C39V2 2000rds Later: Deformation…

C39V2 2000rds Later: Deformation…
This is 2000 rounds update on C39V2A, full video link below:

YouTube video

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13 responses to “C39V2 2000rds Later: Deformation…”

  1. Tim N Avatar
    Tim N

    I had an n-pap for about 340 rounds and got rid of it, it was wearing out fast. After the comments about the wood, I hope I’m not one of the last to buy one of your furniture sets. I have some wood on my Arsenal and pimping my VEPR.
    Thanks for the videos !

    1. Rob Avatar

      What was wearing on it? My npap is a work hog.

      1. Tim N Avatar
        Tim N

        After 340 rounds the tail on the carrier was mushrooming worse than the one you had at 2,000 rounds, it also had a rivet set crooked on the front trunnion and it was loose.
        At that point I figured it would be better to get rid of it while it was still able to shoot. I put a mastermount and m-4 stock on it but the mastermount kept moving. I’d file the pins and re-tighten them w/the blue lock-tite, it didn’t help and the mount kept moving. It turned out I was squeezing the receiver a little more each time I refiled the pins.
        So enough with the frustration, I got rid of it.

      2. Tim N Avatar
        Tim N

        Isn’t your Zastava n-pap a yugo?
        The one I got rid of was not a yugo, but it was a Zastava n-pap.

  2. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Looks like more of the same crap from Century Arms – “soft cast steel bolt , carrier and gas piston ” .
    I would have thought for sure that these later C39V2’s were now good to go .
    Trusting this company to do the right thing is apparently ” too much to ask ” .
    As long as we continue to accept their defective cast iron junk parts , they will continue to victimize us ….
    it is sort of like ” trying to get your leg back from a shark “.
    You can’t shame these knuckleheads , so maybe Rob can tell us ” why he even wastes his time trying to
    reason with these vermin “…. I guess that is all I have to say !

  3. Rob Avatar

    Looking at trading my kahr k9 elite for an opap build on a dci receiver. Worth the trade?

    1. E.T. Avatar

      Depends a lot of the quality of the build. If it was a Zastava produced OPAP the answer would be a definite “yes”.

      1. Rob Avatar

        It’s an m70 actually on a dci rpk receiver.

  4. Reggie Martin Avatar
    Reggie Martin

    What kind of but stock is that you guys put on the C39V2?

  5. Hector Avatar

    It still fires and ‘nothing is broken, that’s what matters. A bolt can be ordered, usage but the trunnion needs to retain its integrity. I think it will be close. Excellent video.

    I have a question, “does the C39v2 being tested have the TAPCO or RAK-1 trigger assembly?” I ask because you might be testing the old model. At 4 lbs., the RAK-1’s are superb, much better than an M-16’s 7.5-12 lbs. At 4 lbs, that is sniper weight; plus, the hammer is curved smoothed. My sniper manual says:

    TC 23-14; June, 1999
    Headquarters, Department of the Army

    Chapter 2 of 5 Test: Equipment
    Q1. The trigger weight of a sniping rifle should be 4.5-4.75 lbs.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      New C39V2 have RAK1 triggers for sure.

  6. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Although I have only fired my C39V2 enough to check the accuracy and proper function , I have owned many
    of these imported AK’s and can tell you from experience that this rifle ” is by far ” the most accurate AK I have
    ever owned …. in reality , this is something that the intelligent imbeciles over at Century have managed to do
    right …. don’t forget to give credit where credit is due !
    I don’t think most Century rifle owners hate Century Arms – they are just “mad as hell ” about all the crap that
    is wrong about their concoctions …. as I have said before : Everything is worth something – even a RAS47 ….
    just be careful what you pay for it !

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