AKOU future – YouTube Demonetization…

AKOU future – YouTube Demonetization…

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3 responses to “AKOU future – YouTube Demonetization…”

  1. Tombstone 10 Avatar
    Tombstone 10

    The gun Community has got to be putting huge amounts of money in YouTube’s pocket. I cannot believe a business would shoot themselves in the nuts like YouTube has done giving up the money they make from the sponsors that want to run advertisements on the gun channels. If it were not for the gun channels I watch on YouTube; I would probably not use YouTube very often.

  2. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, just got ak boot camp/front site adjustment tool fricken awesome thanks for putting that together. As far as you tube goes, that sucks, I really learned and am still learning from you. You better believe I will keep supporting you guys when I need something for my ak’s, long live the union!!! Take care man

  3. vorkosigan Avatar

    Thanks, Rob, for all that you do, and No more bullshit talk. Have placed an order in the store, and I urge all the others who gain so much from the AKOU to do the same. as YouTube is apparently trying to destroy all firearms centered sites. Support the Union!

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