Zastava PAP M90NP – 5.56×45 AK

Zastava PAP M90NP – 5.56×45 AK – After NPAP fiasco, Zastava is back to AKOU Channel with vengeance! Can Zastava bounce back??? Watch this video to find out!

YouTube video

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13 responses to “Zastava PAP M90NP – 5.56×45 AK”

  1. Jared Avatar

    Is the barrel on this chrome lined? What are your overall thoughts on the barrel?

    1. mike dub Avatar
      mike dub

      man am i glad that you did a video on this gun, it needed to be done but YOU NEED TO DO OPAP

      and like the other guy said asked is the barrel chrome lined?

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        No CL…

  2. Ethan Avatar

    Hey Rob, noticed you and Paul upped the rate of fire during the “Sand Tornado” test compared to some of your earlier videos. Might that play a role in the higher round counts we have been seeing in this stage of testing?

    Also, did you guys test the rifle using only the lowest gas setting? Would a higher setting possibly negate some of the Failures to Extract?

  3. Pavlik Avatar

    First off just wanted to say I really enjoy your videos and all the fantastic information you provide . keep up the great work.

    Now for my questions. does the rifle run with steel cased ammo vs brass? & if one wanted to change out the furniture, does it have the same issues as standard Yugo rifles or not?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It works perfectly with no issues with steel

  4. John Strandberg Avatar
    John Strandberg

    Have you guys put any more rounds through this baby? Would love to hear more about long term reliability.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It still works…:-)

  5. Seth Avatar

    Hey Rob, looking at this rifle currently for my first AK. Seeking to modernize it, was wondering your opinions, and any recommendations for magazines to use or parts to buy. I’m working on a budget, but I also understand paying for quality parts.

  6. CT Avatar

    The little tab broke off my gas tube and evidently Century will not let me buy a new gas tube. I was going to have the gas puck welded in Position 3 as a fix. Other Suggestions?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That will work. #2 and #1 aren’t reliable on my NPAP at all…

  7. charles hewins Avatar
    charles hewins

    Why does the bolt hold open not work? The barrel is not chrome lined, Say it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Barrel is chrome lined on 5.56 zastavas. You are thinking about their 7.62×39 rifles, those aren’t chrome lined.

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