Croatian, AK 47 Magazines Fiasco

Croatian, AK 47 Magazines Fiasco!
Big Thanks to Kristopher K. for donating those mags!

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20 responses to “Croatian, AK 47 Magazines Fiasco”

  1. William Mrdeza Avatar
    William Mrdeza

    As a Croatian, this is embarrassing! I think they were designed NOT to fit in the N-PAP though. 😉

  2. Albert Avatar

    Ski, I saw the epic fail pf the Cration mags and was sorry it eas after I had ordered one from SG ammo with my ammo order. I received it today (4-7) and tried ir with my Polytech & Norinco Mak 90. It worked perfectly.
    Maybe a few unlucky ones ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, that’s the point, they have horrible QC issues…this is going on for more than year now…

    2. Les Avatar

      I got 3 in today for my Norinco Mak 90 and all 3 also work perfectly.

  3. Jimmy Avatar

    I have a Croatian magazine and it locks well in the Century C39. Perhaps it’s the milled receiver it likes?

  4. OneTwoBang Avatar

    I bought 3 of these a few months back. Look great in the package. Absolutely don’t fit in my stamped DDI AKM rifle. After comparing to my surplus mags that work flawlwssly, I fired up the Dremel and was able to pattern the locking tabs to match the surplus mags. Now all 3 have a solid and reliable lockup. Would not buy again since there are so many other options out there.

    1. Travis Avatar


      I bought two of these mags as well. Did not lock in. I wasn’t as brave as you with the dremel, though… I used a hand file and went slow. They work perfectly now.

      I agree with you that considering the options, I will not go the Croatian route again.

  5. Heath Avatar

    I had trouble with polish mags fitting in my vepr also

  6. Mike Avatar

    I have 6 of these mags, 3 from Primary Arms and 3 from Sgammo. The 3 from Primary fit great in my wasr but the 3 from SGammo I had to file the slanted area above the rear lug to get them to fit but now they fit great. The problem I had was the bolt hold open feature worked for about 3 mag loads then the bolt hitting the BHO follower peened it over and the bolt no longer stayed open on the last shot. The followers in these mags are very thin and didn’t stand up to the beating of the mighty wasr. I ended up replacing the stock follower with the Weapon Tech BHO follower. Other than that I haven’t had any miss feeds or jams.

  7. Ken Avatar

    I bought 10 a couple of years ago and just put them away and never tried them. After seeing this video I got them out and seated them in my Arsenal SGL 21 and Romanian AK. All fit and functioned fine. Sounds like they’ve released a bad batch or their QC has has fallen off. Shouldn’t be that much variation from batch to batch.

  8. Dirk Avatar

    Do these things even have locking tabs????!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  9. Fyi Avatar

    Look at the pic in the vid of the back of the magazine about 4:34 in.

    That slanted portion above the locking lug needs filed down.

    Compare with other mags and you will see a difference. The mags from psa have this issue. After filing they work well.×39-steel-30rd-ak4730stl.html

    It’s typical ak biz. If you ain’t grinding, filing, deburring, tuning, etc it’s probably a recreational gun. Ar’s are more suited for plug and play, but still have issues. Eg, steel case ammo in lancer ar mags get stuck, especially in cold weather. Same for magpul glock mags, don’t feed steel case ammo well and get stuck or delayed.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No it is not. Don’t bullshit. Magazines should fit without any filings. This isn’t handguard or some accessory – this is magazine. They have problems with shitty quality on those mags for more than year now.

  10. Cody Cuppes Avatar
    Cody Cuppes

    What do you think of the slabside Bulgarian polymer mags with metal reinforced feed lips and lugs?
    Also have you ever used any Russian pufgun ak mags?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I can’t open this link on my phone, but, if they have little shield on the side, i would stay away from them – all i had was trouble – not feeding well, jamming follower and etc.
      @PUFGUN – never used those – sorry.

  11. Cory Avatar

    Just wanted to say, huge fan of you guys! I decided to try out the Croation mags myself and was having the same issues in my Arsenal SLR-107ur. I found though that by taking my Dremel and filling down the rear retaining clip on the mag a little, it now fits perfectly in every AK that I have. Hope this helps for those of you that have bought these mags and have had these issues!

    1. Rod Avatar

      Robski, whats your opinion on the new bulgarian steel AK-47 magazines with rue plastic followers? Ive heard they are good to go and i have also heard they are not “mil-spec”

      1. Rod Avatar

        Plastic followers

      2. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        I haven’t use them yet. Got hundreds of mags, lol, so they still function well, but i will get those at some point for sure.

  12. joshua barklow Avatar
    joshua barklow

    Just got a milled arsenal sam7r, bought 4 of these Croatian mags, before i heard all the bad, was a little worried, took them to the range yesterday, put 200-300 rounds threw the 4 of them, at 5 to 10 round loads, had one failure to feed on the first mag, I think it was the grease i used to lubricate the rifle, i use high temp multi duty complex, maybe used a bit much on the bolt haha, after that not a single issue, they fed great, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they hold the bolt open at the end. I think you just have to try them at the range. I would use these 4 mags for home defense, o and Those Korean steel mags by KCI work great also in a wasr and arsenal, No issues.

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