Banned from Facebook (again)

Guys, I was just banned from Facebook for “violating community standards”. It happened after posting video about State Bans on Gun Rights…so, congratulations gun grabbers, well done. It’s funny that you can’t even withstand criticism in 4 minutes video and you have to orchestrate hit on our page through the Facebook. You are fkn cowards.
Anyway, I’m unable to post or reply to any messages, Facebook basically took control over my page…page is still up, just there is nothing what I can do with it…

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  1. Wes Howe Avatar
    Wes Howe

    Rob, Hope this gets through to you. I feel like I’m living in the Third Reich at present. Who runs the web? Goebbels?

    I hope that things return to normal and these folk pull their head out of “rectal defilade” and allow the freedom of speech we all have fought for…

    Semper Fi,


  2. Jim Avatar

    The left is becoming more an more fascist like and tries every slimy trick to suppress opinions or views not consistent with their positions and narrative……it will eventually backfire on them as it did in the last election cycle. We all need to get in the fight against this suppression of rights and freedoms.

    (pirate) Carolina Firearms Forum

  3. John Avatar

    There is no doubt the modern American left is the most fascist on the political spectrum.

  4. Hernando A Cardona Avatar
    Hernando A Cardona

    Who the fuck even cares about facebook anymore? They did you a favor.

  5. gymrat452 Avatar

    This shouldnโ€™t surprise any of us. Theyโ€™re opposed to the 2nd amendment. Why wouldnโ€™t they be opposed to the 1st?

  6. Hector Avatar

    “Arrr Captain Hooky, pass me another barrel of that sweet pirate’s rum.”

    I didn’t watch the video but these are a few bases, “net neutrality” is a notion (idea) that gives web access to all people and allows all groups & people to voice opinions. On the other hand, Facebook is merely a private service that is made available to the public and provides a place for community like minded gatherings. You (reader), me nor anyone else has to join, under no obligation to join FB what-so-ever. Don’t like, leave. Anyway, databases are built and so on. Monitoring is internal first and then, by the police and FBI, ect. “That’s what the FBI instructors told me in person, during one of their classes.”

    Secret service agents also monitor them. So, maybe a direct verbal attack hurt some ones feelings. I just don’t know what was said. I’m pretty sure presidential agents, security, colonels & generals wouldn’t have a problem, with it & if they don’t, I don’t either. That’s ‘gonna answer that. There’s fruity FB for ya. One can critique publishings but no direct threats to the individual. Harassment is protected, against an individual. I wouldn’t worry about it though, facebook doesn’t mean anything anyway. “Just tear up their paper work,” take a shot of rum & have a cigar.

    If FB banned, it might have been internal, maybe not a lawful one. That can be based upon individual interpretations or private rules, not granted exceeding legal ones that super-exceed. So, FB might be wrong. Politicians don’t like groups lobbying, against them because it threatens their positions. Like he said, they are just scared. Cursing, well, that might be a reason but I didn’t watch the episode. Political duty is to assure, everyone free speech. Their other duty is to build national forces, civil & military – both. A voicing versus state laws is also most definitely permissible – always, no matter what. Always question, that is the rule for rules. There are no restrictions on voicing versus any government laws; however, there are questionings, against internal ones.

    “My SEAL instructor told me to tell people like that to, go [Blank] themselves, with it and that was an order. No worries there.”

    Anti-gun laws are going to bite back, Russia won the Syrian War – the blame is justifiable.

  7. Hector Avatar

    I watched two films, the Illinois 9 arm limit & California ban. I could not find the 4 min presentation. I don’t see anything wrong; they are very good. Back to the FB ban, “no crime was broken,” that is, no legal stature and that’s why FB isn’t all that. That’s where they are caught, regardless of their own private & manipulated FB rules.

    We need to understand that 3rd parties can’t judicially punish or fine, by restricting speech – it alienates & isolates groups of people. FB can’t punish another, period. Again, they can’t punish a person or group, when no crime has been committed and that right there is unjustifiable. THAT IS NOT A CRIME – understand the difference people. It is also free artistic speech, which is covered in humanities, throughout Europe, written through the UN. If FB wants to provide a free service, they have to also implement super-exceeding rights that are inert to individuals. AKOU outranks facebook in every capacity & as soldiers.

    The catch is that, when a person joins a club or organization, the individual submits him/herself to the rules but, I repeat, but the nation’s granted ones are higher. Be-careful, where you join guy’s, free country; we don’t do that to people, “they are the ones doing it over there.” Thank’s for allowing me to post, AKOU wins.

    Respectfully, Hector

  8. Tyler Avatar

    Rob, do you have any plans on testing a High standard/ Interarms AK?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hopefully this year man

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      At some point, yes.

  9. vmelvino Avatar

    Awww… Too bad ๐Ÿ™ was looking forward to watching your video’s on YouTube then your Channel was banned. Maybe you should look at getting on I heard that’s where most of the gun community it going and various other sites.

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