Kalashnikov import ban – AK Operators Union Take on it!

Kalashnikov import ban is in place. As of right now imports of Saiga and Vepr rifles and shotguns are banned by executive order issued by President Obama. As “excuse” for this ban, administration used current situation in Ukraine, but let’s be clear about it, this ban has absolutely no impact on Russia. Saigas sales for Russian economy were like a little water drop in the ocean. Their main source of income is from sales of gas and oil. This ban not a coincidence. Senator Feinstein (D – CA) was lamenting for months to Obama to do something about AK sales. She specifically used AK rifles as an example. Here is link to news from March on this. Obama couldn’t ban everything, but to keep Feinstein happy he throw her a “bone”, which is ban on Kalashnikov concern products imports. You can’t make this up…in this video is my take on the current situation.
– Rob Ski

YouTube video

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