AK74: Arsenal AK74, SLR104 – Final Chapter, “Accuracy”

AK74: Arsenal AK74, SLR104 – Final Chapter, “Accuracy”
As promised, accuracy test revised on SLR104.

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One response to “AK74: Arsenal AK74, SLR104 – Final Chapter, “Accuracy””

  1. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob just watched your live stream video. If there is people out there that dont like what you are doing with ak’s then f $#k them! I think what you are doing is awesome and very very informative. I’ve bought a couple ak’s, ar’s over the years not knowing what I was looking at, you have helped myself and I’m guessing thousands of people make better choices, and for that thanks. I especially liked how you say that you must learn what you want out of your rifle and first off how to handle and shoot it before trying to learn about cqb, almost all of us (I hope) never have to do anything but shoot paper and whitetail deer.

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