AK from Romania: RH10 – Under The Hood Look!

AK from Romania: RH10 – Under The Hood Look!

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30 responses to “AK from Romania: RH10 – Under The Hood Look!”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    How does one sign up for your giveaway?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We will have special video on it.

  2. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Holy crap that red dot sight was moving a lot in one of those slowmotion parts.

  3. vorkosigan Avatar

    lot of $ for a tarted up WASR – only real difference is the 90 degree gas block / front sight… and the Magpul furniture can be obtained post purchase, over time. rather spend the bucks for a DDI or Definitive arms why pay extra for a shortened sight plane?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      All good questions.

    2. Danny C Avatar
      Danny C

      You can get the classic, wood stock RH-10 for less than $600 total with shipping & FFL included. Check for deals on internet.

  4. brian Avatar

    Im glad to see any new rifle hit the market. Some of the features on this one dont make any sense to me, but I bet this thing will still be shooting into the 80k round count. Thats good for our kids and grandkids that might be having to fight for their lives with whatever we purchase today while we still can. The world is getting f=#!ed up. Hammer forged parts last longer.

  5. Neil Avatar

    Rob, your problems with the sight are not uncommon. The same can be said for my wife’s M+M 762, essentially the same weapon. We found the sights not USELESS entirely, but certainly not as accommodating as sights on a “regular” AK. Our M+M 762 has a side rail which is about 1/4″ too high to be useful. Is this the same for your RH10, is that why you used the RS regulate?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes and yes. You are right on the money with both comments. That rail sits too high, but RS Regulate has special rail for it now.

      1. SeanDigger Avatar

        I know this is a couple years old now, but I just recently picked up an RH10 and was wondering if you used the RH10 specific RS Regulate mount (AK310) for the vids you guys did? It looks like you guys used the regular 303 mount and it sat higher. It’d be nice to get a 303 so I could use it on other Ak’s too, instead of spending the doe on a mount that’s only gonna work on my RH10. Whatcha think? I do love my RH10 so far. Switched out the crappy “RPK” rear sight leaf for a propper 1000 meter, and got rid of all the Magpul furniture except the grip. Just trying to make it as light as possible!? Any advice for a guy who’s not rich, but ridiculously practical? Cheers! & Merry Christmas!

        1. SeanDigger Avatar

          Like a dummy I forgot I asked this question on a different thread a while back, and hadn’t checked for a response!? Thanks Rob! Disregard rhis one. You answered me already! Duhhh!? Haha! Thanks!

        2. JR Avatar

          Hi, I just picked up an RH 10 and wondered what rear site to replace it with?

          Im new to AK game…


          1. Danny Carrington Avatar
            Danny Carrington

            I got the rear only, Meprolite rear sight leaf from Optics Planet for $55, it is also adjustable for windage, and the two dots on back of rear sight leaf glow in the dark (grren), for my WASR-10. it has a nice sight picture (square slot), a lot better than the sight on the RH-10. Part # ML-33115 (1000 meter), or Part # ML-33110 (800 meter).

          2. Danny Carrington Avatar
            Danny Carrington

            two green dots (I missed the e button) it will fit the RH-10 to, if you get the right meter size (800 or 1000 meter). It is better than the factory sight on the WASR-10 also. I was having a hard time getting a good sight picture with the factory rear sight on my WASR-10, so I bought the Meprolite rear sight leaf only. I can see a big difference in my sight picture now. I also have a scope mount, with scope also for my WASR, but like to shoot without scope most the time.

          3. Danny C Avatar
            Danny C

            Sorry, Optic Planet is out of the meprolight rear sight leaf only, now on internet site. I got my rear sight leaf rear only, there for $46 plus shipping=$55. They only have the Set with the front sight for $126 now. You may call them and see if they have part# ML-3115 (1000 meter), or part#ML-3110 (800 meter) if you are interest.

    2. Danny C Avatar
      Danny C

      Meprolite rear sight leaf only, $55 at Optics Planet, has a square slot, has better sight picture than RH-10 or WASR-10 factory sight, or M+M. Its windage adjustable also, and two green dots that glow in the dark. The complete Set is way higher price $135 (they say the Meprolite front sight does not work anyway, it comes loose). The Meprolite rear sight leaf only (for $55), is Great buy to fix the problem with these rifles, or any AK that does not get good sight picture. The Meprolite rear sight leaf only, works Great. they sell in 1000 meter, and 800 meter.

      1. Clement Avatar

        It’s windage adjustable too?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          On those sights you can adjust windage by turning knob left or right.

  6. Ethan Avatar

    Rob, does the RH10 seem more maneuverable or balanced compared to WASR? Some folks swear to me it is a “faster-on-target” with this kind of set up but I am unconvinced.

  7. Black Russian Avatar
    Black Russian

    This looks like the same gun (M10-762 I think) that M+M was importing/modifying a few years ago. I have a couple of those guns and they have been 100% and with no cracked rivet.

    In fact the main down side is precisely what Rob put his finger on — the rear sight notch does not seem standard width or depth. I couldn’t use the rear sights and replaced them.

    1. Jarrod Avatar

      My feelings and thoughts exactly. The M+M was $150-200 cheaper too.

  8. spraypaint Avatar

    Hey robski, how did you/can you recommend a sight tool for the rh10?

    With the magna-matic i got there is not enough clearance to adjust the windage, and this crappy utg one is the same.

    Was at the range today and was totally bummed out! any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Shit, not much left. Crapco isn’t better than UTG…

      1. Tom Avatar

        Speaking of “crapco” I was out shooting my counsin’s century arms AK (cannot remember which model, but it was 7.62) but it had a tapco trigger in it, and the trigger wouldn’t reset, I had to nudge it back forward almost every time….and he had tapco mags, which were also garbage (in his defense, he said he found out they were garbage after he bought them). I had to walk away and go shoot his old A2 in order to shoot something consistently, very weary of Century-anything, and will never allow tapco near my firearms.

  9. mr.sholldo Avatar

    I am new to the Ak world and I am looking at two rifles one is the RH10 and the is an AMD63 James River Armory edition offered by Classic Firearms. Which is the better buy?

  10. Peter Avatar

    Any idea on what I can use to adjust the front sight? The standard ak tool doesn’t work.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Regular surplus one will fit

  11. Coty helstad Avatar

    What red dot mount are you using

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      RS 310 and AKML would be suggested combo for it.

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