C39V2 1100rds Later – Bolt Burr…Can you feel it?!


C39V2 1100rds Later – Bolt Burr…Can you feel it?!

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3 responses to “C39V2 1100rds Later – Bolt Burr…Can you feel it?!”

  1. Jim Gilbert Avatar
    Jim Gilbert

    Rob, I’ve been watching this one closely. So, your honest opinion, for the occasional hunting or plinking trip to the range, and a home defense rifle, is the C39V2 worth it? Or should I keep searching?


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Jim, keep watching series, let’s how this will end…

  2. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Watching this video with interest …. have not been to the area gun stores lately to look for manufacturing
    anomalies on these latest C39V2’s , but still have my concerns , due to a C39V2 that locked up on me while
    cycling the carrier …. this was last month , at an area gun shop .
    I am seeing that there are now over 8000 C39V2’s in dealer inventory on Gun watcher …. I am also seeing
    a number of unsold ” late 2015 guns ” ( 4140 barrel / no side receiver scope mounts ) in dealer inventory .
    This alone tells me a lot about how difficult it is for dealears to move these rifles .
    My own opinion is that these late 2015 rifles are the better C39V2’s when it comes to fit and finish ….
    however , they still have cast iron bolts and carriers .

    These 2015 rifles are usually priced cheaper than the later rifles …. so I would say : go for it ! …. just make
    sure you purchase it from a reputable dealer or private owner …. examine it carefully !
    This is not a rifle that you would want to purchase blindly from the internet .
    In closing , listen to what Rob tells you …. he is only trying to help you !

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