AK Safety Lever User Guide

AK Safety Lever User guide – how to adjust safety lever, how to get more proficient with it, what are aftermarket options for it and how to avoid some dangerous mistakes! New AKOU video is out!

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8 responses to “AK Safety Lever User Guide”

  1. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Then there is also Vepr12 type of safety..Granted, not really an AK, but close enough for me(I own 3 AK-variants and a Vepr12 at the moment. More to come…). Close to that Krebs type of safety, but to me easier and faster to use.

    I also have a mindset(and training) to that Warsaw pact kind of safety use, to me safety lever is off right away, then my safety is on my trigger finger.I never, ever put my finger on the trigger unless I’m ready to shoot.

    Rob, a BTR ? You should have used better option outside of USSR, like our Pasi, very popular lifesaver for instance in UN missions or our more modern AMV…

  2. mark steiner Avatar
    mark steiner

    Thanks Rob, I have a DDI AKM and the safety lever is very stiff, but I was afraid to be bending on it. Now I may try that as a fix so I don’t have to use my thumb to release the safety and the side of my knuckle to engage the safety.

  3. andrew Avatar

    Do you guys know where i can find a yugo m95 selector lever? Mine broke in half because it was altered and it didnt activate safety and the cocking handle nailed it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check APEX gun parts

  4. Z Avatar

    One more safety mod is to round the front of the safety to the bottom tip. This allows one to charge the weapon on an empty chamber without dropping the safety first. The charge handle hits the safety, the slant / round front deflects down, and then the charge handle finishes the lowering of the safety. Not a big mod, but adds some functionality. One can also cut a notch like the krebs to hold the bolt open. The notch is helpful for a index finger placement actuating the safety. The krebs design is not required plus it is a softer metal and bends easily like you stated, the two finger placement is more positive. Good vid and content for all.

  5. Charlie Avatar

    I’m at work and haven’t researched this yet but my Arsenal SLR-104FR has a problem. I’ve shot about 2500 rounds and now my safety lever walks up and blocks my trigger from firing. I then have to push it back down. What happens is that after about ten rounds the lever walks upwards and blocks the trigger hammer. Since i first bought it when i take it to work sometimes i’ll open my bag and find that it’s on fire mode just by carrying the bag. Now i have this issue. This started happening a few days ago when i took my rifle to the range. All of a sudden it started walking AND in the middle of shooting all of a sudden my Tapco 74 mags stopped seating in the rifle. I had to pull back the bolt carrier, let it rest on the hammer to keep from closing then insert the cheap plastic mag. The military german, bulgarian and russian mags fit fine. I haven’t tested the tapco mags since i got home so i don’t know if it was due to the mag or rifle. BTW, haven’t researched how to fix the safety lever but I’ll post when i do and update on the tapco mags no longer wanting to seat since my last range day.

    1. Charlie Avatar

      ALSO! I have a SECOND Arsenal SLR-104FR with maybe 300 rounds shot through and i have a SERIOUS problem with that one. When I’m shooting the trigger will go dead and it won’t go bang. It happens maybe 3 or 4 times a magazine. I noticed it at the range after i bought both of the rifles maybe a year ago and only had 2 range sessions with the one with the dead trigger. It’s been in my closet ever since and i haven’t bothered with it. Arsenal rifles have kinks BUT i’ve only had 1 jam on the one with 2500+ rounds around the 800 round mark and i attribute that to the tapco mag and me loading the 7n6 funky in it. The one with around 300 is absolute crap and i haven’t messed with it. Maybe someone else has any comments or suggestions? (I know, i have a perfectly good SLR104 that i havn’t fixed lying in my closet but that doesn’t mean im rich or anything)

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