Kalashnikov Concern AK modernization upgrade kit

Russian Kalashnikov Concern just released AK modernization upgrade kit .
Kit includes, new side folding stock with length of pull adjustment, rail system, enhanced safety and even new muzzle device.
Kit is used to bring older AKs “up to speed” to 21st century.
For now, those kits are going mainly to government contracts, but civilian market will be supported as well. Price is not known yet at this point…

YouTube video

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16 responses to “Kalashnikov Concern AK modernization upgrade kit”

  1. Brian Avatar

    I would like to know which governments are using this. Im going to call bullshit untill I see proof. Ive only heard lies from this company for years now. Where are their rifles?

    1. Skoll Avatar

      You realize that Kalashnikov Concern has nothing to do with Kalashnikov USA? Kalashnikov USA stole their name and logo and because of the embargo, etc Russians can do fuck all about it.

      1. Brian Avatar

        Yeah I dont care for these people. Thats why I want to see what government is buying these peoples stuff for their troops. They need to stop implying they are connected to the Russian company and be honest about who they are and what products they are going to sell and when exactly they plan to sell their shit. They keep showing up with stuff promising to go on sell later this year. The only thing with this outfit Im interested in is an ak being built by caa in Israel that is supposed to be imported by this company. Unless they really do get a liscense to build ak103. There is a factory in Venezuela with all the equipment just sitting there. Im sure they could use the money

        1. Vladimir Avatar

          Do you realise that this is a video is made by Russian Kalashnikov concern, not by Kalashnikov USA?
          This upgrade kit is used by many different units of russian army

          1. Brian Avatar

            Wow. I thought this was the american copycat assholes. I saw the guys patch on his jacket and recognised it from the american company. I guess they just stole everything. Well, Im a huge fan of concern. I have several izhmash rifles and they are my pride and joy. Sorry for being a dick. Please keep up the good work

  2. Brian Avatar

    Also does anybody have word on the caa isreali alpha ak they are supposed to be selling?

  3. Simpleman1968 Avatar

    The kit looks great but I really want one of the Kalashnikov patches. How can I get my hands on one?

  4. James Avatar

    My understanding of this is … ” Kalashnikov Concern” has nothing to do with ” Kalashnikov USA” –a US company .
    The U.S company basically used the name “Kalashnikov” , probably to fool some into thinking it was Russian or approved by the Kalashnikov Concern
    I believe the name Kalashnikov Concern became used about 2012-2013 due to restructure, it is the Russian company .
    I don’t believe we can import anything from the Kalashnikov Concern since the ban in 2014 ( Russia invaded Russia (;-) )
    I may be wrong but if so , I stand corrected .

  5. Uziel Avatar

    With all of the Russian stuff in the headlines, I don’t think the situation with Kalashnikov Concern is going to improve. Even under the best of circumstances, the administration can not appear to be going soft on the Russians. Bummer for ak lovers

  6. Rick Avatar

    This was released the first time in Feb 2016 from them and still nothing. I will believe it when I see it

  7. Hunter Green Avatar
    Hunter Green

    I thought the kit was supposed to have a muzzle brake/sound moderator with it. He has a flash hider wtf?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      This is changing constantly…lol

  8. Nader Avatar

    How much is the total kit price and how can I order it have it shipped to Lebanon? Is there any other way…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea. Check with guys form Kalashnikov

  9. Robert Blake Avatar
    Robert Blake

    It is now late 2019, and the components of these kits have changed yet again, and are still rarely seen outside of parades, exhibitions, and similar. Field units have only just begun to receive them in limited numbers.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thanks for feedback!

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