Vepr in 7.62x54r

VeprThis is our detailed look “Under the Hood” of this rifle. This Vepr from Atlantic Firearms, has been converted to accept, regular AK furniture. So what is underneath of that “skin”? Watch this video to have exclusive access to “guts” of this rifle…




YouTube video

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9 responses to “Vepr in 7.62x54r”

  1. jens5 Avatar

    What is the rear sight on the Vepr Rob?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That is regular RPK sight.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Hey Rob, What Zero Method for Iron Sights would you recommend for Vepr 7.62x54r? Use the method close to the Russian 7.62×39? I’ve got a 23 inch barrel, and out of the box POI is almost beneath the target. Also what ammo do recommend sighting with in 54R?

  3. Andrew Avatar

    I think I may have not explained enough in the last question for you Rob, but any how I did shoot again and got the rounds hitting paper at 110 yards with the 300 meter adjustment. I was searching around the internet and found a guy doing a zero at 50 yards with 400 meter adjustment. I liked your Russian method for the 7.62×39 i did that for my WASR. Just wondering if that method could duplicated with 7.62x54r? Thanks for your time Rob

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have never tried this for 7.62x54r…hmmm, it would be interesting to see.

  4. Heath Napier Avatar
    Heath Napier

    Whats your take on turning this bad lad into an svd clone Rob

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Vepr is totally different from SVD…two different rifles…

  5. Anthony Prince Avatar
    Anthony Prince

    Where do I buy the but stock at im in .commiefornia

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check if Atlantic Firearms will ship to CA

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