Clash of the Titans: Vepr AK47 vs Daniel Defense AR15 – Barrel Test!

Clash of the Titans: Vepr AK47 vs Daniel Defense AR15 – Barrel Test!
Molot Vepr FM-AK47-11 vs Daniel Defense DDM4V11LW!
Mag Dumps, Hot Barrels and “Combat Accuracy”…New video is out!

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9 responses to “Clash of the Titans: Vepr AK47 vs Daniel Defense AR15 – Barrel Test!”

  1. Gage clements Avatar

    Did you find the primer primer that fell out? I wonder if it wasn’t there in the first place…

    1. Coyyote Avatar

      I had an incident where a primer fell out during shooting and the primer was carried by the bolt face and acted as a firing pin causing the next round stripped from the magazine to ignite before completely chambered. The explosion destroyed the receiver of my Arsenal 107. Besides needing a change of underwear I got only minor facial lacerations and lots of smudging on my face. Fortunately had eye pro on.

      My gunsmith did the autopsy and found the errant primer inside the destroyed receiver. The exploded cartridge was tightly lodged in the chamber about 3/4 way into the chamber and the entire base of the cartridge was blown out of the carbine.

      So….loose primers have some concern!

  2. Hewlett Avatar

    Hello Rob, as always great work!
    You mention the Vepr is 14-1 LH. Do you offer that Fighter 24 s attached in video in the 14-1 in your store? only see it in the 24mm rh in your store. Thanks

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi, yes, Vepr is 14-1LH. I simply used adapter for Fighter24.

      1. Hewlett Avatar

        Ok. Thanks for your time

  3. Tom Avatar

    Hello Rob,

    I have a same VEPR AK 47 in your video. What conversion kit should I buy to modify from AK stock to M4 stock? Thank you for your time!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I honestly don’t know. I have modified with dremel tool this:

      1. Spencer Avatar

        I recently purchased this m4 adapter for my Vepr ak 47. Is there a trick to removing the old stock?

        1. Pat Avatar

          Undo the tang screws and then start beating the h*ll out of it. I had to smack the stock against the ground (holding the barrel) to get my stock off. Tried using a dowel and hammer to work the stock out from the inside of the receiver to no avail. Only way I got my stock off was through brute force.

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