bolt, not realign the entire barrel. That’s why, Rob’s bolt change proved & is going to prove successful. However, I think he is going too hard & should be using an NPAP bolt. That’s why, IO gave AKOU two bolts. His barrel, all it needs is a multi state deep cleaning but the pics aren’t very clear. Maybe 25% to half is clean, at best. So many products available. That is an un-lined barrel & he was dumping mags. It will clean up – wait till you see, how sparkling clean my kept barrel is. Mine is beautiful.

      One more time, look at the overall difference. Even if you group, the C39 & RAS group better – make 2 groups. My results are the same, taken from this past Saturday. They out-shot the NPAP & WASR. I’m a Yugoslavia War (Now Serbia) and Kosovo War Veteran, where some of those rifles come from. I have actually fired NPAP under folders in war & from mechanized vehicles; little trigger time, not much but enough. My first head shot was, with a wooden handle, enjoy. Later.

  5. Hector Avatar

    Thank’s. I don’t use ‘scopes, don’t need ’em. Yeah but Rob just shot a 1-2 or so MOA, I have not seen the 2 MOA for the WASR – will watch video later. I can group “2” open, with the RAS47 for only 3 rounds, on low or no-wind days but not, with the others. I can large bullseye ring everything at 100 yd open for sure. Anyway, I just shot a RAS47, NPAP & WASR back to back this weekend, 1 box each on saturday, with Tula & for the life of me man, the NPAP & WASR had crooked elevation posts. Every time I adjusted for elevation, it changed my windage. I had to settle for a sweet spot & let it be.

    This is what happened, the NPAP & WASR threw flyers & were a bit inconsistent. I only managed 3 of 5 red dot hits, with the WASR and 1 of 5, with the NPAP, at 25 yards. I was bummed on those, not very happy. I was like, o’oh, I actually got a 1.5 in flyer & that misses my 300 m target. I use Wallymart’s green ‘scope red dot targets, just shoot ’em open sights. The RAS47 though hit 5 of 5 red dots at 25 yd for zeroing, before going out to 100 yards. That’s why, I’m still getting a bigger spread, with the NPAP & WASR, up to 1.5 in, when I should be touching. However, I was still able to score a 100%, 10 of 10 hits, on the U.S Army M16A1 25 Meter Alternate C Course of Fire, with the NPAP – It cut it close though & fell out of the 1 inch ring for 300 meter silhouette. Thank’s for the advice. Later guy’s.

  6. vorkosigan Avatar

    I never stated that the WASR was more accurate, just that the C39V2 was not “way-way more accurate” than the the WASR. Not that much difference between 1.5 Moa and 2.25 moa. I will maintain that the WASR is a better built,tougher, longer lasting example of the Kalashnikov, from a factory that has been building them,both for civilian and military use, for decades. A better rifle that anything the Century monkeys have been able to cobble together. That said, I admire your dogged faithfulness to the Century product,in spite of all the evidence, and let’s cease monopolizing AKOU’s comment section. Enough with the bullshit talk–Good Shooting to you.

  7. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    The built-in accuracy and RAK-1 trigger of the C39V2 have pretty much proven themselves , but the durability of
    this turd is a bad joke !…. I sold my C39V2 a couple of weeks ago ( took a $100 loss ) and will never look back .
    It is not that Century can’t make an AK that is durable , ” they could , but won’t ” !
    We should all feel a sense of gratitude that we had someone like Robski , who cared enough to do what had to be
    done and expose what had to be exposed …. you can put lipstick on a pig , but it is still a pig !

  8. Fatdog Avatar

    First off, love what you guys do and canโ€™t thank you enough. Glad to have someone spreading this knowledge no matter how bad I hate to hear it. I own two of them, a C39 v1 rifle and a C39 v2 pistol. Wish I had seen all this before purchasing them but at least I know now to start saving up for their replacements. In the meantime Iโ€™ll shoot the **** out of them till they die. Thanks for putting truth over all the bull**** talk.

  9. Daniel Dunn Avatar

    From what I understand presently , not very many of these RAS 47 and C39V2 turds are being sold anymore .
    But than again , this also extends to the AR 15 market as well .
    This segment of the market in driven by fear and hysteria surrounding the possible loss of second amendment rights
    Thanks to Donald Trump and a Republican Congress , there isn’t any , and there isn’t going to be any , for at least
    the next two years ! …. I predict very dismal sales for both the AK and AR platforms .
    And if Century Arms can’t sell their ” Turd Rifles ” , who gives a rat’s ass !

  10. John Goodman Avatar
    John Goodman

    Well, it has been several years since live fire tests have been done on the C39 V2. I believe what has emerged is clearly a bolt and not a receiver problem. Once the bolt lug starts to degrade/deform, it takes the receiver lugs with it. So, Rob Ski did the right thing and replaced the bolt with a quality unit. I would also have changed out the bolt carrier as well but that would only have increased overall reliability.

    I have a C39 V1 and V2 that now has a Polish made BCG. It head spaces properly and shoots without any sign of abnormal wear.

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