I don’t hate RAS47!

I don’t hate RAS47! Why would I? This rifle provides constant entertainment!
Pictures from one of the members, his RAS47 did almost 3000 rds before going BOOM!
Look at pictures of deformed (shaved under angle) bolt locking lug…inspect those bolts and trunnions frequently guys – this isn’t joking matter!
When detonation happened, he took hit from dust cover straight into the head. Thanks God he is ok..

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  1. Jack Slimpson Avatar
    Jack Slimpson

    Can you find out if this particular rifle had the “X” mark on the bolt carrier, or any other indication that this was one of the supposedly improved heat treatment rifles?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have seen those going kaboom with those “magic X marks” too…but i will check with owner.

  2. William King Avatar
    William King

    I actually started with the RAS47 thinking I’d get lucky with a higher serial number.
    After 500 rounds, the back of the bolt was folding over on itself and the carrier tail was deforming. The thing also jammed on me three times, once locking the bolt carrier to the point where I had to slam it free.
    I since learned my lesson, sold the thing and am enjoying a new production WASR 10 with about 1000 rounds through it without a hiccup. I’m also now waiting on a new Molot Vepr coming to my FFL in the next few days.
    Many thanks to Rob for all he does.

  3. J. Johnson Avatar
    J. Johnson

    Hey Rob, this is a follow up to a question about the RAS47 asked (but not answered) in the original “Game Over” blog. Please keep in mind that everything I know about AK’s I have learned here. Like many, I bought a RAS47 (Zhukov) before i was aware of the potential flaws. The question was, (paraphrasing) “if we replace the bolt and trunnion, will the rifle be good to go?” Having seen reports of abnormal bolt carrier wear I would modify that slightly. I am asking, If I have the trunnion, bolt, AND bolt carrier replaced, will that address the reliability issues of the RAS47?

    I expect your first answer will be, sell it and buy an Arsenal, or WASR, or VEPR. My problem with that is I have a hard time knowingly selling a potentially hazardous weapon to someone who doesn’t know better, and replacing the aforementioned parts should be far less expensive than just buying a new rifle.


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, if you will do that, then yes. However, at that point, you will be better buying new rifle…cost of labor and probably need to custom fit trunnion (thicker RAS47 receiver) could be huge…

  4. Richard Avatar

    Hello Mr Ski
    First off wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos, wonderful product info, thank you
    To the point, I purchased a early RAS47 SN 137XX, there is no “X” on the bolt carrier.
    Have only shot 250 rounds, only issue is bolt carrier tail is starting to mushroom. Above
    Pictures of rifle failure has got me spooked, it appears obvious but should I trade this new rifle off,
    I have called Century last week about possibly getting replacement heat treated parts, they have not called me back! Keep having fun and be safe

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, you should keep pressing them on the issue. How is the the bolt looking like? Email me pics to ak74ski@comcast.net

  5. G. Acres Avatar
    G. Acres

    Mr. Ski,
    Being a long time AK white I was glad to find your website. I would also let you know I did not need F*#©book to find you. I know F*#©book is a good marketing tool but I also know I don’t need a F*#®book account to enjoy life.
    I would like to thank you for your review of the Century Arms RAS-47, I ended up with a. Joe’s Firearms 47 and after reading your review on the PA red dot I know what and who to purchase RD from. Wanted to say thanks for your service and your website!

  6. Aaron Vanover Avatar
    Aaron Vanover

    Hello, The only rifle I have owned is a Russian sks.I want an ak.I need some help on deciding on what to get after researching for days my brain hurts,and I figure this is the best place to ask. I was about to buy a c39v2 Zhukov for $1000 but I just saw a century wasr10 with the same stock and after reading a lot of comments on this site a wasr seems preferable to most. Should I completely stay away from century?I preferred a milled receiver, weight doesn’t matter to me as much as accuracy and longevity. I also saw a saiga 47 with approx. 450 rounds through it for $1000. And I ran across a used vepr 74. For $900 , but I think I should probably stay with 7.62×39 . This will be my first AK I want 1 that will be my go to gun ,and I want to make the right choice . Advice please ,range around $1000 I would like to have the Zhukov stock on it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get Vepr FM for $999…

      1. Aaron Vanover Avatar
        Aaron Vanover

        Ok, thanks man!

  7. Bill Avatar


    I ordered a RAS47 and later that same day I found your blog and YouTube channel. I called the dealer the next morning and canceled the order. A week later, I bought a new production WASR.

    I feel like a dodged a bullet and owe it you. I’ll try to return the favor by purchasing my optics from the AKOU store.



    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You did dodge the bullet! lol! Good job man.

  8. Dirk Avatar

    Hi Rob, I bought an Norinco Type 56 7.62x 39 under folder yesterday after much deliberation it was just the better deal than any AR – after watching your videos and techniques on operating the AK I am convinced I am at no disadvantage to an AR shooter and I do have the more robust and reliable rifle.
    The way you use this rifle is just awesome!!!!!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That Norinco keeps climbing in value man. Good purchase.

  9. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Not a good idea to purchase a RAS47 that you have not inspected up close .
    The internet dealers are obviously stenciling-in their own X marks on the bolt carriers to cover up the possibility
    that the action parts may not be properly heat treated …. X mark should be ” cast-in” .
    Because most of these rifles are what you would call ” trick or treat rifles ” , it is after all , human nature to
    do what they can to get these guns moved ( huge number of these unsold cluster-fucks in dealer inventory ) .
    Locally , sporting goods stores have these for about $560.00 and still can’t move them …. the rifles that I inspected
    at Dunham’s Sporting Goods looked to be ” thrown together ( no X mark ) and had front sight posts that you
    could turn with your finger …. be careful out there !

  10. Frank Segal Avatar
    Frank Segal

    Here’s the sad part ,best ak rifle made the valmet out of Finland it was ahead of its time and had features must Americans would like and it was reliable,I could have bought one back in the day in 7.62×39,5.56 and even 7.62×51 ,man I was so stupid I
    That is the ak that should be made here and with the after market stuff out there this would be the ultimate weapon of its type.

  11. NJCOP Avatar

    Rob, I bought a RAS47. I’ve been an AR instructor for over a decade and never had an interest in AKs until recently . I’m not going to shoot a boat load of ammo through the rifle just mostly plinking as my go to will be an AR10. Has Century upgraded this model up sufficiently for my purposes or should I dump it? I’ve never bought junk and wasn’t aware of this guns rep. There have been some good reviews. Is this an early run issue?

  12. Pat s Avatar
    Pat s

    Hey rob i watch your videas alot on youtube. An i purchased a ras47 n uggraded to the zhukov furniture. N ive put close to 2000 rounds through n only problem ive had is the bcg tail is mushroomed, century arms replaced it n my weapon has been running smooth as heck. With couple jams which i think is ammo related i was usuing that crappy monarch lacquered steel case. But i was wondering is maybe because this is a high serial # ak that im not experiencing these aforementioned problems?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Pat, i think it all goes back to their spotty quality control record man…

  13. Victor Pulsifer Avatar
    Victor Pulsifer

    Hey Rob, thank you and thanks to your video I discovered same issue with my ras47. I contacted century they said the rifle would be replaced. Have you heard from any others that have had the rifles replaced, and do you think it’ll be a new POS or do you think they resolved the issues.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, you aren’t the only one with problems…and they know about it…

  14. Christopher Barger Avatar
    Christopher Barger

    I just picked up a RAS-47 as an impulse purchase. Had always wanted an AK and finally just bought one randomly. I put a hundred rounds through it and the bolt lugs are already scratched and deformed.

    Not sure what to do. I know returning it isn’t an option. And I don’t give two flying fucks about a replacement rifle. Because it’ll be another cast piece of shit.

    Any way to sue Century over this? If you don’t care about safety, you have no business making firearms. Either learn from your mistakes, or shut down. Any way we can force a hand on them? There’s more than enough evidence. Hope we can make progress in getting forged parts replaced for free.

    I’m let down that this is my first experience with an AK.

  15. LOBO S Avatar
    LOBO S

    Hey Rob, I acquired a RAS47 and to be honest I only shoot it ones, about 200 hundred rounds my question is if is too much to ask for some pictures or type of instructions on what to look and keep eye on it to record any deformation.
    Thank you in advanced and keep up the good work!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Just keep monitoring bolt locking lugs – that’s a dead giveaway for upcoming problems. If bolt starts to deform, start monitoring head spacing.

  16. Raj Avatar

    Just bought a ras 47, how long before it starts having the aforementioned problems?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Just keep monitoring bolt locking lugs – that’s a dead giveaway for upcoming problems. If bolt starts to deform, start monitoring head spacing.

      1. Kenneth W Hiscock Avatar
        Kenneth W Hiscock

        He Rob,
        I keep seeing posts where you mention the bolt locking lugs deforming.I have a ras47 and am now wondering what is causing that and after how many rounds average have you heard of that happening. So far 1500 rounds no issue, but it’s a range gun for fun and not sure what to look for. Please help me not blow up if I am using this rifle. Please anyone show me some pics about this and what it looks like when this is starting to happen. I have made some upgrades to the rifle including some items from your site. My serial number starts with RAS47069XXX. Is that considered a higher and improved production number?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          It is wide range of things causing it – not all RAS47 will be affected. That’s the good news. Just keep watching those locking lugs – i mean monitor them.

  17. Alexander Powers Avatar
    Alexander Powers

    Hey guys I’m in a bit of a pickle. My girlfriend bought me a RAS47, i was thrilled. I’ve taken it out out a couple times and put about 1000 rounds through it. Well after finding out this thing is basically a hand grenade I don’t know what to do with it. I obviously can’t sell it, if I buy another one and never shoot this one again that’ll make her upset, and if I tell her the guns a POS I’m boned as well. What do you guys think I should do? Boating accident maybe?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Just keep shooting it but watch all internals closely man…

  18. Dustin Avatar

    Ive had a ras47 for 11 years now several 1000’s of rounds down the range and after each trip having fun plinking I take it plumb apart scrub out the the gun real good with senthetic motor oil 5w-20w and put heavy duty bearing grease on piston and bolt and ALLSO some oil on my trigger assembly and I have not had one single problem oh ya I ALLSO put a little dab of grease right there under the hood cause it moves a bit with the recoil

    1. Eleno valdez Avatar
      Eleno valdez

      Hey man,interesting post.i too was thinking about gun grease.we use GMD for our 25mm gun and a little on our 240C on the Bradley’s. I have a hunch that the GMD will lub and maintain the strength of the ras47 trunnion every round fired and moving parts.

  19. David B. Avatar
    David B.

    Hello sir, love your channel and all the informative tips youve been putting out there, it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully this isnt too annoying a question for you but i recently purchased a century arms ras47 from the gun store that i currently work at. Its my first ak pattern rifle – though i have ar 15s and other firearms that i am more familiar with. I hadn’t done too much research on the rifle before i bought it (it was a really good deal with my discount, less than $500) and i was super excited after watching a nutnfancy review on it months ago. I recently came across your videos on the torture testing of the rifle and saw some posts on your blog regarding the dangers in using this rifle. My question is basically this:

    As someone looking to learn the ak weapons system and take classes with my ars and potentially this gun, is there anything i can do right now to mitigate this damage that you’ve seen with the trunnions and the bcg? I don’t really have a lot of options as far as simply returning it, and i am hesitant to sell the gun to a gun store at a loss, and selling it privately seems out of the question in todays current climate, and considering the potential these rifles have for dangerous malfunctions, it seems like a reckless move. If i swapped out the bcg and internals with something like internals from a romanian ak bcg, would this help the issue? I saw your video regarding the “go-no-go gauges” and have ordered them, but is this something that needs to get checked after each mag, or is it okay to check every 100 rounds or so? I really love the rifle and hate to think that it could have the weaknesses you’ve pointed out, but as i have the rifle now, is there any preventative maintenance i could do to ensure it doesn’t just blow up on me?? It is a later model ras47 with the x marks and such, but ive seen forums where this didnt mean much. Its pretty disappointing and i will be saving for something like a wasr10 or something along those lines, but as a newly married, part time college student – funds for such adventures come slowly. I love the ak system and would like to at least get good enough with this one to improve my carbine skills and perhaps even run a course or two with this rifle.

    Any tips or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Im sure you have a lot on your plate with life and the channel and all the excellent work you do but if you did find the time, i think it would be extremely helpful to those of us who bought this rifle unaware of these weaknesses inherent in this model. I can send pictures of my own rifle as time goes on to see how the damage (if any) progresses and perhaps the data will be helpful to you in showing others like myself what to look for, and when to stop using the rifle.

    Thank you and have a great day.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi David. First thing to remember after swapping bolt: is it still headspaced correctly? AKs aren’t Ars. US manufacturers standards are all over the place. So, this is something what you have to keep in mind.
      Now, first signs – look at any kind of deformation of locking lugs on bolt or locking shoulder on trunnion – that’s the dead giveaway – any unusual deformations in those areas must be checked, preferably by gunsmith who is familiar with AK rifles…

  20. Dustin Avatar

    Hey Rob why all the hate for the RAS47 round here; I love mine never one problem well unless you thing One miss fire from one round of monarch ammo I looked at the primer it was a good primer hit just did not fire that’s the only problem I’ve had in all the thousands of rounds I’ve shot I’ve watched all yer channels on proper AK care and thank you very much my RAS runs like its brand new I treat my fighting weapon like I care for my vehicles they are machines because of all the moving parts clean scrub and replace grease and oil and the machine will last forever

  21. mikeg Avatar

    Can I return mine if there is no problem?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      They discontinued them. You should check with Century what they can do for you.

  22. Huntersmoonx Avatar

    Rob. Its irresponsible to say “This gun will blow up on you… maybe.” and leave us in fear. What percentage and under what conditions? Also, do you sell any American AKs?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ras47 was removed from the production. Enough said. I don’t sell any guns.

  23. Kenneth Todten Avatar
    Kenneth Todten

    I have had my RAS47 for about 10 years now and it has run flawless. I have a couple yugo m70’s as well but my ras is my all around beat up fun gun that has never let me down. Any damage to it I caused and its been on countless outings to the range with thousands or rounds through it, always goes hog hunting with us to Central Florida where its rained on, beat up, and neglected. I have changed out the furniture 2 times because of heat and broken wood and once i left it on the tool box of my truck along with a Ruger pc9 and drove off to pull out a atv, luckily they fell into the back of the truck and we found them when we threw the chains back in. Now granted, you guys are sitting somewhere and firing round after round through these things and I have seen about 20 or so articles on how these fail, with hundreds of thousands of them sold that’s a pretty good track record. I trust mine and in the real world I have never heard of any problems with any Century made AK’s but for the average working man who uses it on a pretty regular basis it has never let me down. Its by far not the prettiest AK I own but it runs when I need it to. I work out of 3 different gun shops repairing and upgrading firearms in my spare time and have never had to repair or send in for repair and Century ak’s except mine from my own stupidity or neglect. Everyone has lemons, if you have one and enjoy it and it works for you than great, if its a POS and lets you down than there are other options out there and its time for a change. I tell my customers not to let reviews define your own common sense, how many produced, how many problems, how is the customer service, and what are your LOCAL gun shops and repair shops saying. I think if you collectively put all these things in prospective you will find your answer. Mine came into our shop as a trade in because the guy couldn’t hit the ocean from the beach, first time gun owner and wanted to be cool in front of his friends. He made it through one box of shells and ended up with a busted lip and ego because he didn’t know how to shoulder a rifle, to him Century and AK’s alike are the devil and because he is the withery man he is he will probably post something bad about the company and the rifle, which makes everyone that reads it believe it is evil as well. This is the society we live in today. In closing, any gun purchase is a good one if you get it for the right price, all guns can and will fail at some point, and ones persons experience may show potential issues but it should not define your decision to pull the trigger. We buy guns for many reasons but if it puts a smile on your face from time to time, its worth it. Now I have to get back to work, I got a little sidetracked here.

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