New AK47 C39 V2 from Century Arms – Exclusive look under the hood

C39V2After months of waiting, Century Arms has just released their newest product: AK47 C39 V2 (version 2). It is their 2nd revision of popular C39 milled receiver AK. New V2 model incorporates many changes which were done based on feedback from AK community. This newer model features now user friendly stock mount, which is fully compatible with M4 adapters like one from Rifle Dynamics for example. Also, handguards mounting has received lift and it is easier to fit regular size AK hand guards into the receiver – however not without dremel tool action…But the biggest upgrade was done on barrel. V2 has black nitred barrel made by Green Mountain, which well known barrel making company.  Watch our new, exclusive, “under the hood” video to see what else is on new C39V2.

YouTube video

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260 responses to “New AK47 C39 V2 from Century Arms – Exclusive look under the hood”

  1. Patriot26 Avatar

    Is the c39 v2 a safe bet?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I will tell you this, the example i have is very good rifle. Will CAI manage to keep QC in check, so every V2 will be as good as mine? Let’s hope so…

      1. Patriot26 Avatar

        Thanks. In the price range or for less can a equal rifle be had?

        1. Norman Klein Avatar

          wHERE CAN THIS ak c39 v2 BE BOUGHT ? iN nEW jERSY thANK yOU nORMAN

      2. Tj Avatar

        I know the C39v2 has the reputation of being a ticking time bombs by many.. did they ever recall? Or did they ever improve the qc on these guns. And if so, when.. I bought my c39v2 in 2017 from the same place I got my version 1. So far it seems like a great gun..

    2. Ryan Anderson Avatar
      Ryan Anderson

      Very good buy i paired mine with the venom tactical antidote muzzle brake along with a polymer recoil buffer pad. Eliminates all recoil an muzzle rise honestly feels like im firing a 22lr. Mixed with the cmc elite flat 3.5 stage one trigger for crisp quick trigger reset. Excelled the performance of my rifle. Along with the chaos titan rail system for optics mounting never looses zero. But i do run a cheap Nc star scope 3×9 33 but only for the unlimited eye relief honestly runs just as good if not better than my Anderson mfg AM-15. After months of research through the ak operators union, for the parts putting all together made for maximum performance. Thank you guys for helping me find everything. An thanks Rob for all you do.

  2. Z Lapham Avatar
    Z Lapham

    How easy is it to install polymer foregrips or optic mounts like the ultimak forward accessory rail?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is fairly easy. Little dremel action may be required. Just little bit.

    2. Marco Sylvia Avatar
      Marco Sylvia

      Hey Rob thank you for your videos and input on the C39V2. I’m hearing that an optic rail for this rifle may be proprietary. Can you confirm if this is true? I tried to fit my SM13 rail from my Arsenal SAM7R on the C39 and it wouldn’t fit.


  3. Wade Avatar

    How are the barrels on these? I’m finally going to pick up an AK & I’m trying my best not to get a piece of crap. I’ve been looking at both the C39v2 & RAS47 from Century Arms, as well as a Arsenal SGL31-68 witch is in 5.45×39, & considerably more expensive.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      C39V2 has nitred treated 4140 barrel. RAS47 has 4150 military grade barrel. RAS47 will have better barrel, but i haven’t use it yet…

      1. dillan Avatar

        So that being said is the ras47 a more accurate rifle than the v2 model?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          I don’t know. I haven’t shoot it it yet. But some guys were reporting getting good group sizes with it. We will see…

        2. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          No, they are on the same level, maybe RAS47 is slightly more accurate…maybe…

          1. Brandon Avatar

            Hey rob I was wondering if tapco furniture for stamped receivers will work on the c39v2? Thanks for answering everyone’s questions btw!

          2. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            Yes, you should be able to make it fit.

        3. Shannon Avatar

          I can’t comment on the ras47 but I have a c39v2 with a sightmark laser sight and my grouping are very tight and I’m honestly not a very experienced shooter.

      2. Jorge Avatar

        Can I replace bolt and bolt carrier of my c39v2 with polish parts? Thanks

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Well, yes, but make sure it will head space correctly…

  4. Jared Avatar

    Is the Krebs Custom UFM Keymod Rail (long version) compatible with the c39v2 without any fitting issues?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, no it is not.

      1. Jared Avatar

        Is there any other extended rail like it that would be compatible?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Not without making changes to it…

        2. brad Avatar

          parabellum armament system works nicely

        3. Shannon Avatar

          I bought a Texas weapons system dogleg rail for mine. Fits perfect.

  5. Johnski Avatar

    Noticed on your under the hood video on the C39 V2 that your bolt has what appears to be a copper?? extractor? I got my C39 V2 (love it btw) and it has a steel (aluminum?) extractor. I’m not complaining just curious.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Lol, no, it is steel, it is just lighting which made it look like copper.

      1. Johnski Avatar

        ahh ok lol. Nice rifle I like it. It’s heavy. Fixing to go shoot it at th range.

        “Heavy is good. If it doesn’t work you can always hit him with it” –Boris the Blade from the movie “Snatch”

  6. tony Avatar

    Will the Krebs MkVI safety work on the C39v2? Read a few reviews that it didn’t work on the C39 but they didn’t specify v1 or v2.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Nope, it will not work…sorry.

      1. tony Avatar

        No apologies necessary. Not like you personally designed and built it in the first place. Regardless, love my v2. Eagerly awaiting release of Magpul’s Zhukov side folding stock and ALG’s triggers. Per Mr. Geissele’s pre SHOT show vid, “an AK trigger that feels like the super 3 gun for around $75”. Are you friggin kidding me?! Hopefully the ALG triggers will be compatible with this platform considering the receiver is somewhat different.

      2. Jason Avatar

        They make two different versions of the MkVI, one for stamped and one for milled receivers neither one will work? Why?

        1. John Mitchell Avatar
          John Mitchell

          I did get the milled version of the krebs MkVI in mine without any issue. Haven’t fired it yet but it function checks just fine. It went in without any problem so I’m not sure why some are saying it can be used and others say it can not.

    2. BuddhaFett Avatar

      The one for the milled reciever works great in mine.

  7. TC Avatar

    I like the C39 V2, but have to wonder why it has no sight rail? It seems like it would be cheap and easy to add it when making the receiver, but expensive to add it later if that is even possible. If it had a triangle right folding stock and a sight rail, I would already own it. I’ve seen an Arsenal that has it all, but of course, it’s more money.

    This would be my first AK. I want to get it right the first time.

    Thanks for all that you do. You have helped me a lot.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea why they didn’t include side rail…i can bet that V3 will have it.

  8. Exige Avatar

    Would you avoid the V1 models?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I honestly think that V2 is much better rifle than V1.

  9. mario Avatar

    Will the Vltor fit the C39 V2? What can I use to give it a AR/M4 stock?

      1. mario Avatar

        Nice thanks.

  10. matt Avatar

    I recently bought a c39 v2 and switched out all the furniture which leads to my question I put a Yankee hill phantom flash hider in there and it wont screw down to push the button down as far as I see its all the way down but I’m afraid of a baffle strike or something else this is the first AK I changed furniture on will send pics if yall can help me and the tapco handguard will fit after you file the shit outta the plastic cant wait for magpuls new AK stuff

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Matt, please email me pics…

  11. matt Avatar

    Sent you a pic of the barrel I’m gonna send more pics of the whole gun let me know what you think I’m gonna switch out the tapco handguard it was a quick fix while waiting for magpuls stuff

  12. Pierce Avatar

    Just ordered the C39v2, I was looking at getting the long troy rail for it. I know the has standard AKM furniture but I was wondering whether or not it would fit.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It will not fit without serious mods…

      1. Pierce Avatar

        I guess I’ll have to wait for the magpul furniture.

      2. Chris Avatar

        Mods to the rail or the rifle and what would they be

      3. Mike Avatar

        The long Troy rail fits the Mak’s perfectly. Is it much different than the c39v2?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Yes, two different receivers.

  13. mario Avatar

    Will the Zenit B30 Lower and upper Rail Long fit the c39 v2???

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Not without serious mods…sorry.

      1. mario Avatar

        Ok thanks Rob I appreciate your feedback..I also have the RAS 47 coming in soon,will it fit that?

      2. Vincent Avatar

        How serious, Rob? Will the b33 fit?
        Answer, please. Already ordered the whole set for my c39v2.(

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Some serious grinding would be involved because of the opening in the C39V2 receiver is not even AKM size…

  14. Hunter Avatar

    Is there a folding stock out there that will fit the c39v2

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hmmm, good question, ACE may have folding stock adapter…check them out.

      1. robert Avatar

        The do, I have one, folds to the left of receiver. Button may catch some people in the nose as you are sighting down the barrel. Also some modification on stoke going into receiver, needs to be shortened.

  15. landser stienz Avatar
    landser stienz

    do you think one of those Chinese style fsb for the spiker bayonet they sell on polytechs websight would fit on the c39v2 giving it the ability to take a cleaning rod and bayonet? just wondering if the barrels are the same size. would make a cool video lol here is a link to the part

    1. landser stienz Avatar
      landser stienz

      sorry link is broken for some reason . but anyways im talking about the usa made type-56 style front sight base. they have them on that web sight.

    2. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It looks like they may fit…but i’m honestly not sure…

      1. landser stienz Avatar
        landser stienz

        i think i might get one and try it out. i think it would look pretty cool like a Vietnam war era style ak, drill hole in the handgaurd retainer for cleaning rod and get a handgaurd set for a type-56 spiker…

        1. Frank Avatar

          I just purchased the c39v2. I want a bayonet and cleaning rod. Did that work out for you? How did you go about it?

          1. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            You can’t have those features on C39V2

  16. Nineone Avatar

    Will the troy upper rail gas tube and troy short bottom rail fit the c39v2?

    1. Brian Avatar

      Yes, the Troy Top Rail replaces the gas tube, fits great, and you can get a co witness with low mounted red dots.

      1. P. Thomas Avatar
        P. Thomas

        Does the short bottom rail fit without modifications though?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          No, you have to mod them.

  17. Zach Avatar

    I like the magpul furniture but it says fits most stamped receivers , why do they say it will fit the c39v2 if it is milled?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have seen it on C39V2 at SHot Show, but we couldn’t remove it, so God knows how they did it…

    1. P.R. Handwerker Avatar
      P.R. Handwerker

      Yes it fits perfectly without modification. I have it installed on my C39V2.

      1. Zach Avatar

        what stock did you put on yours with hogue

        1. P.R. Handwerker Avatar
          P.R. Handwerker

          It’s still a work in progress, but over the week-end I ordered the Rifle Dynamics AK47 / AK74 M4 Stock Adapter and Buffer Tube / Castle Nut/ End Plate Combo from this site. I plan to try the matching Hogue buttstock, (AR-15/M-16 OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock – Fits Mil-Spec Buffer Tube – Ghillie Earth Rubber).
          I’m feeling guilty though because the C39V2 is pretty perfect with it’s wood furniture.

          1. Zach Avatar

            i really like that setup but how sturdy are the polymer rails because i want to put a red dot on top.

  18. Salvo Avatar

    You will be happier if you go with the UltiMak rail for the red dot. My son son did and it is way better.

  19. andy binnix Avatar
    andy binnix

    Is the barrel chrome lined?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is black nitride – even better.

  20. sureshot Avatar

    Will a Ultimakmulti rail forend system fit on the v2 and what is the best collaspable stock?

      1. Mike Avatar

        I’m with you on that. The minimalist stock is primo on an AK.

  21. denault Avatar

    Does the mission first tactical tekko hand guards work well with the c39v2? I saw them in your video and that is more of the design i am looking for.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is ok, but nothing special and it has no heat shield, so you have to watch your rate of fire…lol

      1. denault Avatar

        What would be a good hand guard for this weapon system? whenever i go to the range I’ll burn through maybe 500 rounds at a minimum. I’m new to the ak platform too so I’m just winging it mostly

  22. Jaime Avatar

    Does a slide fire fits on a C39 V2 ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You mean “bumpfire” stock? I have no idea…

  23. Nate Avatar

    I recently purchased a c39v2 and was wondering what my options are for a top rail. I eventually want to put a ultimate bottom rail on it

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      TWS Dog leg…that’s it. Or Chaos, but it will need work…

      1. Nate Avatar

        What about for the gas tube I see ultimak makes one would this work?

        1. John Mitchell Avatar
          John Mitchell

          Yes-the Ultimak will work. I’d recommend the Model M2-B since it is ‘vented’ to match the factory gas tube on the C39v2.

      2. jb747 Avatar


  24. SAM Avatar

    Question? What optics options can we put on the V2? Red Dot, Scope, etc, …?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      For scope you would need either railed dist cover or side rail mount. You can add side rail mount for around $20 (DDI makes some). For red dot, all you need is Ultimak for example…

  25. Daniel Jones Avatar
    Daniel Jones

    Will this allow me to use a slide fire system on the c39v2? It is my understanding under normal circumstances the system isn’t applicable to platforms with milled recievers.

    1. Daniel Jones Avatar
      Daniel Jones

      I’m asking more specifically about the adapter you linked. I’d really to be able to use the Ss-ar rather than the ss-ak as it’s more upgraded, and on this weapon system would be the best of both worlds for me.

  26. Bryan Avatar

    Can you get the V2 with the blonde furniture from the v1? Will it fit and how much extra would I have to pay?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Bryan, for pricing and options, you have to ask Century about it. But furniture from V1 will not work with V2. However, they may have Blonde type for V2.

      1. Richard Dillon Avatar
        Richard Dillon

        I inquired directly to Century Arms in August with that exact request. They reported that at that time they were all the same walnut furniture as shown. I did replace the hand grip with a walnut grip from Ironwood Designs. Wonderful product! With the Birchwood Casey finishing kit, it matches the butt stock and fore grip perfectly. Love my C39V2!!

      2. Dave Avatar

        Try Peppers gun shop

  27. Bogdan Avatar

    Rob, best set up for rail on the V2 gas tube cover and handguard together with minimal fitting. What is the best not expensive options. Thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Try Ultimak.

  28. Esteban Balough Avatar
    Esteban Balough

    Bought a new C39 V2 on Saturday 08-29-15. Took it to the range on Sunday. Quality control by Century is hit and miss still. First shot down range was on target. However, trigger would not reset. Shot after shot I had to push the trigger forward to reset for each shot. I stuck it out for 60 rounds. Next problem I noticed the the elevation was changin while shooting (droping). I made a minor correction to windage. However, when I used my AK tool to adjust elevation the sight post was so loose I could turn it without the tool. No way elevation was going to hold. Last the safety requires a rubber mallet to knock free when placed on safe. That is easy to correct. Not a good day. The rifle will be shipped back to Century this week.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      This is why Century drives me nuts! Why they can’t get their shit together is beyond me and yet they jab how they have improved. I keep hearing stories like yours every day…this is very sad.

  29. Doc Avatar

    I purchased a C39V2 late January of this year. I must admit I hated to remove the beautiful wood stocks. I did not like the trigger and replaced it with the Bulgarian fire control group spring (hammer spring) and an AKT-S fire control group with bow trigger. Trigger pull dropped from 6.5lbs to 2.3lbs with very short trigger break and reset. I installed a Circle 10 open U-notch rear sight replacement and a front sight with tritium insert. I know MOA is increased but I am setting this up as a close range rifle (SD). I used a laser bore sighter. I had to install a new sight barrel when I installed the tritium sight (a pain). I noticed using the laser bore sighter that the point of aim had changed dramatically with the front sight canted far to the right. I used a urethane mallet and some support on barrel and moved the sight post enough to have it almost in the middle.
    I tried both Krebs selectors (MKVI and MKV2). They functioned fine but tended to jump the bottom selector stop. I tried the tuning but still was not satisfied. I did install a Kreb’s fire control retainer. I installed a Vltor rear tube and installed a Magpul CTR stock with a .25″ cheek riser. I installed a custom fit Limbsaver rubber butt pad.
    Up front I replaced the factory gas tube with a Ultimak railed gas tube, ported. I replaced the bottom wood handguard with a Magpul mid length MOE handguard. It’s a tight fit syncing the Ultimak bands with the Magpul handguard but no dremel work required. I replaced the factory brake with a short 3 port SRVV brake. I also replaced the archaic pistol grip with a FAB Defense rubberized pistol grip. I also replaced the factory firing pin with a solid titanium firing pin. I finally topped the rifle of with a QD swivel in the Vltor tube and affixed an Echo 93 FDE sling. Now I just have to shoot it and sight it in using my front sight adjustment tool.
    I’m probably going to order a selector shelf from Circle 10 and affix it to the Factory selector. This selector seems to work the best as far as fit, tension, and feel. Once I get this rifle sighted in, I’m going to purchase a DDI folder with Zhukov handguard in 4150 Ordnance steel milled receiver and 4150 CMV barrel nitrited hopefully with a Kreb’s selector and folding stock. I would also like to get the factory cerekoting. On the trigger I installed (AKT-S) … I really like it. It should be treated with a lot of respect due to the low light trigger pull and short reset. I just still have guilt for removing all the wood furniture. It is of course far more ergonomic like I have it.
    One last note, I took a WASR 10/63 with a Chrome lined barrel and ran a barrel light up it. Being chrome lined it was very shiny…mirror shiny. I did the same with the C39 V2. It was very close to the WASR which is impressive. Cheers!

    1. Mike W Mancil Avatar
      Mike W Mancil

      In 2017 I bought a new C39V2 with a milled receiver from a gun shop that has gone out of business. It was stolen in a burglary of my home. I just got the rifle back from the Police. They recovered it from the Burgler. Unfortunately, it has been damaged. I am in the process of cleaning and repairing it. The burglar had removed the Walnut buttstock and it was not recovered. So, my need is for an original Walnut buttstock, bolt, pad, and screws for the rifle. Can you help me with this dilemma? Century Arms does not support customers with replacement parts.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        You could modify regular AK stock and handguard to fit it. Takes some filing but it is possible.

  30. brian Avatar

    I am about to order a C39V2 and wanted to know if there was any aftermarket stock adapters out there came here and i can honestly say i am blow away by the amount of feed back Rob Ski provides pretty much every question has has personally answered that’s awesome.. keep up the great work i love watching your YouTube channel

  31. brian Avatar

    What do you think would be a better choice the c39v2 or the ras47?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      C39V2 is much better rifle than RAS47.

    2. brad Avatar

      Ive owned both- c39 much better. In fact this is my favorite ak to date, and Ive owned 4, currently 2. Very tight gun, tightest tolerances I have seen on an ak. Im 1500+- rnds in, not a hiccup. I added the para. arma. rail system.

  32. Matt Avatar

    What’s your thoughts on the new IO m214-S ? Many mixed reviews on there new builds. Kinda hoping they did what Windham has done with their ARs.
    Buds has them and I want to take advantage of their layaway plan. If there junk I’m going with the C-39 v2

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Don’t buy them…save your money and get something good.

      1. Matt Avatar

        C39 v2 it is than! I’d buy the Bulgarian arsenal but After your review I’m sold on the C39 v2.
        Thanks Rob

      2. Josh Lovato Avatar
        Josh Lovato

        I have a c39 v1 it was given as a gift I have modified an ace milled receiver block and tig welded it in place the question I’m wondering is will a Midwest industries gen 2 extended rail fit

  33. Matt Avatar

    Any thoughts on the Zhukov C39v2.. is the setup as good as it looks?
    There isn’t any in any local shops so I have to order one.
    Your input is greatly appreciated and valued?

  34. Matt Avatar

    Sorry for the many questions . I’m also looking at the DDI under folder milled riffle. Looking for best rifle around $800 .
    This seems to be the place for the best answers for any ak questions

  35. Sean Avatar

    I have a question specific to the ras47. I want to upgrade the muzzle brake and am looking at the Manticore Arms eclipse flash hider or the Krebs custom flash suppressor (both 14x1LH). I probably know the answer but I want to make sure they will fit before I order. So, will they fit and which is the better brake? Sorry for the amateur question.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, RAS has 14-1LH threads

      1. Rylan Avatar

        I am trying to fit the Krebs A2 Flash hider to my C39V2 and it will not fit. The threads on the Krebs A2 are too short. Heard anything about that?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Yes, Century has very long threads on that barrel. The same is on RAS47. I have no clue why they did this…

  36. Matt Avatar

    Best Ak for $1000?? Give or take.
    I’m new to Aks and want to do it right the first time

    1. Ethan Avatar

      The DAKM from Definitive Arms. Check out the video Rob Ski has been very impressed by it. He has some videos with it here on the sight.

      After the DAKM, the DDI Milled and Stamped AKs are fantastic for the price. Or, you can grab a WASR for around 600 bones and use the savings to kit it out and buy a case of ammo!

      1. Matt Avatar

        I have a chance to pick up a Izhmash sgl-21… NIB condition for $800……should I hold out until Atlantic restocks there DAKMs?
        Your opinions are greatly valued
        Thank you

  37. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I purchased my C39V2 in May ….Although I have yet to fire it , I was wondering if my steel core .311
    diameter Chinese factory 71/92 ammo is safe to fire in this Green Mountain barrel .
    I am aware that many U.S. mfg. AK barrels have tighter .308 diameter barrels .
    No one ,to my knowledge ,has ever asked this important question !

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Dan, what it says on the box? Could you please email me picture of it? email

  38. Matt Avatar

    Thanks Ethan ! Classic has a DDI ak74 for $500.. hopefully its not junk. I’ll check out the dakm.

  39. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I noticed that on August 31st ,that a Estiban Balough aledgidly had some horrible problems with a
    Century C39V2 ….From all of the information that I have gathered about these rifles , this would seem
    to me – a very unusual situation !
    My C39V2 is absolute perfection ,except for the cheap pistol grip …..I guess Century had to make SOME
    questionable dencision , given their past record !
    Although I have yet to fire mine ,I certainly know an exceptional AK when IT see one ,and I have owned
    quite a few !….hoping someone can answer my question about the ACTUAL bore diameter of this
    Green Mountain Barrel ….so I can safely fire it .

  40. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Looks like I have just opened up a can of worms , according to Rob-ski …..for those of you who are not
    aware of it – Chinese surplus 7.62 X 39 steel core ammo can mic as high as .313 diameter .
    My brother ,who is a master machinist and bench rest shooter knows this all to well .
    Most all presently commercial 7.62X39 ammo has a bullet diameter of .308 to .309 . , and with all of the
    thousands of crates of steel core ammo out there – it seems to me ,that this is an accident waiting to
    happen ! As far as I am concerned ,every firearms manufacturer producing undersized 7.62 X 39
    barrels should be required to include a WARNING as part of the owners manual !……For those of you
    who are not aware of it , AK47 semi – auto rifles used to be Mfg. with correct .311 diameter bores .

  41. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Upddate : According to the gunsmith , firing Chinese surplus , tinned ,corrosive steel core ammo in a
    4140 (undersized) non chrome lined barrel is not something you want to do .
    Although there has been no reports of burst barrels in the Mini 30 barrels , there have been reports of
    damaged barrels ….. Although I have no idea weather the C39V2 has an undersized .308 diameter bore ,
    it might be a goog idea for Century to include a warning in their owners manuals , if this is the case .
    Although I have been told that my Chinese (non-corrosive) steel core commercial – factory 71/92
    has a consistant .310 bullet diameter ,and there-for safer to fire in a .308 undersized bore , l probably
    Need to trade it off to a collector …….the problem is – l have so much of it !

  42. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Update : lt looks more and more like l have been over-informed and under-knowledged about present
    barrel technology ,as it relates to barrels chambered for the 7.62X 39 . I still do not know or sure , but ,
    it could be very likely that Green Mountain went with a gradually tapered barrel , similar to what Ruger
    Is doing on the Mini 30 ….. Not only is accuray increased ,but more importantly ,so is safety ,as it relates
    to poor quality ammo fired in non chrome lined barrels ….. l guess l’m just a worry wart !

  43. Arnaldo Avatar

    Are the bolt carriers able to be upgraded or switched

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, but you have to check headspacing on it…if headspaicing isn’t correct, you need gunsmith to get it back into the spec…

  44. Matt Avatar

    Hey rob quck question for you I’m still shooting away this c39v2 love this gun does the arsenal pr-01 handguard fit the v2 or have you heard of it fitting thanks in advamce

  45. Jimmy Avatar

    I bought a C39V2 recently and it is really nice in my opinion. It’s becoming my favorite rifle — even more than my M4!

  46. DAN DUNN Avatar

    Want to go out and finally range-in my C39V2 .
    In your experience ,what brand of 7.62X39 ammunition works best in this rifle ?
    Saving my Norinco non-corrosive steel core ammo for a national emergency !

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Wolf is best for me. Honestly. I wish they would sponsor us…lol

  47. Troy Weese Avatar

    I have ordered a Century Arms C39 V2 AK 47.I ordered this rifle because it received many good reviews, and the price was great, compared to other rifle manufacturers, for a milled receiver. Thus, I’m concerned about the mixed reviews on this rifle. The gun store that is receiving my rifle is very skeptical of Century Arms rifles, so they mentioned they will look this rifle over for me once it’s shipped to the store. Thanks for your review of this rifle. I hope the rifle I’m receiving has matching walnut furniture because I notice the lower on the rifle you are reviewing doesn’t match. Isn’t it unusual to see one of these rifle with furniture that doesn’t match right out of the box?

  48. Troy Weese Avatar

    Hi Rob,
    I’m waiting on a Century Arms C39 V2 AK 47 that is being shipped to a local gun store. I ordered this rifle because of mostly good reviews, the milled receiver, and the price; The guys at the store that I’m having the rifle shipped to are very skeptical of Century Arms AK 47 rifles, so they are going to inspect my rifle when it arrives. I don’t think they have seen this new CA V2 version of rifle, so I hope it will prove to be a good rifle. I have seen many online reviews and yours has been the best I’ve seen. The only thing I didn’t care for, with the rifle you used in this review, was the furniture that didn’t match, and I believe you mentioned this rifle was right out of the box. It’s not normal to see walnut furniture that is so much different in color is it? I notice the lower furniture is much lighter in color than the rest of the furniture. Thanks for your review of this rifle.

  49. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
    Jeff Kutcher

    Is there a plug and play update folder stock for the slr107fr-31

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, you can get adapter from JMACcustoms and make it collapsible…

  50. Tyler Avatar

    Will the midwest industries mini dot mount work with the c39v2

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea, but their milled receiver rail should work

  51. C Johnson Avatar
    C Johnson

    Will the Ultimak m2-b work well with the C39v2 with Magpul furniture ( fit etc.)? Also pardon my ignorance but will the gas tube being a bit short on each end in any way affect the gas tube operation? Besides red dot optics, any recommendations for a magnified optic which could be used with both eyes open ( such as a 2x-7x ) good out to a max of 300 yards, and possibly cowitness with iron sights? I am a veteran who happens to be left eye dominant, so have always shot lefty to compensate, but the eyes aren’t getting any younger. This is my first AK, I must have got a good one, because it is solid and performed without any issues at the range. Thanks! Big fan of the AKOUL4774 YouTube channel.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ultimak should work with C39V2. I don’t have that rifle, but i don’t see why not…all magnified optics could be used with both eyes open. There is no way to get co witness with scope, because front post will be washed out on magnified view…

  52. John Avatar

    I just picked up my C39v2 with magpul furniture what sling will work with this ? Thanks for any feedback. I can’t wait to shoot it.

  53. Mason Avatar

    Hey Rob I just got my v2 and was wondering what would be a good muzzle break for it?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Any Jet brake type is great for muzzle control

  54. Humberto Avatar

    Hi Rob I need your advice. Could you please tell me which one should I purchase. You see there are too many variations out there from very expensive custom models to real Chinese junk out there. I’m looking to buy a reliable AK47 with a folding stock, not an SBR type, so normal rifle and affordable!!! I have a maximum budget of 1,000 Dollars and I really would like like to own one of these bad ass rifles.

  55. Frank Avatar

    Has anyone successfully attached a bayonet to a C39V2? If so, how did you do it? Any advice would help. Thanks!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is impossible to do it

  56. Marcos Avatar

    I bought a C39V2 Zhukov and just now I bought a fighter brake. I have not shot this rifle yet. I keep hearing people complain about cast parts. Like the bolt carrier I believe and gas block. I don’t know what else is cast, but they’re saying it is leading to faster wear. I thought the rifle was quality based on reviews like yours and others (seams like every major YouTube channel reviewed it with positive feedback). Now I’m considering this AK from DA. I think it’s the DAKM 4150. Would it be wise to sell the C39V2 because of its possible issues and get the DAKM? Or is the C39V2 a keeper?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I would take DAKM over C39V2 all day long, all month long and all year long…lol

  57. Cbishop Avatar

    So are these rifles holding up good????? Giving serious thought into getting one and it would be my 1st AK.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I don’t know. We don’t have it anymore…

  58. Brandini9inchweenie Avatar

    Hey Rob, love your vids on Youtube. Me and my wife just bought a c39v2 and we pick it up Sunday. Ive seen a lot of negativity regarding the bolt carrier group and have been trying to do some research online for replacement parts just in case i get a junk carrier group. I cant find 1960 polish carriers nowhere. All out of stock. However i did find a bolt carrier and bolt made by Arsenal for ak47 platform online. Will these be compatible in the c39v2? What about arsenal recoil spring assemblies? Any suggestions on replacement parts for bolt carrier group and recoil springs?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Talk to guys with Apex Gun Parts. Use Polished milled receiver bolt carriers. Arsenal parts won’t work. For now, just keep using Century bolt carrier. Watch what is going to happen.

      1. Brandini9inchweenie Avatar

        What do you mean watch what is going to happen? Like something bad is defintely gonna happen? Or youre juat telling me to keep an eye on it.

      2. Brandini9inchweenie Avatar

        Rob, apex has a polish akml carrier. That is the only one that will work for c39? What about the yugo or romanian carriers?

        1. Mike Avatar

          GunBroker has a few listings for 1960 Polish Bolt Carriers. Guy is from Poland and shipping is pretty quick.

          1. Chris Avatar

            My bolt cracked on my c39v2 after 500 rds is polish the only bolt that will fit as a upgrade

          2. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            Check Arms of America, they used to have special bolts and carriers for C39V2 users.

        2. Mike Avatar

          The AKML carriers are for stamped receivers.

  59. Josh Avatar

    Im curious about what i need to do in order to accomodate a Kobra sight on my c39v2 or any other optic for that matter?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check new TWS Gen3. They may have a solution for you

      1. Josh Avatar

        Ill check it out. Thanks

  60. Broski Avatar

    Hey Rob, i just got c39v2 with magpul furniture. I just bought a stubby magpul MVG mlok style grip. I cannot figure out how the hell to install it, since the. Integrated heat shield is blocking my access to the slots on the bottom of the handguard. Is there a way to pop out the heat shield? Or can i cut through it?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You have to remove heat shild – you can lift it up. Check the pressure points on it, you will see.

      1. Broski Avatar

        Cool thanks.

  61. Keith Avatar

    Century shows the barrel specs for the 2016 C39V2 as • Chrome moly 4150 nitride treated barrel. Did they change the barrel on the new C39 that now comes with the scope mount? I have one that I purchased in Jan, 2016 without the mount. Just curious if this barrel is 4150 or 4140.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, this is new upgrade for 2016

      1. Keith Avatar

        If they have switched over to ESS for their barrel supplier, I think I am happier with the Green Mountain barrel.

  62. Cody Thorpe Avatar
    Cody Thorpe

    Hey, Rob,

    I am heavily considering this rifle for my first ak. However, I seen on another forum one gentleman stated that century would not let you perform your testing to its full potential. Is this true? Is century hiding the quality of this rifle after giving it so much praise in the media?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We couldn’t finish testing of that rifle because they didn’t like our review for RAS47…since then, they are started talking to us again (see video from Shot Show), but i’m not sure if we will get c39v2 to finish our test and fwd with shootout test…that’s the whole story here…

  63. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Unfortunately , I have only fired 10 rounds of Norinco ( non corrosive ) steel core 71/92 in my C39V2 , for the
    purpose of setting the front post sight , which never needed setting …. absolutely incredible accuracy with this
    premium Chinese ammo ( under 1 Inch group ) .
    I am still deeply concerned about the reports of soft bolts , carriers and even soft hammers ….. without firing
    large quantities of ammo , I need to know If Century Arms burned me and if I should just dump this questionable
    rifle …… I guess I should never have never trusted this company , given their past record !
    I would , however , like to see more C39V2 owners write in-to this blog with their personal experiences and
    serial # range ( mine is A038XX ) .

  64. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I see that the C39V2 having the Green Mountain barrel ended with a ser.# range of about 8500 or so ….. not really
    that many complaints considering how many 2015 units are out there . However , about 90% of guns in the AK
    catagory are rarely ever fired – and I am sure this is probably the reason why the number of complaints ,in relation
    to the production numbers , appear to be negligible …. thank goodness we have people like RobSki who are watching out for us and holding Century’s feet to the fire ,when ever they screw-up . Now we have the 2016
    C39V2 with the ” hardened bolt carrier ? ” and ESS 4150 barrel …. hey – trust me guy ! .
    Unfortunately , I will probably never find out the true status of my cast-steel action parts ,unless of course , if and
    when TSHTF ,due to an un-forseen emergency ( the reason I purchased this fire extinguisher ) .

  65. Aaron C Avatar
    Aaron C

    Will a TWS dogleg dust cover rail fit on a milled c39v2

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, they have C39V2 model. Just talk to them.

  66. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
    Jeff Kutcher

    Rob. What I your option is the most effective muzzle break available in 24×1.5 mm rh for reduction of rise and recoil?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Zenit DTK2

    2. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
      Jeff Kutcher

      Also not to weigh quarter kilo

      1. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
        Jeff Kutcher

        Thanks i try it

        1. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
          Jeff Kutcher

          You’re out of stock. Any soon?

          1. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            2 to 3 weeks…

          2. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
            Jeff Kutcher

            How to compare with jmac rrd-4c

  67. Jeff Kutcher Avatar
    Jeff Kutcher

    2 – 3 weeks thanks works good never should be too much hurry as life is good no?

  68. John Avatar

    Good day rob i just want to ask if the bolt carrier of the c39v2 is as good as the bolt of ar i mean what kind of steel they you test the rifle in stock set up no modification are there any issues because im planing to buy one

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Nobody knows what kind of steel they have…they won’t tell…

  69. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Visited the gun store , where I purchased my C39v2 ….. the gun smith said that he could not comment on the
    alleged problems regarding the C39v2 . He also stated that out of all the C39V2 rifles sold to date , none have
    ever been returned for warranty repair . However ,he did say that he must now increase the price of these guns
    from $779 to $824 due to the ESS barrel up-grade ….. no longer stocking this gun at this price point !
    I was also surprised to see a very nice CAI WASAR , except that it had a badly canted front sight post …… I guess
    some idiot will buy it anyway !….. when I see stuff like this , I have to tell myself : Things could be a lot worse !
    At least , the C39v2 can be counted on to work – first time every-time !

  70. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    At some point in time , Century Arms started incorporating an ” X mark ” on to both the RAZ47 and C39V2 bolt
    carriers …. My C39V2 has this mark ( approximate Mfg. date April 2015 ) .
    I was informed that this mark indicates that the bolt carrier was properly heat treated ,as apposed to a carrier that
    may or may not have been properly heat treated ,which brings me to ask this question : What did Century know and when did they know it ? …. and what about the status of the bolt lugs ?
    From what I am told , there are a lot more unmarked RAS47 bolt carriers out there than there are unmarked
    C39V2 bolt carriers .

  71. Jon Long Avatar
    Jon Long

    I have a c39v2 in layaway at my LGS and just started reading concerns about the soft bolt problem.
    So I decided to call and ask century about it. Long story short the dickwad at century named Andrew hung up on me because he didn’t like the question I was asking. He said unless I had a specific question about a specific rifle he had nothing more to say to me. I asked him specifically about the bolt whether it was cast or forged and he would not answer me. He just keep saying that was a type of question he doesn’t need to answer. This is after he said they said behind there product 100%. They just won’t tell how it’s made. Fuck that.
    I ask this plain and simple to everybody here. Is the problem with these bolts cosmetic or does it affect function.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Bolt carrier is 100% cast. I know that for sure.

  72. Ronald Avatar

    Like to know is the c39v2 now going to have the side mount for optics I have seen this shown twice now if so I will wait to get one till thay are available

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, C39V2 will receive side mount, but it is proprietary mount designed by Century and it works with Century mounts only…

  73. Erick Avatar

    Rob or anyone else that has purchased this AK: Have you experienced any deformation in the bolt carrier? I was watching this video–LxSp8, and he was explaining some of his reasoning why he changed his bolt carrier to a polish one (Alright Rob!). I recently bought a new C39v2 and just want to know if I’m in for a treat or trick. By the way the same guy had somewhat of how-to video on installing a side rail mount to this particular model. It seems meticulous but well worth the time, seeing as how some of the available options are $200 and above, not including the optic.
    I don’t mind getting my hands dirty trying to figure out how to make this AK even better, with regards to the bolt carrier, but I do hope that I can find parts that will fit for it. I would appreciate your input Rob.

  74. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    This is a public service message : Once upon a time , high powered semi-auto high powered firearms were made
    using forged bolts and carriers …. at some point in time , fast buck artists realized that they could get away with
    selling the consumer an inferior product , thus , ” cheating reality and making the irrational work ” .
    I guess , ” this is our own fault ” , myself included , for not speaking up when we get fleeced !
    As gun buyers , we have as much right as any-one else to demand that we get what we pay for and that we put
    these fast buck manufacturers on notice ….. It is our money !
    The Russians must be laughing at us right now !….

  75. chanson Avatar

    just bought my 1st AK46
    A c39 v2
    and couldnt b happier

  76. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Anyone out there having problems with soft steel on their C39V2 rifle ?…. yes !…. no !
    I wish someone would clear this up !…. what does RobSki gather from these claims , based on experience ?

    1. Eston Avatar

      Got right around a thousand rounds threw mine right now and thankfully no issues.

  77. Kim Avatar

    I have a Century Arms C39v2 and was going to put a ultimak on it, does it matter if I use the m2b or the m1b? The Century As rep told me it didn’t matter the holes do nothing.

  78. Dillon Avatar

    I was considering buying a c39v2 ,I was wondering if there was any new reviews since they been out for awhile ? Any good updates ? Y’all do some good work Rob .

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Dillon, unfortunately, i didn’t had a chance to go with c39v2 through 5k rds test like we did with RAS47…sorry man.

  79. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Unfortunately there is an information black-out on the C39v2 …. not sure of what this means !
    I do know that the gunsmith at my L.G.S. stated that he thinks that most of these ” trick or treat ” C39v2 guns
    had earlier serial numbers ( below A3000 ) ….. and not all of these earlier guns had bolt / carrier heat treat
    issues . My advice to anyone wanting to take a chance on one of these guns is : Always look for the ” X ” mark
    incorporated on the bolt carrier , indicating double heat treating of that carrier ….as for the bolt – who knows !
    Hopefully , the intelligent imbeciles responsible for all of these soft bolt /carrier issues have learned their lesson ,
    but I would not bet on it !

    1. Jeff Armstrong Avatar
      Jeff Armstrong

      Dan Dunn,

      Where exactly on the bolt carrier would the X be?

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        I have seen it mostly on the inside, close to where the channel for bolt travel is cut out.

        1. Jeff Armstrong Avatar
          Jeff Armstrong


          Thanks! Didn’t see one–my serial number is way past the a3000 mark (around a15000 I think).

          Considering the pluses such as nitriding and accuracy–is it worth hanging on to and maybe buying the bolt and gauges, or would you just sell and buy something else with a better reputation?

  80. justin smith Avatar
    justin smith

    i bought a c39 v2 min is 2a20000 something so I’m assuming in should have been heat treated properly ?? i have an nap which i love and am buying a wasr this up an coming week i want an arsenal but cant bare 1500 dollars i like variety and although they’re awesome i feel like the newer wasrs will last just as long. i have given century my business so i hope they stay behind their product ill give you guys up dates when i start shooting it.

    1. Jeff Armstrong Avatar
      Jeff Armstrong

      Justin Smith,

      Does your have the X on the bolt carrier?

  81. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    The serial number range of my C39 V2 is A 038XX ….. The location of the ” carrier x mark is exactly where Rob said
    it was ….. I would assume that Century Arms discontinued this identification mark when they were absolutely sure
    that they were ” out of the woods ” .
    I am very surprised that the latest serial # range is 2A 20000 , considering the bad press this rifle has received .
    Keep the information coming guys !….. perhaps we can rest a little easier now that we know more .

  82. Cameron Avatar

    Will the stormwerkz or ace hinge work on the c39v2

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea.

  83. Benjamin Avatar

    Question for Rob. I am looking to buy my first AK, after my research and wading through many people’s thoughts, I am very interested in the C39 V2. Would you suggest it as a good first AK to learn on and be a good worst case scenario gun?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Can you try to find Arsenal SLR107, or Vepr or at WASR10?

  84. Chris Avatar

    Rob ski, of the three that you just mentioned what would be your first choice

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Vepr and Arsenal and Wasr10, maybe in that order

      1. Chris Avatar

        Why specifically in that order?

        1. Kurwa mac Avatar
          Kurwa mac

          Well my guess would be that Vepr is number one because it’s built like a tank, it’s using heavier RPK receiver. I have Vepr12 shotgun and that bitch is solid. Also Vepr AKs were on the low end of AK prices even during early this summer, at least where I was looking, I saw some prices for new ones for less than $700..Probably not anymore…I was thinking of buying one but finances didn’t allow to do that, then again I already have Wasr10, Opap and Maadi…Not that those are enough but I soon need to invest to a bigger gun safe and I don’t have the greenbacks for that now

  85. Barbarosa Guns Avatar
    Barbarosa Guns

    Why do people keep giving companies like IO and Century Arms their money? For goodness sake simply DO NOT BUY their products and write them letters telling them that most of their products are sub par and that their customer service sucks at best and until they can PROVE they have changed that you will simply not return to their company. I have been an FFL holder for a quarter of a century and I always recommend that my customers avoid Century Arms products and IO products like the plague just from my own past history is trying to get my customers problems corrected since the customer has had no luck they turn to me to see if I can help. I contact Century and I too get treated like shit. As long as Arsenal USA and belatedly DDI exist I will simply stick with recommending those companies product lines. For Arsenal, I have an old Arsenal Bulgaria rifle that I bought before Arsenal had a presence in the USA and that old milled rifle after more cases of steel cased ammo than I can count run through it still runs like a Swiss watch. I have never HAD to replace a firing pin or extractor but have done so a few times with that old AK variant as a preventive measure. I would bet that my newest Arsenal Rifle the SAM7 84R will outlast my grandkids grandkids if they make it out of one of Hillarys successors mind control camps.

  86. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Here recently , I was able to examine a used Century C39v2 at an area Gun Show .
    The serial number was in the range of A05000 plus , which is somewhat later than my C39v2 .
    This gun was reported to have about 600 rounds fired ….. I do not doubt that .
    Examining the action parts , I liked what I saw on the tail of the bolt carrier , hammer face ,and bolt lug .
    I almost missed it , but , there was a serious stress crack between the bolt body and locking lug ….
    this is an accident waiting to happen !
    As usual , the owner pleaded ignorance .
    It makes you wonder how many of these ” trick or treat ” guns are out there .
    It also makes me wonder if I might also have one of these defective cast bolts .
    As far as I am concerned , it should be illegal for any manufacturer to put a cast bolt in a high powered rifle .

  87. Josh Salyers Avatar
    Josh Salyers

    hey Rob Ski, I recently purchased a c39v2 based on the ridiculous beat down you gave it in your vids. It looked fresh from the factory, but the bolt did not pull back all the way initially, after bout 5 pulls it did. My first Ak,just wondering if this is something to be concerned with.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      This will go away, this is because bolt is hanging up on trigger. It shouldn’t affect shooting.

  88. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    For 30 years , I worked in a steel mill that manufactured forged steel bars of many different properties .
    We even manufactured barrel steel for customers like Colt and Remington .
    We also operated a Caster that manufactured ” axle grade cast steel bars ” .
    If there is one thing I have learned ” is ” : It does not matter how good your casting is – it will not have the same
    density and grain structure as a forged part of the same dimensions and weight .
    Due to the inevitable porosity problems in all grades of cast steel , tensile strength is never what it should be .
    Why are these bean counters going with cast bolts ? – So these tight wads can save an extra dollar !

  89. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    A little bird told me that a Korean company in the U.S. , by the name of Dasan Machineries USA makes the
    ” low cost ” cast components that go in-to the RAS47 and C39V2 rifles ….is there any truth to this rumor ?
    If so , does anyone know if these people know what they are doing ?
    Can’t find anything about their reputation in producing cast gun parts …. anyone out there care to comment ?

  90. Jason worthington Avatar
    Jason worthington

    So I have a $1000 budget to buy an AK, and although I would love to have a DDI ak-47, or an Arsenal SLR-107, neither are available right now. So I am thinking about getting the CAI C39V2. I have heard that anything that I.O produces is garbage, but how are the RAS-47’s? What is best choice for my budget? I don’t want another 5.56, or 5.45

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Get Vepr from Kvar!

  91. corriell d brotherwood Avatar
    corriell d brotherwood

    I own this rifle and I’ve really enjoyed shooting it. After about 500 rounds I began noticing severe wear, chipping, and mushrooming on the bolt and bolt carrier. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because it was still under warranty but when I contacted century Arms all they were interested in doing was finding reasons not to honor the warranty they told me that this wear was normal and that the warranty was void because I had applied touch up paint to cover up the abnormal wear. I made a video documenting this on YouTube

  92. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I doubt very seriously that we will ever get the truth about the bolts and carriers of these Century US Mfg. AK’s ….
    I would assume that there is ” no shortage ” of nefarious jerks waiting to trash or defend these guns .
    What we really need is an investigation by the Product Safety Commission , in order to put this thing to rest .
    I think , somewhere – sometime , someone is going to get seriously injured , but that is just my opinion !
    In my opinion , as a S.H.T.F. gun , I probably made the right choice in purchasing this C39V2 , as long as I
    do not have to fire too many rounds to keep from getting killed , injured or cornholed .
    It is also my opinion , that an AK costing $1000 or more is strictly “price gouging ” …. I don’t care if it does have
    a forged bolt and carrier ! , These guns just do not cost that much to manufacture !
    I guess Barnum was right , ” there is a sucker born every minute ” !

  93. Chaston Nixon Avatar
    Chaston Nixon

    Does the muzzle brake on the c39v2 reduce recoil?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Little bit, yes. It is better than slant brake.

  94. Chaston Nixon Avatar
    Chaston Nixon

    Is the rifle factory sighted? If so at what distance?

  95. Darren Avatar

    So I got the new Zhukov c39v2 with rail. Now where the heck do I get a “proprietary” rail mount so I can put a 1×6 scope on? The RS Regulate #309 is $120 and an additional picatinny rail is $70? Almost $200 and not even one piece? Need other options please someone!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You are screwed. Century went full retard with that one…

  96. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Those in the know , at my area gun show , say that FFL dealers advertising on Gunbroker are getting nervous
    about the lack of interest in the C39v2 rifles they have to move …. I wonder why ?
    One AK dealer , in particular , stated that : You cannot blame The employees at Century Arms for the greed of
    the the Imperial Wizards running the show …. they do the best they can in working with the materials they are
    given to work with …. these are not ” drunken monkeys ” !
    There is a lot to be said here !…. the average selling price of a second hand ” new in the box ” C39v2 is less
    than $600.00 – and who is to blame ?

  97. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    It has been said that : Be careful what you wish for , because you just might get it !
    Most of us have laid dowwn our ” hard earned cash ” for these overpriced AK47 rifles , including the Arsenal ,
    DDI and other forged bolt variants .
    The political landscape has changed !…. what was once a ” good value for the dollar ” is now an investment
    liability for the AK owner …. as I see it , things are just going to continue to deteriorate !
    My advice to the person wanting a good quality AK is : wait until the prices become reasonable again …. they
    have a ” long way to go ” ! Century Arms ?…. just say NEYET !

  98. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    It has been brought to my attention that the earlier C39V2 , with the ” Green Mountain Barrel ” is actually a
    much better quality barrel than the latest Engineering Systems Solutions ( ESS 4150 Chrome Lined ) barrels
    now fitted to the C39V2 rifles …. Green Mountain Barrel hardness tests confirm a hardness of 27.33 RC rating ,
    while the ESS barrel tests confirm a dismal rating that can drop down to ” as low as 5RC …. which is the better
    C39V2 rifle , the 2015 or 2016 C39V2 ? …. does Robski have any thoughts on this ?
    What about the cast bolts and carriers …. were there fewer soft metal complaints in 2016 than in 2015 ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, this was the result of Mel’s test – GM barrel tested much higher on Rockwell scale than ESS barrel.
      As far as complains, i actually heard more complains in 2016 than in 2015…

    2. Brian Avatar

      What is your source that Century has switched to ESS barrels on newer C39V2s? I just looked at the barrel on a C39V2 in the A31xxx serial range with a manufacturing tag dated October 2016 (the rifle also has the Century side rail characteristic of 2016 manufacture). The barrel is clearly stamped on the bottom with a “G”.
      While not definitive proof, the “G” stamp has always been indicative of a Green Mountain barrel.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        At that time it was straight from Century and ESS. I have no idea what they do now.

    3. Brian Avatar

      Also, the 4150 barrel being used now is not chrome lined. It is nitrided. No C39V2 barrel has ever been chrome lined.

  99. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Thank you Rob , just wanted to confirm this …. the skin flints over at Century Arms probably got a
    much lower price on the ESS barrels and passed it off as ” an upgrade ” .
    I think that the average AK Enthusiast Knows better than that !…. I guess it was worth a try for Century
    to do this .
    Perhaps my ” May 2015 C39V2 ” will eventually become worth more than the 2016 rifle , when the public
    finds out about their “sleazy marketing tricks ” …. there is only one thing that is going to save Century’s
    ass , now that the political environment has changed : Good Quality Forged Critical Parts !
    Are you listening Century ??

  100. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I don’t know why it took me so long to read the AKOU RAS47 blog , but I can see now that there is a wealth of
    information there that can be possibly relevant to the C39V2 , as it relates to ” soft metal problems ” …. serial
    number / mfg . dates etc . All C39V2 owners need to read this !
    Just to be clear : The X mark on my bolt carrier was not stenciled – in , as in many RAS47’s …. it was cast – in ,
    which to me , is a much better indication of a proper heat treat .
    Perhaps my gunsmith was ” on the mark ” when he said that : Most of the problem C39V2’s had earlier serial
    numbers below A03000 …. he also said to beware of any X marks that do not look right …. now I think I know
    what he meant , after reading that many RAS47 owners reported X marks that had been stenciled – in .

  101. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I saw , on gun trader , that the C39V2 serial number range was in excess of A38,000 , and that there were more
    than 5,000 rifles in dealer inventory …. probably due to the past Presidential Election Outcome .
    That would leave about 33,000 guns sold …. I am impressed !
    I also see that the actual selling price of these rifles have dropped another $45.00 .
    We are not there yet , but I think that the buying public is starting to wise-up .
    However , It has been a long time since I saw any complaints for this rifle on the internet …. perhaps the
    intelligent imbeciles , over at Century Arms , had a religious experience : No more screw-ups or you are fired !
    Anyway , let’s see what the future brings .

  102. Robman Avatar

    I bought a C39v2 in “Zhukov” configuration this past August. Only quality issue was a loose front post that I could rotate with a toothpick; I contacted CAI and they promptly sent me a replacement. This is a backup anyway as I elected to replace the OEM sights with Meprolight three-dot tritiums. I have around 600-700 rounds through mine so far – using Tula ammo exclusively – and no issues. Accuracy is excellent. Over the course of dealing with their customer service folks, I determined that mine was manufactured in April of ‘`15, with a serial number in the 8000 range.

    Only other thing I noticed was a loose metal splinter in the bolt area. No idea where this came from. Could have been a shaving from the steel case ammo I have been using. Only area of noticeable wear has been the tail end of the bolt carrier. Everything else is holding up well so far. Bolt looks good, bolt channel in bolt carrier looks good, etc.

    Nonetheless, as a precautionary measure, based on what I have read about the potential vulnerability incurred by using cast parts in the bolt/bolt carrier, I have just ordered a set of surplus East German internals, these being the recoil spring assembly, the bolt, and the bolt carrier, from Apex. These were not cheap, but I have read from years ago that the East German-made AKs were among the best produced by anyone, so I would expect that these parts would be pretty good (I originally wanted to get Polish parts but the bolt carriers always disappear before I can even order them). Anyway, the East German parts are advertised as being able to work in “most AK-47” rifles.

    Rob Ski, can you comment on this? How well will these parts work in my C39v2? Or from your knowledge/experience, is what I already have in my C39v2 in my particular production cohort such that modification would be unnecessary? Thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi, i replied back to you via email, but basically, please make sure your head spacing now is good before shooting.

  103. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Mr. Robman , based on what I know to be the month of production of my own C39V2 , I do not think that a
    serial number range of A08000 was manufactured April of 2015 ….. this is probably a later rifle .
    Come to think of it , my front sight post turns a little bit too easily , although it is not loose .
    I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what I could put on the threads to tighten it up a bit .
    I hope you were able to get a rifle that has the Green Mountain Barrel instead of the ESS crap barrel that may
    warp on you , if you get it hot enough .

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Dan, you can add little bit of blue loctite – little bit. Let it settle down after zero.

  104. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Gunwatcher now indicates that – in excess of 7,000 C39V2’s are now in dealer inventory .
    At this same time , the Internet Dealers suddenly came up with a claim of overwhelming 5 star reviews
    for these rifles….. I say : buyer beware !
    Over investing in these problematic AK’s is their ” own damn fault ” .
    Pepper Gun Shop just moved one of these new rifles for $555.00 plus shipping …. check it out !
    At this price , I would say : Go for it ! , just make sure that it has the harder ” Green Mountain Barrel “.
    After all , everything is worth something …. even a RAS47 .
    The Bolts and carriers are not ” Mil – Spec. ” …. they will only last for ” so long ” …. are you OK with that ?
    The crooked dealers do not want you to know this …. they have a serious problem on their hands , being
    that they made a serious mistake when it came to ” when these C39V2’s were purchased and at what cost .
    Do not fall for the ” 5 star scam ” …. if you believe that , I have a bridge I would like to sell you !
    Do not get me wrong – I do not hate the C39V2 …. everything is worth something , even the RAS47 .
    Just be careful what you pay for it !

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Couldn’t agree more. “King is naked” and game of deception is over…reality sinks in.

  105. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    I was under the assumption that the C39V2 was fitted with the crappy ESS 4150 RAS 47 barrels , due to the
    many Internet advertisers stating that their C39V2’s now have chrome lined 4150 barrels .
    Perhaps ” Brian ” is right , after-all , and the 2016 4150 barrels are , in fact , Green Mountain Barrels ….this
    would be a very positive upgrade for the future reputation of this rifle .
    I really don’t know what to think anymore ! …. Century Arms certainly isn’t going to tell you what they are doing .
    All that Century has to do now is change over to forged bolt and carrier for an ” instant home run ” .
    Are you listening Century ?

  106. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    C39V2 Zhukov furniture rifles are now showing up at area stores , and they are not priced cheap .
    One thing that really stands out on these 2017 guns is the lack of quality , as it relates to the nitride finish of the
    receiver – it is so bad that I could not make out any of the individual numbers for the Serial Number or any of
    the Logo …. it reminded me of thick flat black parkerizing , which I have also seen on the RAS47 lately .
    One particular Zhukov C39V2 really disturbed me . When I jacked the carrier back to the rear , the carrier
    obviously ” jumped the receiver rail , forcing me to giggle the carrier back on the rail so that the carrier could
    snap back …. ironically , the carrier slid back and forth ” as smooth as butter ” .
    On this same gun , the rear sight had a ” crusty look to it ” and was obviously a sorry POS !
    About the only thing on this rifle that impressed me was the stock .
    I am certainly glad that I had purchased my C39V2 back in Mid 2015 , now that I realize that my gun is most
    likely ” the better made gun ” …. when will Century ever learn ??

  107. Kyle Avatar

    What would be your first couple upgrades to the c39v2 rifle that are not cosmetically..??

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Assuming internals are good, optic.

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