C39V2 AK – Ticking Time Bomb?

Joint video with Tim from Military Arms Channel!
This is Tim’s C39V2 – this isn’t mine C39V2 – but watch it!!!!

YouTube video

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43 responses to “C39V2 AK – Ticking Time Bomb?”

  1. Eric Leeton Avatar
    Eric Leeton


    Have you compiled or do you maintain a running list of the guns you’ve tested and the outcome for each?

  2. Gibby Avatar

    That’d be great if there was a category listing of the videos. Maybe something by manufacturer or simply a listing such as “Firearm” then under it each firearm tested, then “Optics” with each optic tested…. something like that.

  3. Brian Avatar

    Hey guys Ive been watching both of you for a long time and I appreciate the both of you posting these great vids. I have an issue with an arsenal rifle that ive just noticed after inspecting all my ak rifles. On my bolt stem there is a cutout that makes room for the ejector on the rail. The ejector is cutting into the bolt stem making cut lines as it rotates. Do you know if I could fix this by filing on the ejector or the bolt stem? Im worried that the ejector cut could chip off.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Could you please email me pics?

  4. Tim D Avatar
    Tim D

    I’m looking for an AK pistol in 7.62 to eventually sbr or just brace and have as a travel weapon. I have a decent amount of knowledge in the AR models but none with AK pattern guns I need help finding a decent pistol that will not blow up after a few thousand rounds can you point me in the direction of a safe firearm. What I want is ability to brace 7.62 x 39 caliber something not super expensive able to suppress I already have a Griffin Armament Alpha suppressor and they make a muzzle device that threads to most AK threading. Also would like to be able to put a red dot on it and furniture wise doesn’t matter too much rather not have heavy quad rail but can make do. Please help me figure this out I can’t find anything but century builds being recommended but all the reviews shows those to be junk

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Arsenal has nice milled pistols, check Kvar to see if those are in your budget.

  5. stephen Avatar

    Hey, Rob. Here is another data point.

    I have C39V2 that I purchased at the end of 2016 – the first rifle I have ever purchased – and after putting about 1000 rounds through it I started testing the headspace, both GO and NOGO, as well inspecting the parts for deformation. Now that I have somewhere between 2000 to 3000 rounds through it here is what I am finding.

    1) There is clear deformation on the bolt locking lugs, and it has been increasing.

    2) The headspace is increasing. While the bolt still wont close on the NOGO gauge, it now close on the GO gauge which it used to NOT do at the 1000 round mark.

    3) There is a chip on the right side receiver where the trunnion would be on a stamped rifle, in the exact same spot as Tim’s rifle that you and Chase pointed out.

    Originally I had planned on shooting out the rifle until it failed the NOGO test then getting it re-barreled with a new bolt and carrier, under the assumption that the receiver was still a good part worth keeping around. Now that it too is showing premature wear I have scratched that idea.

    Luckily I was able to find a 107R at one of the local gun dealers several months ago, so I am good as far as feeding my 7.62 addiction is concerned! Anyway, thanks for all you do, man. If it weren’t for your videos I and a lot of other people wouldn’t know about this issue to begin with, let alone what to do about it. Also thanks for the store too, if I can get something I need from you and Ula I always do.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thank you for posting this!

    2. Nate radtke Avatar

      I thought bolts were supposed to close on the go gauge. Did you mean field gauge?

  6. Don adler Avatar
    Don adler

    5000 rounds through 39v2 had it inspected by certified gun smith today it passed good gun better than most my opinion. I am glad to know about the problems that could start showing. Again good gun

  7. Z Avatar

    Can the problem with the C39V2 be solved by buying a new bolt, bolt carrier, and recoil spring assembly? If the bolt was milled incorrectly, would replacing it with a properly milled bolt and bolt carrier prevent damage to the receiver? I’m assuming the recoil spring assembly has to be replaced to match the bolt carrier.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That’s what some people are doing. However, you have to remember that “new” bolt may not head space correctly at all…also, even when you manage to work, i honestly don’t have data how those “upgrades” perform in the long run…

  8. Red Elk Avatar
    Red Elk

    Fantastic review. Excellent work. Thank you so much for all your efforts in our behalf.

  9. engineer2001 Avatar

    That smile he gave when bump firing with ease was priceless. I think somebody does that a lot for fun.

  10. Scott Avatar

    I watched the last video on the century arms c39v2 and wondered if running it suppressed has either exasperated or speed up the wear of the operating system. Thoughts?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, not in this case. Note that damage is exactly the same, at exactly the same rounds count as on my C39V2 which hasn’t seen suppressor at all..

  11. Heath Napier Avatar
    Heath Napier

    Think I’m just gonna get a psak 47 gb2 liberty for my beater gun from what I’ve seen can beat them for 500 and save the wear on my vepr

  12. Jose Avatar

    Looking everywhere to purchase a 7.62×39 Field Gauge (Brownells, MidwayUSA, AK Builders,…) but I cannot find one. Any ideas?

  13. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Not very uplifting news for the C39V2 owner ! …. I think that I am going to try and concentrate on those things that
    are obviously ” right ” with these Trick or Treat rifles : The workmanship is absolutely impeccable – The accuracy is almost what you would call ” spectacular ” , thanks to the Green Mountain barrel – The shot to shot reliability of
    this immaculate turd amazes me ! , and still , the Time Bomb Keeps Ticking Away !…. what can you do or say , to
    these bean counters over at Century Arms , that will make them listen ??…. I give up !!!!

  14. Hector Avatar

    A Few Toughts
    AK-47’s are disposable battle rifles; they are not meant to be rebuilt. In Iraq, at the Battle of Fallujah 1 & 2, Marine & 1st Cavalry patrols were only issued 3-4 mags & a 9 mm pistol for patrols, that’s it. I talked to a Master SGT about it. That’s only 90 to 120 rd for war. An ammo resupply, don’t think so; it will take time and there is wait. By then, the battle is over & an aerial strike is made. A civi nor soldier are firing 500-1,500 rd in a battle day. No battle lasts that long anymore.

    A forward light machine gun, like an M240 or M249 does most of the suppression work anyway and it is for only 30 min to 1 hr at most. That’s for the most intense battle all time in Afghan. Anyway, Marines will just blow the barrel out and leave it in the field for scraps. A forward operating base might experience that but not a patrolman.

    Have a good one, spring’s coming up.

    1. Chris W Avatar

      I must disagree. While I’m not sure about the length of life span of any weapon in desert combat. In the NVA aka Nationale Volksarmee aka East German Army. The Armorys had complete repair and rebarreling tool kits. MPi manuals issued to armory personnel were used to trained in repair of all weapons used by the NVA because rebarreling is cheaper then replacing, even for communism.

  15. Don adler Avatar
    Don adler

    I looked at arsenal 107 today and i do not see any quality at all shit Finnish not worth the money 39v2 is a lot better keep it lubed on wear points and i. Bet it would last forever

  16. Don adler Avatar
    Don adler

    I keep looking at the wear on my 39v2 it doesn’t look that bad to me but. I don’t trust it anymore looked at a 107 did not seem much better so i ordered a sam7 i hope it will last cost enough

  17. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Too many conflicting opinions here …. But one fact stands out : 9 out of every 10 new AK’s rarely , if at all get fired .
    Even when you have a few owners experiencing premature wear and deformation , and at the same time , totally
    reliable operation – of the rounds that they did fire , that is not a good sign !
    It is going to take some time , but someday , we are going to have a ” clear Picture ” …. there will be light at the end of the tunnel …. hopefully , no one will lose an eye if they ” get hit by the train ( Century Arms Express ) ” .
    For right now , I have to assume , that my C39V2 has a ” out of spec. , inferior cast steel bolt that can not be trusted …. I am , however , ” dying to know ” if I have one of the ” proverbial ” robust bolts that the Century
    Fan-boys keep talking about …. a much safer bet to go with RobSki ‘s opinion and Just ” wait it out ” .

  18. TJ Avatar

    I really like the century c39’s. I had a V1 a few years back and aside from it having a dual Tang for the buttstock ( making it hard to upgrade with any aftermarket buttstock) and it not having a scope mount. It felt good, it shot good and fairly accurate. It lasted and lasted and lasted until I sold it and I was shooting at least 200 rounds a couple times a week. I cleaned it and kept it greased up though. In fact when I sold it to my local gunshop they commented on how clean it was the next day. I now have a c39v2 and it’s shooting sweet. Idk bout these problems I’ve been seeing on the internet, but I believe century is hot and miss with all their ak47/Akm varients. Including the wasr10. I guess it just matters if you get a gun that’s gonna last or one that’s gonna fall apart. However, based on my last c39v1. I’ll say confidently that I wouldn’t take any fucking wasr10 over a c39v1 or v2.

  19. Rob Ski Avatar
    Rob Ski

    Century should still repair it man…did you try to talk to them? Could you email me pics? AK74ski@comcast.net

    1. Skip Phillips Avatar
      Skip Phillips

      Hi Rob
      I have been following your testing of the CV X39 2V for quite some time and I did purchase one several years ago and after seeing the problems incurred after running a few thousand rounds thru them I decided to leave it unfired! I contacted Century several times and even offed to pay to have replacement parts installed in it! They assured me that it was fine and they would fix any problems that I might incur! They did not mention hospital bills though! Thank you for all the knowledge that you share with us !

  20. Kurt Avatar

    What is the absolute best ak made available to be purchased?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check with Definitive Arms out of IN what they can do for you.

      1. Kurt Veillon Avatar
        Kurt Veillon

        Thanks Rob. 👍

  21. Gabriel Avatar

    I have a Century Arms C39V2 Zhukov 2016. I fired it little. Do all Century Arms C39V2s have these problems or just some of them have?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Not all. You just have to watch it…

  22. Nick Avatar

    So typical how long do you think the c39v2 can last for a person that rarely goes shooting to someone that shoots all the time how many around do you think this gun can take cause I seen a video where u shot 5k rounds and it’s still holding up ???

    1. Nick Avatar


    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It’s no telling, because i have seen models with lower rounds count and problems…

      1. Jhon Avatar

        Had a question about the c39v2. Been reading that the front truoion is cast. How is that if the truoion is milled within the receiver. Please clarify if I’m not getting it right. And as for as dissasibly is the barrel thread or pined to the receiver

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          C39V2 doesn’t have trunnion like RAS47 for example. It’s milled receiver. Locking shoulders are milled into the receiver.

  23. Matthew Deckard Avatar
    Matthew Deckard

    Has century tried to correct this problem? Is these problems on early models? I bought one in sep/Oct 2019.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I think that’s questions to Century…

  24. Fish Avatar

    If I switch out one to a forged bolt carrier and bolt also but a recoil buffer in think it would help?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      If you are not seeing any damage yet, i would leave it alone.

  25. Greg Avatar

    2 years ago my barrel was severally eroding after 3-400 rounds. The trunion was cracking too. Century replaced it no problem and quickly too. The replacement did not have working lever to release the gas tube. I fixed it but soured my taste

    Fostech echo compatibility? 85% sure yes! But the ass end connecting the stock needs to be filed down a few millimeters to slide inside.

  26. George P Phillips Avatar
    George P Phillips

    I purchased a C39V2 several years ago and after hearing all the negative vs positive comments I decided to leave it sit in the box ! I did not purchase it to be a closet queen But I am very concerned with using it ! i contacted Century but they assured me the gun was fine and to go ahead and run it but that was not the answer I wanted to hear after they told me to buy a guage and keep checking the headspace !


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