Corrosive Ammo in AK – What to do?

We got tons of questions about shooting corrosive ammo in AKs. Here is quick and sweet video on how to clean rifle after shooting corrosive ammo.
Corrosive Ammo in AK – What to do?

YouTube video

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2 responses to “Corrosive Ammo in AK – What to do?”

  1. Kevin Cunningham Avatar
    Kevin Cunningham

    I had a question about that kind of ammo, but this video just answered it for me. I do have another question though. Recently I just bought by first AK (A good and straight century ak 74 from a Bulgarian parts kit) and I love it! I’m actually thinking of trading in my AR because of how easy and fun the AK is to shoot.

    My question is about the Zenit muzzle break you have for sale on your online store…does this break surpass the 74 in terms of quality?
    Thanks again for your help and I look forward to supporting your channel, it was the reason I bought an AK


    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      DTK2 will reduce recoil better, but it is louder.

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