ARK – New AK / AR Hybrid from Creative Arms

New AK / AR hybrid: ARK from Creative Arms. AR outside shell with AK soul insideย – how is it working?
Video below!

YouTube video

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2 responses to “ARK – New AK / AR Hybrid from Creative Arms”

  1. Ethan Avatar

    This is a pretty exciting design. Glad to see they are not trying to reinvent the wheel like the ARAK or 556xi Russian. Plus all those features it packs in at that price make it a very appealing.

    Any word on what the barrel threading will be? 14x1LH? 1/2×28?

    1. Craig Avatar

      Since it comes with an A2 style birdcage, you can be fairly assured that it’s 5/8×24 right hand (standard thread for almost all 7.62 AR based platforms). Good news that provides lots of options.

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