WBP AK47, 5000 rds Later – Survivor…

WBP AK47, 5000 rds Later – Survivor…

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19 responses to “WBP AK47, 5000 rds Later – Survivor…”

  1. Keith Avatar

    As I watch all of your videos I find it difficult to choose a specific magazine. They’re so many of them out there. I only have a few but would like to invest in one style and stock up. I don’t like the idea of buying one magazine at a time and testing them. If you could only have one style of magazine which would it be? What are your top 3? Thanks and keep the videos coming.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Just use surplus mags if on budget.

  2. ScottyB Avatar

    Another great test. Well done

    I will add that I recently bought a Polish parts kit rifle from Atlantic Firearms ( demo gun ) and it has a severely canted front sight block. It was built on a Mckay Enterprises receiver.

    I dropped it to my local gun smithy to see if he could fix it as I lack some of the tools to do it myself.

  3. Randy Avatar

    Fair enough, but I need to point out, ( as I have …, and others too ) that the walking out of the mag catch rivet and eventual falling out in a combat or SHTF scenario where there no time to examine it in the ‘heat of battle ” would have been a show -stopper and NOT a minor issue. One would have to have a spare rivet and take the time to fix it. I dffer with you strongly on that parameter, but you seem to think of this failure as not important. As for the dovetailing? More on this rifle but maybe it would stop… maybe not. everything else looks fine and unlike your current “victim” ( Arsenal ) this rifle seems to have stood up well.

    1. E. Train Avatar
      E. Train

      Assuming you are “In Contact” use your weak hand to lock the magazine back and get back in the fight.

      Like and AR-15, and AK as your primary firearm requires you to keep spare parts handy for repairs. I have a spare FCG, Magazine Catch Assembly, and Action Spring in my ruck. I even keep some spare springs handy for my friends with ARs.

  4. Michael Manzana Avatar
    Michael Manzana

    I’m wondering if the poor opinion of the century ras47 transfers to the c39v2

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea – this would have to be tested.

  5. Gatlin Avatar

    Would the DDI Polish AK using WBP parts be any different?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      What you mean by “different”?

      1. Gatlin Avatar

        Performance and quality. Should the same problems be expected with DDIs model.

  6. William Brown Avatar
    William Brown

    Seeing as this is the same kit used by DDI on their Polish AK, would you recommend getting a DDI rifle using the Hungarian or Polish kit? And will you being doing tests on either?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I prefer Polish parts, because Hungarians went different route and their AKM version was slightly different, which makes adding aftermarket accessories harder.

  7. Jeshua Liewer Avatar
    Jeshua Liewer

    I’ve been going through some of the recent videos and I’m wondering what kind if brake this is and how it handles recoil. I searched for brake in the blog to no avail.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You are probably asking for fighter brake? Can’t see, because i’m on the phone access only…http://www.shop.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/Fighter-AK47-Muzzle-Brake-Fighter-Brake.htm?categoryId=-1

      1. Jesh Avatar

        Thanks man did a lot of digging and I think it’s the Zenit.

  8. Micah Hawkins Avatar
    Micah Hawkins

    Seriously dig your site & the work you’re doing. Valuable service you’re performing here, probably saving a lot of guys some money– & in the case of potential RAS purchasers, probably a few fingers. I was wondering if you’ve gotten your hands on one of those WBP Classics from Atlantic. It’s down to either one of those or a WASR-10 for me. Don’t really have the financial means to be a collector, so it will probably never be ‘one of my AKs’, it will just be ‘my AK’. Having some fun out in the field on a sunny day, ‘on duty’ by the bed at night or behind the front door in the daytime, & ready to ‘grab it & go’ if that ever becomes necessary. If you do have any familiarity with the WBP Classic, which of those two rifles, as currently priced @ Atlantic Firearms, would you recommend?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I haven’t used current offerings from Atlantic based on WBP. All i know that rifle made on their parts, survived 5k test…

      1. Micah Hawkins Avatar
        Micah Hawkins

        Yeah… I keep coming back to that fact. And a guy on AKFiles who has a Classic pointed out that it is internally the same rifle as your 5k survivor but with a forged trunnion, which to my mind is a plus. Hm. Decisions, decisions. Anyhow, again, keep fighting the good fight & thanks for the reply.

  9. Mark Avatar

    Just completed my build using this kit and a Childers receiver. I am having an issue with the bolt carrier leaving the rails for the last inch or so if rearward travel. It will stick rearward if cycled slowly.

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