Polish AK47 (AKM) WBP 1000rds later – Poland we have a problem!

Polish AK47 (AKM) WBP 1000rds later – Poland we have a Problem!

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29 responses to “Polish AK47 (AKM) WBP 1000rds later – Poland we have a problem!”

  1. Solomon Sanchez Avatar
    Solomon Sanchez

    Much like the Npap and Opap bolt deformation, I believe the main contributor is the Tapco G2. A jack of all trades is master of none.

    1. brian Avatar

      I have a wasr with a g2 with thousands of rounds. I just inspected it and see no deformation. I think the prob is the garbage casting. I just dont get what these people are trying to acomplish. The big heavy bolt carrier with the big heavy recoil spring is what makes the ak so reliable. It just rips the spent shell case out and the pounds the next round in even if rocks and mud are in the way. So it really needs forged trunnions bolts and carriers. Me and my wasr can make head shots with irons at 100 yards. Body shots at 300 hundred and I can scare you into leaving me alone at 500. There are only a few parts to this rifle but everybody is screwing it up. All I want is an akm with good parts and straight sights. Still waiting.

      1. Dan Avatar

        So you want a dakm 4150

        1. Jarrod Avatar

          The DAKM is an outstanding rifle but I vote Arsenal slr107 because it has a hammer forged barrel. Longer barrel life.

          1. caribbean Avatar

            but a crap finish on the paint-
            see previous slr107 videos

  2. Derek Avatar

    I had an Egyptian Mahdi kit build with a Tapco and the tail on the bolt carrier did the same thing. Can’t remember if my WASR did that. I have an Arsenal SGL and it does not seem to be deforming.

    1. Jarrod Avatar

      As Solomon said above. The issue is the Crapco G2. I’ve had 5 ak’s, 3 had the bcg tail deformed. Guess what. All had the G2. I believe Rob confirmed this in the video with the WBP engineers. A good rule to live by is if it’s made by Tapco just say….. NYET!..not on my rifle.

      1. Jarrod Avatar

        One thing I forgot to add. The deformed carrier tail is not what made me swear off the G2 trigger. I had a M+M M10 with the G2. After 3,000 rds the disconnector would no longer catch the hammer. The rifle would chamber a rd but the hammer would not be cocked (hammer follow). When the disconnector was starting to fail it would occasionally shoot a 2-3 rd burst. This is beyond an usafe condition. I installed a single stage Arsenal and the issue was resolved. I contacted Tapco and they told me they have had heat treat issues on some of their fcg’s in the past. They replaced the fcg for free with good customer service but I just threw it in my parts bin. I miss that M+M M10, it was a great rifle.

  3. brian Avatar

    Dakm is still a parts kit gun. The parts kits are not a long term reliable source. The only two options we have had for factory rifles with hammer forged parts are cugir and circle 10 factory. Both of these are currently not exporting. What Im saying is Im waiting for an American made akm with good parts. We have the market to support it. But stupid corporate business idiots continue to try to pass off garbage. Somebody. Anybody. Build a f*^#ing ak correctly and we wont need imports anymore. You would have a corner on the domestic market. I.O can sell all their crap to Iraqi civil defense corp

    1. Jarrod Avatar

      I completely agree. I wish there was a great American AK but since people buy the garbage that is being peddled there is no real reason for Century and the likes to do it right. The thing that makes me love the akou47-74 is the fact Rob tells the truth about what’s good and what’s garbage. Unlike most of the bought and paid for YouTube reviews. We need a legit American AK because the guberment sure likes to use sanctions and the atf to limit our freedoms.

    2. Patrick Avatar

      Just curious, what do you mean by a parts kit isn’t as reliable long term? Will the DAKM’s last 15k+ rounds?

      1. brian Avatar

        My point was that parts kits can easily dry up or be banned from import by the government. They are not a reliable long term source of rifles. I would like to buy a dakm 4150 right now. Ive been wanting one for a few months. Everyday I look at the pics of them on atlantic firearms. Never available.

  4. Derek Avatar

    I read that Nitride barrels are supposed to outlast the hammer forged chrome lined barrels?

  5. Ethan Avatar


    Unless you chew through ammunition like a bad (or awesome) ’80s action movie, your barrel will last you years regardless of it being CHF or Nitrided. You can expect your barrel to last past 15,000 rounds handily unless your range sessions habitually include cases of bullets and your selector set to “Rock’n’Roll”.

    Hopefully the adjustment to the G2 will correct the peening issue.

  6. Roger Avatar

    Has any more been tested on wbp ak? And a question, anyone familiar with Kalashnikov USA ? Are they any good?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We will keep test it to 5000rds…
      @Kalashnikov USA – i haven’t seen their rifle yet…:-(

  7. Roger Avatar

    Thanks Rob, keep up the great work you guys do, you are really opening eyes on what quality aks should be. AR-15s are nice guns but I will tell you everyone should own a ak47:)

  8. Ethan Avatar

    Rob, will we see an update on the RH10 and WBP Parts Gun in the near future?

    The WBP rifle has some wear and tear similar to the RAS47, which doesn’t lend much confidence. I am considering picking up some of these parts but am holding off until you have your say.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ethan, we stopped WBP test because of RAS47. As soon as done with RAS47 we will go back to WBP.
      @RH10 – i hope to make shootout / giveaway video on Friday – depends if Paul will have a chance to take day off from work…

  9. Rush Avatar

    Rob Ski, here is a forum thread I found. Some guys say that the mushrooming of the bolt carrier happens on all of their AK’s. Other guys are saying that you have to round out the humps on the hammer in order to prevent this from happening. Can you confirm this?


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, mushrooming may happen to some degree, but it must stop. If it will continue, this will lead to malfunctions, because recoil spring will get jammed inside bolt carrier.
      Also, removing “hump” from G2 is good idea.

  10. Mark Avatar

    I know this is an older thread, but I’m curious about the “parts kits” that many of these AKM’s are built from. Are the bolts in these kits actual military surplus bolts (so in the case of this Polish build, the Polish military would have the same deformation issues), or are these bolts made elsewhere using cheaper materials/methods?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      WBP parts kits are new production bolts and not military surplus.

  11. Matt Avatar

    Rob question i have the new fm-ak-11 and after watching your review i went with the alg trigger. After 300 rds down the rifle my bolt tail does seem to have some deformation. I didnt notice this at all until i switched from the crappy arsenal trigger to the alg. Think i should let it ride and see if it gets worse or switch back to the arsenal?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Could you please email me pics? ak74ski@comcast.net

    2. Clayton Parcell Avatar
      Clayton Parcell

      My arsenal has very slight deformation, but I believe it’s a result of the arsenal trigger. My first 1000 rds was on the arsenal, my last 500 have been alg and not grown at all

  12. D. Walton Avatar
    D. Walton

    Many years ago I bought a MAADI. Great rifle and I loved it besides the bayonet lug being cut and threads removed from barrel. In ’04 when ban bill was not extended by Bush I sold the MAADI and found a nice complete (minus receiver) Polish parts kit and after too many years I am now looking for someone to build it for me near the 304 area. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Sorry, i honestly have no contacts there…

    2. PC Avatar

      I just saw this… years later, I know… I’m actually in the 304 area myself. John at middletown firearms is great from what I have seen.

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