Daniel Defense AR15, 3500 Rds Later: Rebound?

Daniel Defense AR15, 3500 Rds Later: Rebound?

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4 responses to “Daniel Defense AR15, 3500 Rds Later: Rebound?”

  1. Dave Avatar

    The failure to feed appears to be caused by short stroking. Could be due to underpowered ammo (I dont know what ammo you’re using) or a leaking or obstructed gas system. If it isn’t the ammo, I’m betting on a leak in the gas system. I think you mentioned it feeds better after running the rifle a while, that suggests to me that heat is causing expansion of gas system components creating a better seal.

  2. Ruben Avatar

    Can you do one of these reviews LWRC 5.56, Daewoo DR200, BCM AR I would love to see these go to work if you can

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hopefully in 2017!

  3. Zdr Avatar

    Wonder if the temp of the lube is part of the issue? Viscosity decreases with higher temperature. Hopefully dd takes notes on this test. The stock trigger should at least be polished and rail screws need loctite from the factory. Opposed to stopping and checking malfunctions, perhaps just start clearing them as fast as possible and roll on.

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