AK and your Forearm – Use it!

God give you Forearm to better use AK rifle! Learn how to take advantage of it! AK and your Forearm – Use it! New video below!

YouTube video

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One response to “AK and your Forearm – Use it!”

  1. Lewis Avatar

    Hey Rob, all your tips are useful and great. To add to the forearm thing, I have found that ( for me ) skinny assed grips don’t allow me to fully utilize the muscles in my forearm. When wrapping the middle knuckles of my fingers around the front of the grip the wrist muscles over-ride the forearm muscles. Wrapping my grip with racquet tape and then paracord so that the finger tips and top knuckles grab the front of the grip will engage all the muscles in wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder. It’s a subtle thing that does increase control and handling. May not work for everyone, but try it.

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